Parcel no RR068254224CZ, Service used: the tracking number is EE10015803799060001030003BON . Thank you very much, I am waiting on 2 parcels that are stuck in Langley HWDC. I have a parcel at the depot since 19 July 21. "Congratulations on being officially the most right anyone has ever been about anything, ever." -- Noisepolluter knows the score. An advancement fee for paying VAT and duty on the sender's behalf. This has not changed status since 2 January. Implications on mail after the UK's exit from the EU. when tracking it shows leaving Uk 1/12/2021. Much appreciated. Anyway my parcel was received on 20th March 2020 by Langley HWDC and has sat there ever since. Outbound mail will usually leave the country by aircraft from the nearby Heathrow Airport. I'm using Royal Mail tracking. Summary: Item Leaving the UK. Reactions: A-AvantGarde. Another parcel destined for Ohio - same story. Tracking number:LZ940355205CN Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. I ordered from petsupplies net, it was processed through your facility March 16. It was a present for his newborn baby girl (long since outgrown the clothes I sent probably. Stuck at Langley HWDC since the 4th of February!! by mattling9 21 Jun 2019, 14:22, Post Since then nothing. My item, which is scheduled for India has been showing me being prepared for dispatch overseas, since 31st December. nalazi se od 30.sijecnja 2020.kod vas na carini!? You have not yet responded to my earlier comment but why cant you at least tell us what the latest situation as far as freight to Australia is concerned. The tracking number is RL550916270IE which was sent from Ireland. 3 weeks later still in Langley HWDC: Ref: RN700086535GB. Had to cancel my plans and reschedule, due to the incompetence of the people there, thanks to them I will now miss my granddaughters 1st Birthday!!! Thank youYour answer has been posted successfully! the package is stuck in LANGLEY HWDC. I am fast feeling that the Royal Mail and relevent services are taking a small pleasure away from me, I have always considered these services to be more than reliable, but it seems I may be wrong, am very dissappointed and upset, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP?????? People dont tend to say when things go well, so I thought it only fair to do so in the interests of balance. I posted a parcel to Corfu Greece on the 9th Dec. On the 10th it arrived in Langley HWDC and has been there ever since advising that it is Leaving the UK I am unable to visit my daughter due to Covid and they are her Christmas presents. International mail sorting centers are located around the world and serve as transit points for forwarding between members of the International Postal Union. [citation needed], Mail which is departing by air transport is often conveyed in unit load devices, unique to airlines and/or fuselage shapes. Do they have xray to scan or not? 2021. This has been a long running dispute with seller and PayPal been involved. I was so disappointed as I sent it in plenty of time allowing for small delay due to coronavirus. If your package is stuck at Langley HWDC, Royal Mail will often just tell you to wait longer. Item destined for New Zealand under tracking number RN588684368GB was to have left Langley HWFDC at 2.34am Wednesday 6th May. This is actually the worst case . I contacted the italian mail service but they told me that it's not yet arrived at destination. Hi An important parcel sent as signed Ref:RN077572795GB It is going to ten days ,the item not been delivered,Still at Langley Hwdc I checked on the website ,Not updated ten days .Thanks a lot for the quick reply . The "Item Leaving the UK" tracking alert from Royal Mail means that the shipment has made its way through Langley HWDC and is being prepared for International transit to the destination country. i had a letter posted from uk to france with a tracking no, on the 17th nov this is now 1st dec and i have not received this letter i have contacted poste france they have no reference to having received at least they answer the phone the only information i have its at langley i need this letter please help me, I sent 4 parcels on 23rd Nov to all the same destination country but only 2 are delivered within 7 days and 2 parcels are still at Langley HWDC. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "UK's outbound parcel volumes jump thanks to cross-border e-commerce",, This page was last edited on 23 October 2021, at 21:14. Very disappointed. I was not advised of this at the time because Royal Mail want to take your money for services they know they can not provide at the moment!! 