Presentation Design

Create original presentations for your convincing sales decks, pitch decks, and PowerPoint presentations. Scale-ups as well as startups alike count on ODDAK Agency to design professional decks from scratch or design templates as required.

More Affordable As Compared To Hiring In-House Presentation Designers

Between the expense of hiring, keeping as well as supporting and expanding the careers of creatives and designers that can add up to quite a bit of money. Not to mention the operating expenses that come with it. We break down the actual cost of having these designs created on-site.

The secret: ODDAK Agency is 20x faster than internal hiring and around 50% less expensive than traditional design firms for presentation.

Designed For Comms Marketing & Strategy Teams

For everything from sales presentations and investor decks just ODDAK Agency it

Designing a stunning deck that grabs the attention of your audience or promotes an idea for a business is crucial for presentations to be successful. If you’re presenting to investors, showcasing your ideas, or making presentations for internal use your presentations must be consistent and precise.

We design templates, decks, and designs for presentations that are of the highest standard and make it simple for teams to manage their presentation design requirements with our experienced creative team and a collaborative design platform.

Presentation Design Capabilities

Powerpoint Design

Custom-designed, high-end presentations designed specifically for PowerPoint with existing or new templates and styles.

Template For Presentation Design

Custom-designed templates for presentations, designed to be consistent with your brand, either from scratch or by incorporating existing designs into the style you want.

Business Presentation Design

Corporate presentations that are on-brand and of any kind that includes the latest or previously used design elements and can be found in a variety of formats

Design Of Pitch Deck

Custom-designed pitch decks featuring motion or static graphics that are in line with the brand while providing a deck that is captivating and captivating to potential investors.

Slide Deck Design

Created to order PowerPoint layout, Google Slides, or other decks that are designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives

Sales Deck Design

Custom-designed sales decks for new sales by hand or built on your style guide to get your sales over the finish line.

20x Lot Faster

More efficient than hiring employees in-house

50% Cut Costs

Cost per asset reduced. cost per asset

70% Fast Ship

Reducing turnaround time for digital advertisements

Stress Less | NPS 9.6

Average NPSs submitted to ODDAK Agency by users

What Is It That Makes The Difference Between Our Presentation Design Services Different?

We offer fast-quality, top-quality presentation design services by offering a subscription-based model that is transparent. We are a technology-driven company that is developing its soft that is designed to help manage, plan and coordinate an extensive number of creative advertising projects which allows us to keep up with teams from Amazon, Puma, Facebook, and many others.

Discover how we can change the way you have your company’s presentations created. Contact us now to schedule a meeting.

Presentation Design FAQS

What Is Presentation Design?

The design of your presentation helps create a seamless presentation from beginning to finish using designs that are well-organized and visually attractive. The design can improve the overall appearance presentation PowerPoint presentation slides through the creation of attractive layouts, infographics images, and designs that relate to your brand's message and branding. In the end, the purpose for PowerPoint layout is to aid in selling a productor service or telling your company's narrative.

What Can An Experienced Designer Do?

A designer of a presentation is accountable for all the creative elements and resources of a presentation. The designers of a presentation collaborate with clients to comprehend the message of the presentation and also to determine the amount of slides needed to effectively convey their message. The designer of the presentation is also accountable for the aspects of the design such as the general style, fonts, icons, images, as well as infographics, and making sure they're uniform and consistent throughout the.

What Do You Need To Include In Order For A Stunning Presentation?

The best presentations be visually appealing to keep the attention of your audience. The best presentations make use of the smallest amount of words, employ images to convey the idea and keep the audience to their seats as they hear your message. An effective presentation should be simple, concise and relevant for your audience.

What Kinds Of Presentations Are They? ODDAK Agency Create?

We provide templates for presentations specifically designed for PowerPoint, presentation graphics slide decks, pitch decks, and sales presentation. We also pride ourselves in creating custom designs that the best fit your needs for business.

What Kind Of Client Is Our Clientele Who Uses Our Presentation Design Services?

We offer services to small-scale businesses and businesses of all sizes, however any organization from mid-market to large could benefit from our design and presentation services. The designs can be tailored to meet your needs as a business. The firms we work with are Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook just to mention just a few. Do you want to book a phone call to see what you can do if ODDAK Agency is able to provide you with the services you need?

What Makes ODDAK Agency Superior To Other Services For Design Of Presentations?

We can be 20 times faster in comparison to hiring own designer since we have access to a huge collection of top designers all over the world. ODDAK Agency began and has since grown to provide top-quality designs for presentations to our clients. We offer design subscriptions that are custom-designed for you that include a personal design team that is available 24/7 and with lightning-fast turnaround times. Get rid of delays, bottlenecks and departments stretched to their limit. With our designers and project managers integrated into your team and a platform for collaboration that allows you to brief and manage your presentation design needs as easy like pie (charts).

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