Branding Services

Find the expertise in branding you require, when you require it, from branding design to custom branding solutions. Integrate a professional design team to your brand, creative or marketing groups to improve or design the memorable branding that your company deserves.

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From Branding And Design Development To Customized Brand Solutionsit’s Just Oddak Agency It

A growing number of Scale-ups and Enterprises are utilizing branding services to stand out from the rest, build brand recognition and build confidence with your intended audience. Our branding services are available with three options including branding development, brand design and customized branding. Whether we’re delivering built-from-the-ground up branding or a refreshing rebrand, ODDAK Agency makes it easy to get flawless and unique brand design.

Brand Development

An all-encompassing design and copy solution that will build your brand from beginning to the end.

Design Design

Enhancing and improving the visuals, brand identity and copy for the brand’s language.

Personal Branding

A customized solution for clients who have elements of their brand already in place but want branding refreshes that include new perspectives.

Brand Guidelines

Documentation for the development of the rules of branding styles guides, guidelines for style, and how elements such as typography, colors, and logos must work in conjunction.

Brand Story Development

The development of your brand’s unique story is revealed through the use of immersion workshops and deep dive sessions.

Logo Design

A custom and appealing logo created to promote your business. It can be done in static or animated formats or both.

Our Core Features

A Platform To Help Users Get Past In The Queue For Design

Custom-Designed Team Of World-Class Talent

Find an elastic team of creatives comprised of world-class experts who have collaborated on top brands.

12-To-48-Hour Turnaround Time If Required

If you’re in need of it in the next week or on the next day, simply inform ODDAK Agency the things you require and when you’ll need it.

Fully-Managed , Fully-Managed Process. Communicate Your Needs

When you’ve submitted your report your feedback and revisions are able to be addressed via the built-in chat feature either via email or Slack.

Predictable Subscription Pricing

The ODDAK Agency service is 30 percent cheaper than agencies, or the full-loaded cost of hiring employees in-house.

Incorporated Into Your Business And Brand

ODDAK Agency is able to learn your workflow, brand audience, and goals to ensure consistency and quality.

Created To Support Large-Scale Enterprises.

A complete solution that is designed to meet the demands of today’s business with scale as well as security and confidentiality at the top of your mind.

Branding Services FAQs

How Do You Define Branding?

A brand's branding is one of the factors that make a brand identifiable and distinct from other brands. Branding goes beyond an emblem. It's the essence of your brand's identity perceived through the use of colors and design, font and even your own story.

What's The Goal For Branding?

The goal in branding is to make something that your customers immediately recognize and helps stand out from your competitors. Brand identity can also create a sense of unity throughout your organization, creating an impression of professionalism that is completely created and is firmly established in the market.

What's The Definition Of A Style Guide? Guidelines For Branding?

The brand style guide can be described as an in-depth guide to explain how a brand's wholeness must be visualized and communicated. A style guide for brands generally outlines the guidelines of a logo's use color, font, and colors. However, it also outlines how the it is written as well as the ultimate goal of communications. Anyone who has read a brand guide should be aware of the voice of the company, its the way it communicates, and its look.

What's Part Of Our Brand Development Solution?

Through our Brand Development solution we develop your brand from beginning to complete. It comprises both verbal and visual identity services like Brand Story Creation, Logo Development, Brand System Design and comprehensive Brand guidelines for Level 1-customers as well as the additional Tonal Guides, Headlines Samples, animated logo builds and Brand Copy and social Media Guidelines, as well as Response Guides on Level 2.

What's Part Of Our Brand Design Solutions?

The Brand Design solution is tailored to customers who already have their own branding strategy, positioning, and voice and want us to develop their brand's visual identity. It comprises Logo Development, Brand Design System Complete Brand Guidelines at our Level 1 as well as the Animated Logo Build and Social Media Guidelines for our Level 2 clients.

What Is The Time Frame For The Process Of Developing Brand Identity And Branding Solutions Last?

The Branding Development and Brand Design solutions can take as long as 10 weeks for Level 1 or 12 weeks for Level 2. In terms of Brand Development we estimate up to 325 hours at the Level 1. 545 hours for Level 2. In the case of Brand Design we estimate up to 230 hours at Level 1 and 320 hours at Level 2.

What Is The Best Way To Make Revisions To The Development Of Our Brands And Solutions For Design?

Our Brand Story, Logo Animation, Tonal Guides, Sample Headlines Social Media Guides contain 2 revision rounds per. The Core Brand Essentials Branding Design and Style Brand Guidelines have three revision rounds for each. Any deviation from the agreed number of revisions can result in additional hours of overage which will be invoiced separately at the prices listed.

What Kind Of Customers Are Using The Services Of Our Brand?

Larger companies benefit from having a well-thought-out and organized brand identity that is recognizable both inside and outside of your company. ODDAK Agency works in partnership with Shopify, Amazon, and Salesforce to provide branding creative assets in a way that is scaled. Anyone who wants to take its business up to greater stage and connect with their intended public easily, will be benefited from ODDAK Agency.

What Makes Oddak Agency Superior To Other Brands?

Our brand design teams have been carefully selected and tailored to your company's requirements. We don't have a one solution that fits all. We will get to know your company by working with all the available resources within your company. The designs are available all hours of the day, providing faster turnaround times as well as a low-cost personalized innovative solution that costly agencies are unable to meet.

Tell Us About Your Company's Identity Needs

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