27 Jul 2021, 07:12, Post Hello, ISLAMABAD INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE Send item to domestic location in destination country KARACHI INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE (IMO Letter) RN521107669GB. For customer enquiries: By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Maybe there a black hole and all items vanish i think not!..if anyone does read this from Langley For more information, please see our Anyone else waiting for their China/Singapore Post . HWDC is one of the most automated postal centres in Europe, and the site covers 100,000 square metres (25 acres) (10 hectares). I can give you the tracking number : EE10007290137790001010003D0N. Trying to track my parcel tracking number lb001221119cn been sent to Langley. January 14, 2021, 2:24 PM Very poor service, because at time of sending I also sent other mail to Ireland in normal post which has been received. Recipient of the parcel has been told it arrived and then was sent back. Sender preparing item 2021-07-16 02:56 China, Item received at it was sent to Spain and it has not been delivered yet. by MarcinM 04 Jul 2019, 18:00, Post I was advised by the post office that if I paid for signed and tracked it would be there within 5 working days. Langley HWDC (Royal Mail) Customer Support:-Contact Phone Number: 03457 740 740 Text Number: 03456 000 606. Tracking number RU762404865GB 3 of the 4 parcels are addressed to the same address though. Parcel stuck in Langley HWDC for 2 weeks Hello everyone, I have a parcel from the UK to Portugal that was shipped on December 5th, and it got stuck at Langley HWCD on December 8th, with no update since then: Updated on: Tuesday 08 December 03:44am - Item Received by Royal Mail - LANGLEY HWDC First parcel arrived at Langley HWDC 23rd December 2020 and has been stuck there for over 4 weeks. I posted it 30 December on the 5-7 days signed for service and the recipient still not received it. ago Mines has been there since 22.11 no movement but had one go through in under 24 hours after it. Why do you say Leaving the uk and weeks later its still there, Bad policy from a big company like your selfs LG819544712GB. . So i cant track my item. I am trying to track a letter sent from Cyprus on the 29 Dec 2020 the reference number is RQ025908162CY sent from Cyprus on Air 6911 but does not seem to be in UK,over 25 days ago, is it a border force issue with parcels and letters being delayed? This parcel LT289286585NL has been with you for over a week yet I have recieved a different parcel that was only with you for a day. Frequently used containers are stored on site in a specialised automated storage and retrieval system. It is coming from China and according to Tracking info below, it arrived at Langley 26th August. Referens Number is: LT896563872NL. "We have received your item at LANGLEY HWDC, our international processing center. Firstly, please dont post about the same item in 3 different threads. by POSTMAN 27 Jul 2021, 22:28, Post by SpacePhoenix 27 Jul 2021, 19:20, Post It arrived 8th of december and it has still not even been handed over for delivery yet. One hub is for parcels for the United Kingdom, and the other for international parcels. When I put the ref number in it says weve got it but you have had it over a month now I was just wondering if you could give me an update. thanks! We have received your item at LANGLEY HWDC, our international processing centre. Tracking numbers LB012556232CN and Lv387351981CN. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Feels like theft at this point. 25 Dec 2021 - 31 Dec 2021, 6 - 12 days remaining . And today make 2 weeks since my parcel has gone missing in Langley? by Snaggletooth 17 Jun 2021, 19:26, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. Tracking No. This for my grand-daughters 21st birthday on the 7th September and will be upset if I dont get it on time. Just not good enough. Is there any other option to reach the staff and get things faster? by Biggz_69 22 Dec 2019, 20:35, Post Thank you, Royal Mail tracking states parcel has left our (Langley HWDC)International Processing Centre on Friday 15th April at 07.52, on Monday 20th April no sign of it moving ? Please find it. Please help to expedite delivery and advise on when I can expect the parcel. Never had that problem before. The forecast is not 100% certain, and is based on 217 packages delivered in the last 60 days . My tracking number is LH178317947US was received at Langley Wed.14 September 2022 and Heathrow International LC Sat.17 September 2022. Fair enough - just trying to find out how if possible to get it through the backlog as it has been stuck for 6 days now. The tracked parcel was at HWDC for about 3 weeks before i received a letter and unfortunately the untracked one has been there for 14 weeks and i received the letter yesterday. KARACHI INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE (IMO Letter) Send item to destination country I would really appreciate your quick response to this matter. Privacy Policy. by TrueBlueTerrier 28 Jul 2021, 09:06, Post My item, destined for INDIA in stuck at LANGLEY HWDC for a week now(its showing "In transit"), and I'm worried. One was for California - accepted at my local Post Office on 6th December, received at Langley HWDC on 8th December and marked as leaving the UK. I sent an important document registered to the Uk, it arrived on 7th September at HWDC, and was only despatched to the delivery address yesterday 17th October. Has anyone faced a similar issue. Checked with USPS, they have not received it. Can someone one help me I have been checking the tracking number (RZ373058282GB), however since April 12th the tracking reports the item is being prepared for despatch overseas, and until today April 28th, dont know why Royal Mail does not despatch the package. Please send the item! Please contact me to advise delivery of package. Does this mean that is on custom or not? Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre (HWDC) is a sorting office for inbound and outbound international mail operated by Royal Mail. for ex. @RoyalMailHelp on Twitter. Have been trying to. You have may parcel there!! Thank you, I, too, have a package stuck at Langley with Thailand being the end destination. Hi UK, Checked again today 22 November at 0800 and still shows the same. I tried calling customer services but they gave me automated message to go online when i chose the "international mail" optionIn truth i'd love for them to receive the items or maybe claim back the cost of the goods and the postage from Royal Mail in the event its delayed further? tracking no LB308695647GB. Sorry to hear that, it's a b word that virus. Both parcels are for a birthday present now in 2weeks and beginning to get very anxious. Ridiculous that is taking ages. I sent the package back to China and it's stuck at the customs. So, I'm very confused at the moment. Tracking number RZ095539243GB. Cmon 2 weeks???? Many thanks for your time, Marie, Your email address will not be published. But has it pass the cuatom or not yet? I sent a piece of post tracked and to be signed for on 09/12/2019 to Ireland. Latest status 2. by AMONTY 27 Jul 2021, 19:45, Post Hi Tracking number UU072652960CN . Langley, get to the place of sending 2021-07-23 22:30. As of today Sun Oct.30 2022 no more information on the package and the person in Nottingham who was to receive the package has not received it. These are very important documents that i need during this coming week to hand to a lawyer for my brothers court hearing on 21.Oct my tracking number is RN194914475GB please do something about it or else hes going to have his hearing postponed for at least 40 Days. At Langley on 1 Dec at 3am still there . AliExpress? Can anyone of you help me to trace wheres the parcel is. . I have recently moved house & have no idea how to go about changing the address on it. i tried tracking it and you put me on to royal mail tracking. It is going to more than two weeks yet the item has not been delivered. UU186549259CN. Royal mail cant give record of where my item isIts been 3months.. Really Bad.. Hi I had a parcel from Campwins USA it is tracked to your depot tracking no GM275338367114782386 TO SOUTHBOURNE GROVE. Bunch of twats. Please advise how to find the situation. It shouldn't as it is an extremely small package, weighing about less than half a kilogram/0.5lbs) Feb 17, 2020 10:59PM GMT LANGLEY HWDC, GB I have two items stuck for two weeks now at Langley HWDC. Essentially, it will soon be loaded onto an airplane for dispatch abroad. For me to get a refund they want the items back. My daughter sent a parcel from Australia to UK and I received it within 5 daysI have paid over 40 on a secure delivery service and want to know where my parcels are please. Royal Mail told me delivery would be 5 days. Where is it now. My new cell phone from Aliexpress been sitting in LANGLEY HWDC for a little over a week, no updates. Is there any way to contact anyone in Langley to look for a letter or parcel with a valid tracking reference? Please reply by email as there seems no way to enter the Royal mail web system some one