Illustration Design

Customize your illustrations for your company educational requirements, marketing strategies that stand out from stock images and function as a reflection to your branding. Connect a full-time design team to your company and receive the design skills your business requires through an ongoing service for design and subscriptions.

Made For Comms Marketing & Creativity Teams

From Original Infographics And Illustrations To Exclusive Header Images — Just Take It All In.

A well-designed illustration is not enough to be successful online The designs should be unique, original and tell a story. It’s not easy to achieve this using stock images but it’s possible through unique illustrations created specifically for your intended audience, serving as a reflection to your company’s brand. ODDAK Agency gives your business access to a an in-house creative team that is making your in-house designers more efficient and removing you from chaos in marketplaces. 

 Custom Illustrations

Unique and beautiful custom-designed illustrations for education, business marketing, education, and much more.

Custom Infographics

Customized infographics that are based on current or existing data to be shared on the internet as well as in presentations or to print for printing.

Custom Marketing Materials

Customized marketing material that is illustrated for campaigns to meet your specific needs and grab your viewers’ focus.

Custom Web, Icon & Banner Graphics

Custom-designed imagery, icon images and banner graphics that impress online your visitors.

Our Core Features

A Platform That Lets Users Bypass Through The Process Of Designing

Custom-Designed Team Of World-Class Talent

Find an elastic team of creatives made up of top specialists who have collaborated on top brands.

24-Hour Turnaround Time If Required

If you’re in need of it in the next week or on the next day, simply inform ODDAK Agency the things you need and when you’ll need it.

Fully-Managed , Fully-Managed Process. Communicate Your Way

When you’ve submitted your report the feedback and changes can be addressed via the built-in chat feature or email or Slack.

Predictable Subscription Pricing

ODDAK Agency costs 30% cheaper than agencies and the high cost of hiring an in-house staff.

You Can Be Onboarded With Your Brand And Your Business

ODDAK Agency discovers your workflows, branding and audience, as well as your goals, to ensure consistency and quality.

Designed To Help Support Large Corporate Teams

A complete solution that is designed for the modern enterprise, with size, security and privacy at the top of the list of priorities.

Illustration Design​ FAQS

What Is Illustration Design?

Illustration design refers to the process of creating captivating visual images (drawing paint, painting, photo vector, etc.) which tell a story with or without words. Illustrations can also be employed to help reinforce the meaning of a story or article.

What Is Infographic Design?

Information graphic design involves creating appealing visuals that communicate information and data in a simple and succinct layout, with a heavy reliance on visual elements, and much less text. Examples of infographics you might be familiar with are bar graphs, pie charts mind maps, diagrams and many more.

What's The Main Difference Between An Illustrator And Graphic Artist?

Graphic artists design static pictures by using elements that are already in use, such as forms, text logos, images, and effects. Illustrators create characters and scenes. Illustrations and graphic designs can be made motion by a motion artist.

What Kind Of Illustrations Are They? ODDAK Agency Make?

ODDAK Agency provides on-brand graphic illustrations information graphics, infographics, and data visualizations to use on your site, reports, sales collateral, and even presentations. In essence, whatever an organization requires illustrated, ODDAK Agency can do.

What Kind Of Clients Are Using The Illustration Services We Provide?

Marketing teams as well as Creative Teams at scale-ups and enterprises can benefit from the Illustration Design services. With our skilled designers, your team in-house can spend their time in the knowledge that their illustrations will be consistent with your brand due to our platform for collaboration to receive feedback, briefs revisions, and storage of branding assets.

What Makes ODDAK Agency Superior To Others Illustration Services?

ODDAK Agency source their designers through the top agencies around the world, and only hires the best 1percent of talents. Our illustration services range from basic background designs and fully-illustrated characters. All of this is managed through our supercharged, collaboration-focused platform, putting your ODDAK Agency creative team in direct communication with your enterprise's team. It ensures that your illustrations are short, consistent and in time each time.

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