Brand Identity Design Services

Create the branding and identity elements that your company needs to stay ahead. Connect a team of designers with experts in branding to transform your brand’s identity to make it unique.

Designed For Creative Brand And Marketing Team Teams

From Logos And Online Branding Elements And Guidelines — Just ODDAK Agency It

Making sure your branding is perfect is always a struggle without an excellent design. We assist customers in establishing their own brand identity by developing guidelines, systems, and branding to meet the needs of your business. We have an in-house design team comprised of experts in branding and branding, we can will take branding to the highest level. Our brand designers have the necessary skills to develop a custom visual identity. Our logo designs are the basis of our Branding solutions and are available through various subscription plans.

Logo Development

Customize your logo to convey what is essential to your brand’s personality It could be an update of your logo or a total revamp.

Brand Design System

Create a design system for your brand, which guides users through your brand’s design and other assets like guidelines and mood boards.

Brand Guidelines

These essential rules and standards that define your brand’s identity are created and developed specifically for your business to adhere to.

Social Media Guidelines

Create guidelines for your brand about social media as well as the platforms that you should remember to make sure you maximize your exposure for your brand.

Collateral For Brands Animated

Make your brand’s elements animated and transformed into motion graphics to enhance their impact on your intended customers and increase brand recognition.

Digital Brand Elements

Find all the branding elements that you need to be successful in showcasing your business online by using our branding identity design services.

Our Core Features

A Platform That Lets Users Get Past In The Queue For Design

Custom-Built Team Made Up Of The Best Global Talent

Create an agile creative team made up of top specialists who have collaborated on top brands.

24-Hour Turnaround, If Needed

If you require it tomorrow or the following day, simply let ODDAK Agency the things you require and when you’ll need them.

Completely Managed Process — Communicate Your Needs

When you’ve submitted your report your feedback and revisions can be handled through the built-in chat feature or email or Slack.

Predictable Subscription Pricing

ODDAK Agency costs 30% cheaper than agencies, or the full-loaded cost of hiring an in-house staff.

Incorporated Into Your Business And Brand

ODDAK Agency can learn your workflows, branding audience, and goals to ensure consistency and quality.

Designed To Help Support Large Enterprises.

An out-of-the-box system designed to meet the demands of today’s business with scale and security at the forefront of the list of priorities.

Brand Identity Design Services FAQs

What Is The Meaning Of Brand Identity?

Designing a brand identity is the artistic method of creating the color palette, typography logos, colors, and more. It's the process by which every visual element are designed, such as packaging, website as well as graphic design for social media. In essence, branding design for identity is the development process of any item that visually represents your company's identity.

Why Should You Create An Identity For A Brand?

Brand identity helps your company establish its own identity in the marketplace and establish a connection with customers on a an even deeper, more significant level. Brand identity can help build loyalty to your brand by distinguishing you from your competition. By working with a design expert you can are able to put your best foot forward and present a professional and high-quality brand that customers are looking to back.

What's Included In Our Branding Concept Solution?

We offer a Brand Design solution is tailored to customers who already have their brand strategy, positioning , and tone of voice, and want us to develop their brand's visual identity. It comprises Logo Development, Brand Design System and Comprehensive Brand Guidelines at our Level 1 as well as the Animated Logo Build and Social Media Guidelines for our Level 2 clients.

What Is The Time Frame Our Brand Design Solution Last?

We offer Brand Design solutions take up to 10 weeks for Level 1 or 12 weeks for Level 2. Brand Design we estimate up to 230 hours on Level 1 and 320 hours for Level 2.

What Is The Best Way To Make Revisions To Our Solutions For Branding?

Our Brand Story, Logo Animation, Tonal Guides, Sample Headlines Social Media Guides contain two revision rounds per. The Core Brand Essentials Branding Design and Style Brand Guidelines have three revision rounds per. Any deviation from the agreed number of revisions could result in additional hours of overage which will be invoiced separately at the listed price.

What Kind Of Clients Are Using Our Brand Service For Identity And Design?

The larger companies are better off having a well-thought-out and organized brand identity, which is recognizable both inside and outside of the organization. ODDAK Agency works together with Shopify, Amazon, and Salesforce to create the brand's creative assets on a large scale. Any business looking to take the business they run to greater standard and reach their desired public easily, will be benefited from ODDAK Agency.

What Makes ODDAK Agency's Service Superior To Others?

Our branding design teams are meticulously curated and tailored to the specific needs of your business. We don't have a one design that is universal. We will get to know your company through collaboration with all available resources within your business. The Design services are available anytime, offering quicker turnaround times and a cost-effective customized innovative solution that costly agencies can't beat.

The Reason I Need To Partner With ODDAK Agency As An Identity Design Partner For My Brand?

When the brand's image is updated or developed, it is an important moment to distinguish a brand from its rivals. This will require a lot of creativity and design work to ensure that everyone is in the same boat, whether internally or in the way you communicate to the general public. This is the area where ODDAK Agency as the design partner shines. No matter the task, ODDAK Agency is able to deliver design in a way that can help meet deadlines that are tight. Our expertise in design spans numerous industries and results. Don't hesitate to reach us for more information.

How Do I Sign Up To ODDAK Agency's Branding Identity Design And Branding Services?

The design of our brand's identity is accessible through our End-to-End Creative subscription service designed to meet our customers' requirements. This is a one of the branding services which offer our clients customized branding designs to any specifications or needs. To sign up for this service, choose from the End-to-End Creative in addition to being an add-on to any other subscription plan. Select the output level you need and you're already on the way to the freedom of design for your brand.

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