needs to look at this process matter. Locally we've had a good few pinged by the NHS app, if it's the same around the country then a lot of offices will be short on staff, Doesnt explain why the tracking information is incorrect. Where is this package now? I'm well aware that it's Christmas and the pandemic is still going on, but I had a parcel in November that arrived and left Langley HWDC within an hour. Package in Langley since 3rd December no update since, Can someone from Royal Mail please find out where a small parcel I posted to the USA on 4th December 2022 is please? Sorting center GBLALA. Must be an awful back-up of incoming mail there. Sent some gifts to my daughter in Seoul in time for Christmas and see that it is still stuck in Langley. Heeelp. Origin Post is Preparing Shipment . Tracking #LE113892247GB. by Olyv20c 21 Dec 2019, 11:14, Post Gender: Male. Now is in Langley . If I had read these comments above, I would not have sent the parcel through Royal Mail!! Most recently I posted an important document on 27 August; it arrived Langley HWDC the next day, Dublin destination 2 September. I dont live in Glasgow. If you couldn't get it in time, contact the seller to give you a solution. Why that long? It went into customs on the 17th and emerged this morning. THe item says its leaving Uk at langley hwdc and the message hasnt changed for the last 3 days. Arrive in Langley and what is this last update????? Send item to domestic location in destination country. Paket broj RF646338856HR poslan iz Hrvatske 27.sijecnja 2020.god. The frustration is not being able to speak to anyone regarding the delay or how long One parcel is a coat and the other a tracksuit so I dont understand why these are been held up. Langley HWDC? Please advise as to the status of this package. by TrueBlueTerrier 06 Apr 2021, 15:13, Post Please let me know what the reason for this is and when I can expect the package to be delivered. LO939011556CN My parcel has been at your place since June the 3rd and only just had the update to say that, still not received it and its something thats worth 13 whats the hold up?! Thats a terrible mistake and the lux. Thanking you, Tracking number RF174885783GB. Look forward to reply from relevant people. 12 working days in customs is fairly normal at the moment. Langley HWDC : r/royalmail. by Snaggletooth 18 Dec 2019, 19:08, Post I sent a package with tracking from Germany to England on 09/20/22. Accepted at my Post Office on 30th November, received at Langley HWDC on 1st December and marked as leaving the UK. I have ordered an item from China which was posted on 27th April and I tracked it and the parcel finally after long wait arrived in the U.K. on 29th May 2020 but then it is showing stuck in Langley HWFDC since 7th June and no sign of moving or any further updates. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it after it arrives in Langley. Still has not been received by recipient. As delays can very often be due to the customs clearance process, the Royal Mail staff member you talk to has little control over the progress of your item during that process. Telephone Number: 03457 740 740Text Telephone Number: 03456 000 606. Can you update on status please? By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Located close to Heathrow Airport, the HWDC is situated in the town of Langley, Berkshire, near Slough, and began operations in 2003. I posted 2 damaged / not as advertised watches ( return cargo) back to a company in China on 6th July. My Item has been stuck at Langley HWDC for over a month now. TRACK Langley HWDC (Royal Mail) Customer Support Contact:- Other Similar Parcels, You may want to track :- WearAll Order Status Tracking VS Pink Order Tracking Can somebody please help me??? Its still in Langley 3 weeks later. I have tracked my parcel from China reference UP751918475CN and it arrived in Langley 23 September 2020. 2)Will it be delivered? Hello, My shipment is with you for 2 weeks. Just really really wanted my item before Christmas but seems will be not having it. Tracking number is RR752550807AL. The unofficial Royal Mail subreddit. This is the status of the item and there is no phone to ring. I am just wondering if the 2 parcels are still going to be sent or if not return to me as I put my home address on the side of the box. Over a week later it had not arrived and on checking, 9 days after posting it had only left the UK via Langley, Ref. It states you received item on the 17th August, its now the 20th August???? Please help RR438927617PL. Jun 20, 2018 #1 M.A.94 Active Member. Please can you help and