Ebook & Digital Report Design

Create eBooks and digital reports using attractive designs that catch your readers’ attention at first glance. Accelerate your eBooks, messages, and digital learning content by utilizing the top 1% of the world’s designers and a simple collaboration platform for briefings that are quick swift feedback and rapid revisions.

Built For Comms, Marketing & Strategy Teams

Ebooks Guidebooks, Reports, And Other Documents That Grab The Attention Of Your Target Audience. ODDAK Agency It

If your company is the first to release eBooks, or already has its report layout down to a T, ODDAK Agency understands how a visually appealing design for your guides, reports, and eBooks makes an enormous difference for your customers. Get their interest and create pleasant reading from beginning to end with our professional design staff for your eBooks, educational design, and other guides and reports that are digital to help your business.

Ebook Layout

Original eBook designs that include the creative elements and layout of the book to show your brand’s image and provide interesting content to your audience.

Digital Reports Design

Customized reports and data visualizations for the digital age, developed with the user’s needs in mind.

Guidelines Design

Digital guides are original and educational content that has been designed with existing or new materials.

Yearly Report Style

Beautifully designed and professionally created annual reports made from scratch or using reports that have been successful in the past.

Our Core Features

A Platform To Help Users Get Past In The Queue For Design

Custom-Built Team Comprised Of The Top World-Class Talent

Create an agile creative team made up of top specialists who have been involved in world-class brands.

12-To-48-Hour Turnaround, If Required

If you require it tomorrow or the following day, simply let ODDAK Agency the things you require and when you’ll need them.

Fully-Managed, Fully-Managed Process. Communicate Your Way

Once you have submitted your short the feedback and changes can be addressed via integrated chat Slack, email, or.

Predictable Subscription Pricing

ODDAK Agency costs 30% less expensive than agencies, or the full-loaded cost of hiring an in-house staff.

Incorporated Into Your Business’s Brand And Your Name

ODDAK Agency can learn your workflows, branding audience, and goals to ensure consistency and quality.

Created To Support Large-Scale Corporate Teams

A complete solution that is designed for the modern enterprise, with size and security top of the list of priorities.

Ebook & Digital Report Design​ FAQS

What's An Ebook Style?

A eBook is a type of digital book that is designed to be read by different devices. It is usually made available for download it in PDF. With eBook layout, you'll get stunning layouts for your content with captivating graphics, engaging images, and a perfect match to our brand's colors, fonts and brand's identity throughout. The ideal ebook is designed to convey a story and flow seamlessly from one page to the next and then lead to the reader's next step.

What Is Report Design?

Designing a report is design of graphic elements that are used in reports. Report design is comprised of models and data sets including layouts and spreads and styles templates. As with other elements designed be sure to consider branding styles and guidelines when designing reports for your business or company.

What Kind Of Clients Are Using Our Report And Ebook Designing Services?

We have a diverse set of customers who avail our services. Businesses make use of our report design and design services for internal communications, like reports, whether digital or printed. ODDAK Agency is a plug-in to the our in-house creative teams, who are stretched to manage this type task. Creative and marketing teams use the eBook designing services in order to meet their design needs to get customer feedback or to showcase their creations. ODDAK Agency can help you design an appealing layout that pleases the eyes and reinforces your message.

What Makes ODDAK Agency Superior Than Other Ebook And Report Designs?

With no loss of attention to your content, ODDAK Agency ensures that your reader enjoys reading. Our eBook and report team is comprised of the most creative 1% of the world's specialists who can custom build your ebook to convey an appealing and clear story using visual tools such as pictures, graphics colours, fonts and colors which will help ensure that an effortless flow that will keep your readers' interest. ODDAK Agency is able to support enterprises as well as scale-ups by providing a wide range of reports to tell an idea through visualization of data and design. The designs include an online collaboration platform that is available to you 24 hours a day, with rapid turnaround times.

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