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Find original email layouts as well as templates and graphics to grab your reader’s attention. Enhance your communications and access an expert team of designers to bring your email marketing campaigns to life.

Designed For Comms Create & Marketing Teams

From Email Templates To Customized Newsletter Graphics- Just Do It!

With a plethora of inboxes and swift unsubscribes, appealing email content and stunning distinctive designs that grab people’s attention are crucial for a successful business. ODDAK Agency allows you to find personalized templates for newsletters and emails that “‘just seem right” and have a captivating style of communication that builds an environment of community and inclusion for your readers in internal and external communications. Our dedicated design team as well as our email and newsletter design experts will assist you to draw attention to your readers right from the beginning with stunning graphics and captivating animations.

Email Design Templates

Original, brand-new, and engagingly designed templates for an email to support your business marketing campaigns, as well as internal communications.

Email Graphics

Custom-designed graphics from static to animated grab the attention of a reader.

The Email Newsletter Style

Beautifully created newsletters for your company designed to meet your specific needs and guidelines for branding.

Email Signature Designs

The professional and captivating design of email signatures and templates to end emails with the perfect tone for your brand.

Our Core Features

A Platform That Lets People Get Past In The Queue For Design

Custom-Designed Team Of The Best World-Class Talent

Find an agile team of creatives comprised of world-class experts who have collaborated on top brands.

24-Hour Turnaround Time If Required

If you require it tomorrow or the following day, simply inform ODDAK Agency what you require and when you’ll need it.

Completely Managed Process — Communicate Your Needs

Once you have submitted your short the feedback and changes can be addressed via integrated chat or email. You can also use Slack.

Predictable Subscription Pricing

ODDAK Agency costs 30% cheaper than agencies, or the full-time costs of employing in-house.

You Can Be Onboarded With Your Business And Brand

ODDAK Agency discovers your workflows, branding audience, and goals to ensure consistency and quality.

Designed To Help Support Large Corporate Teams

A ready-to-use solution designed to meet the demands of today’s business with scale as well as security and confidentiality at the forefront of the list of priorities.

Email Design​ FAQs

What Is An Email Graphics?

Email marketing is an old-fashioned marketing method, therefore making yourself stand out is crucial. By adding images, graphics, and a well-planned layout will improve your brand's appearance and improve the perception of your audience and confidence. Email graphics are created by a professional designer, based on your brand's style, contents in the format, and your existing. A well-designed email that has an effective call-to-action can lead to greater open rates and more conversions.

What Are The Best Email Design Practices?

The most important aspect of design for email is to ensure that it is resonant with your intended users. Your emails must be informative and flow smoothly when scrolling and should include at minimum one call-to-action. Utilizing appealing and attractive layouts in your email template or newsletter is an essential aspect to keep users interested and taking actions.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Effective Layout For Email?

An attractive email design is visually appealing, instantly grabbing the attention of your reader. It reflects your brand effectively and can lead to a type of action for the user for example, engaging in a blog or taking a poll. Testing is also a crucial part in the development of a solid email design. Therefore, you should always examine the various elements of your email design to find ways to enhance.

What Kind Of Clients Make Use Of Our Email Design Services?

Every team in scale-ups as well as companies can utilize ODDAK Agency's design services in times when their own design resources are strained to capacity. Marketing, branding and business teams from organizations of all sizes utilize ODDAK Agency to increase their capacity and allow internal designers to take a break from everyday tasks such as email design to focus on larger strategic projects.

What Makes ODDAK Agency Superior To The Other Design And Email Services?

Some design firms don't allow the development of brand-specific email designs, and those that offer creative feel detached from the brand or perhaps rushed. ODDAK Agency helps solve these problems by allowing teams to have access to an agile creative team that is aware of and appreciates your brand. With creative directors of design along with project supervisors, your process can be completely managed by you using Collaboration platforms that make briefing as well as managing and giving feedback on design for email effortless.

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