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Create a well-designed and on-brand product, apparel, or packaging design for your product or business to make it stand out from the rest. Join a full-time team in your marketing, branding, and design teams to meet your packaging and product design requirements with lightning-fast turnaround times and low cost

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Brand-Name, High-Quality Packaging Products, Apparel, And Merch— Simply ODDAK Agency It

If you require packaging design or merchandising services for labels, posters books, magazines, apparel tradeshow graphics, t-shirts, and much more, we have you covered! ODDAK Agency simplifies the process by providing you with an on-the-go committed design team that regularly provides high-quality ideas and designs. Our full-time designers for packaging represent the top percent of designers in the world and are available via our platform for collaboration to send briefs, give feedback and meet deadlines.

Packaging Design

Highly effective and well-designed packaging for digital as well as physical items to create an excellent first impression that will last.

Merchandise Design

Custom-designed merchandising for your company such as promotional merchandise, digital products, or wallpapers that are digital.

Apparel Design

Affordably priced and stylish clothing such as clothes and accessories, designed by our design experts for you.

Label Design

The labels of the highest quality are made to be brand-name and come in a variety of formats that meet different demands and meet the needs of the industry.

Our Core Features

A Platform To Help Users Get Past Through The Process Of Designing

Custom-Designed Team Of The Best World-Class Talent

Create an agile creative team made up of top specialists who have collaborated on top brands.

24-Hour Turnaround, If Needed

If you require it tomorrow or the following day, inform ODDAK Agency what you require and when you’ll need it.

Completely Managed Process — Communicate Your Needs

Once you have submitted your short your feedback and revisions can be addressed via integrated chat Slack, email, or.

Predictable Subscription Pricing

The ODDAK Agency service is 30 percent cheaper than agencies, or the full-time cost of hiring an in-house staff.

Incorporated Into Your Brand And Your Business

ODDAK Agency can learn your workflows, branding, target audience, and goals to ensure consistency and quality.

Created To Support Large-Scale Enterprises.

A complete solution that is designed for the modern enterprise, with size as well as security and confidentiality at the top of your mind.

Packaging & Merch Design​ FAQs

What Is Packaging Design?

The packaging design defines the style of the way your product appears in the marketplace. It's the exterior of the package that houses your product, and it features the selected material and information for the buyer and a pleasing shape as well as your company's logo as well as fonts, colors, and colors. The packaging design is the first impression that customers get of your product, and it must tell a compelling story of what they'll discover inside. Unboxing videos provide a glimpse to your product and your brand.

What Is Merchandise Design?

Designing for merchandise is the method of designing designs for products. The design of merchandise is an excellent method of letting the world that you're who you are and also provides a way to build brand recognition.

What Kind Design Style Of Designer Creates Packaging Or Other Merchandise?

Designers of merchandise and packaging are specialized areas that are part of the field of graphic design. They are the experts in creating appealing packaging and products that catch an individual's attention in an array of products. Designs for packaging and merchandise are the first emotional and physical connection between consumers and the products.

What Kind Of Customer Is Our Customer Who Uses Our Packaging And Merchandising Designs?

If you have an in-house creative marketing team that is at capacity, or outsourcing all packaging and product designs, ODDAK Agency can slide in to help your business succeed in all aspects of design. Companies with ambitions put their innovative needs on our platform for collaboration to submit briefs quickly and receive instant feedback and speedy turnaround times. Any business or scale-up seeking rapid results with the best quality is able to get what they want using ODDAK Agency.

What Makes ODDAK Agency Superior To Other Packaging And Merchandising Designing Services?

Because we employ professionals who are full-time and top-quality designers across the globe, our rates are 20x more efficient than hiring internal designers. We're able to offer solution to design let your in-house designers to concentrate on more strategic projects. And you aren't worried about the project languishing in an unfinished backlog. We offer custom-designed design subscription plans, as well as your own design team that is always available. We provide hassle-free, effortless design, and top-quality packaging and merchandising services.

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