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Custom motion graphics can be created to improve your websites, digital campaigns presentation, and other collateral for design. Integrate a design team that is fully-stacked to your marketing and creative teams to ramp up your efforts using next-generation motion graphics.

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From Motion Graphics To Animated Advertisements And Logos-Just ODDAK Agency It! You Can Just ODDAK Agency It

The days of static content being good enough to catch an audience’s attention has passed. Motion animation or graphics online is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of people who use them to communicate with viewers more efficiently. The performance of advertisements as well as conversions on landing pages and email CTAs dramatically improve with motion graphics. ODDAK Agency allows you to get motion graphics developed by a fully-stacked design team with specialized knowledge with motion and motion-related graphics.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and animated creatives designed for various purposes including blog posts or marketing materials. They can also be used for marketing efforts.

Animated Videos

Videos that are animated for marketing for educational or promotional purposes are designed using your brand’s identity and your target viewers in the back of your mind.

Animated Explainer Videos

Create custom-designed audio, videos, and messages that explain your product service or the message of your brand.

Animations For Presentations

Original presentations using animated and motion elements help make presentations live and enhance involvement with your audience.

Motion Ads

Digital animations for various platforms and online channels to promote a product or service or even draw new business by increasing click-through rates.

Animated Logos

Custom-designed logos featuring motion and animation add the story or message into your logo , capturing the attention of your audience in a the most innovative method.

Our Core Features

A Platform That Lets People Get Past In The Queue For Design

Custom-Designed Team Made Up Of Top World-Class Talent

Find an elastic team of creatives comprised of world-class experts who have collaborated on top brands.

24-Hour Turnaround Time If Required

If you require it tomorrow or the following day, let ODDAK Agency what you require and when you’ll need it.

Completely Managed Process — Communicate Your Needs

Once you have submitted your short the feedback and changes can be handled through the the built-in chat feature Slack, email, or.

Predictable Subscription Pricing

The ODDAK Agency service is 30 percent cheaper than agencies and the high costs of employing in-house.

Incorporated Into Your Brand And Your Business

ODDAK Agency discovers your workflow, brand, target audience and goals to ensure consistency and quality.

Designed To Help Support Large Corporate Teams

A ready-to-use solution designed to meet the demands of today’s business with scale security, confidentiality and security at the forefront of your mind.

Motion Design​ FAQs

What Is Motion Design?

Motion design is an aspect of graphic design that employs principles of graphic design within the context of video production or animation context. We employ it as an effective way to communicate with the viewer and provide the depth of the story and message through motion graphics. Through a unique combination of graphic design, motion and sound, we have created an ideal blend with full range Motion Design.

How Can Motion Design Be Employed?

Motion design can take various styles, and where some are fully animated, while others are based on video footage. This type of design may incorporate animation overlays such as icons, data visualizations illustrations, or even explanatory texts that are used to enhance viewers' comprehension of the information. Motion graphics that explain inform about the process, product or idea, while emotional motion graphics seek to provoke an emotional response from the viewers. Promotional motion graphics on other hand, are utilized to create awareness about a particular product, service or project.

Why Does Motion Design Matter?

Motion design improves engagement, and also boosts storytelling and marketing efforts. It draws attention, and we are wired to be attentive. When combined with excellent storytelling, writing and visuals motion design could increase the effectiveness of advertisements in this form. Motion content also gets technical enhancements to algorithms for social media feeds as well as search engines. Additionally, videos can increase the amount of time on a website dramatically96% of users are able to benefit from videos when they shop. A study of static ads versus motion in Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon have seen an average of 1.5x more users click for motion ads than static ads and marketing campaigns. even have increases in income by 49% more quickly. Additionally, emails that contain videos are able to have a 200 - 30% higher rate of click-through than static designs for email.

What Is The Difference Between Motion Design And Animation?

Animation is the creation of a narrative through cinematic effects and storytelling. Motion design, however, focuses more on abstracts, objects, text or other elements that are in motion.

What's The Advantages Of Moving In Your Advertisements?

Motion design can have a huge positive effect on your online and social media engagement for your company. It's not just an established track record of improving the performance of your digital ads and boosting your business above your competition. Still not convinced? Follow the example of Puma, Toyota, and other brands with whom we provide motion design by contact us (we'll go over the entire process in depth).

What Kind Of Customers Are Using Our Motion Design Solutions?

Every business looking to stand out from its competitors would do with motion graphics as part of its branding. If you're a marketer product or sales manager or just a creative thinker, you'll gain by adding this new feature to your brand's designs as well as your advertising campaigns and the content on your website.

What Makes ODDAK Agency Superior To Others Motion-Design Services?

We at ODDAK Agency we believe that every brand requires the top designers, and we can provide the best of both worlds. Our global team is made up of the most talented designers in the top 1 who are available to any time via our innovative collaboration platform as well as your personal creative team. We offer a faster turnaround time than any other motion design company by being accessible for you 24/7. Our turnaround time is 20x faster, and 30% less expensive than other expensive firms.

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