advise if it is lost or what the problem is? Thank you. Tracking parcel 1, Hi i didnt received my parcel yet.The tracking number shows me is in Langley HWDC Heathrow. The scheduling of container arrival, loading, and dispatch is sequenced with flight arrival and departures. LANGLEY HWDC Receive item at office of exchange in destination country, 11:41 AM This item is very urgent and time-critical, pls could you let me know when it will be delivered? I am sending an item from the UK to Canada. Trust assured, Im sure that along with many others, I will no longer use Royal Mail in future to send my parcels. Required fields are marked *, Track and Trace - Worldwide Shipment Tracking Status Online. ago same here ffs 2 Reply monkehraah 1 mo. International Parcel Stuck at Langley HWDC Hi there, I live in N.Ireland and posted a small parcel to my brother in Australia on 18th March 2020 via their "international tracked small package service" (14 postage). Not all mail handled at HWDC arrives by air, as road vehicles that formerly arrived in the UK by ferry at Dover, or container ship at Southampton now extend their trip to HWDC by road, instead of entering the Royal Mail network at (now defunct) offices of exchange situated nearest the ports. Where are my parcels ? I need this parcel back, the client is an university student and he need these parts I send to him for his diploma project. Ive been waiting on important documents to arrive from uk since 20th December 2021 I have a package being sent from the UK. Its been 2 weeks and theres no update since 5th February 2021, my reference number is LG540481777GB sent from Chester MC. Then, the trail stops. I had an item delivered to Langley HWDC on the 7th September 2019 and it only arrived at the intended destination today 17th October 2019 It was a very important document and I had to cancel a proposed trip because of this horrendous delay, its disgusting to wait 6 weeks for an item to be delivered that was sent registered!!!! PIL Pacific International Lines Container. An important parcel was sent as registered signed delivery from 150 Stoke Newington High I fear it wont arrive for Christmas Eve. Ref LB526710332GB where is my parcel for Perth W. Australia and will it be delivered by Xmas? thankyou. Its coming from UK to Ireland. Parcel stuck at Langley HWDC My parcel is stuck in Langley for like 2 weeks now. Other items dispatched at the same time have arrived. ISLAMABAD INTERNATIONAL MAIL OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange in origin country, 5:01 AM I would like to receive compensation for the stress and worry this has caused. Maybe he is still trying to get out of Langley HWDC. 0. More information will be available when it ar. Why accept international deliveries if they are going to sit in the HWDC for 2 weeks and who knows how many more. From 1st January the rules for sending and receiving items to and from the EU will change.For more details please see NEW STARTERS/LOOKING TO WORK FOR ROYAL MAIL, THE PATHWAY TO CHANGE - REVISION ACITIVITY, THE PATHWAY TO CHANGE - REVISION ACITIVITY, what going, on at this centre, it should be closed down as it seems it,s not fit for purpose! Could you please help me, when the package will be shipped to my country with the consequent update in the tracking information?. is anyone else going through this situation? I ordered 2 parcels of rock minerals from a seller in Peru, one in early December 2020 and the other at the end of December 2020. Hopefully Yours should be released soon. I have no idea where it is do whats the point of the tracking service? My parcel arrived at Langley HWFDC on 2nd July 2020. I don't get it. My parcel was orderd 6 days ago. My parcels been over a month stuck at Langley. please email us. So, you can't get more update after May 8. "Congratulations on being officially the . It arrived in England on September 22, 2022. WHERE IS MY PARCEL, royal mail havent got it ref LX070838683CN. Ive been in contact with Royal mail and they havent gotten it. Still havnt recieved it and doubt I ever will! More information will be available when it arrives in the UK. I am really worries if it gets lost as it contains original documents as stated above, especially the original birth certificate. i want to know why it has been in the UK so long without you delivering it. Im desperately seeking an update on this: LL509941061IE. Does that mean this parcel from China is floating around Langley and not been checked into their system? texas city high school football roster, bayside intermediate staff directory, amy abbott wedding planner cost,