eCommerce SEO Services: Get More Sales With SEO Experts

Make more sales online through eCommerce SEO provided by ODDAK Agency. Take advantage of the team and the technology which has helped our clients achieve $3 billion in revenue and leverage them to increase your online sales. Find out more about our technology-enabled SEO for e-commerce now or request a personalized proposal for your online store.

eCommerce SEO Services That Increase Online Orders

SEO is among the most efficient methods to boost traffic to websites and, with our ecommerce SEO service, you are able to utilize SEO to drive not just traffic , but also generate bring in revenue.

With a customer retention rate of 91%, and the score of a recommendation from a customer that is above the industry standard by 488 percent, we’re a reliable SEO company for companies across the world.

Partnership in ODDAK Agency for ecommerce SEO to make:

Do-it-for-me solutions to e-commerce SEO

Diverse skills that include SEO development, copywriting, development and design

A customized plan of action that is specific to your industry, business and goals

Our ecommerce SEO solutions and our award-winning team, your website will appear higher in search results for terms your customers utilizes that will result in higher quality traffic, more sales, and conversions.

Get your online business growth by partnering with our eCommerce digital marketing agency today. Contact a strategist directly regarding our SEO services for eCommerce websites by contacting us now.

Explore eCommerce SEO Plans


$2,500 / month
  • 150 Keyphrases Optimized
  • 30 Pages Optimized
  • 6 Content, Outreach, UX, Or CRO Assets Per Quarter
  • 8 Custom Dashboards
  • Phone Call, Lead, And Revenue Tracking Dashboard


$8,000 / month
  • 300 Keyphrases Optimized
  • 60 Pages Optimized
  • 24 Content, Outreach, UX, Or CRO Assets Per Quarter
  • 10 Custom Dashboards
  • Phone Call, Lead, And Revenue Tracking Dashboard

eCommerce SEO Services & Pricing

Find out more about what our eCommerce SEO solutions comprise by looking through our four SEO packages for eCommerce that we can tailor for your specific business. All of our experts in e-commerce SEO are experienced in the use of and optimization of platforms such as ShopifyWordPressBigCommerce, and many more for SEO in e-commerce.

Number Of Keyphrases Optimized (Keyphrases With Less Than 1M Results)Up To 150Up To 200Up To 250Up To 300Custom
Pages OptimizedUp To 30Up To 40Up To 50Up To 60Custom
Technical Website Analysis & Opportunity ReportCustom
Keyword Research & SelectionCustom
Keyword Mapping To Target PagesCustom
Title Tags & Meta DescriptionsCustom
Robots.txt OptimizationCustom
XML Sitemap Creation & SubmissionCustom
Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets – Content, Linkbuilding, Consulting, Or CRO Assets6 Content, Outreach, UX, Or CRO Assets12 Content, Outreach, UX, Or CRO Assets15 Content, Outreach, UX, Or CRO Assets24 Content, Outreach, UX, Or CRO AssetsCustom
Google Business Profile Optimization (If Needed)Custom
Information Architecture AuditCustom
Canonicalization AnalysisCustom
Initial External Link Analysis And DisavowCustom
Link Redirect AuditCustom
Internal Linking Restructuring & OptimizationCustom
Duplicate Content AnalysisCustom
Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)Custom
Setup Of Website SitemapCustom
Image OptimizationCustom
Custom 404 Error Page Setup And OptimizationCustom
Schema Implementation (JSON-LD)Custom
Google Analytics Setup W/ Conversion TrackingCustom
Google Analytics Traffic AnalysisCustom
Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboard Setup8 Dashboards8 Dashboards10 Dashboards10 DashboardsCustom
Initial Visitor Profile ReportCustom
Ongoing Quarterly Keyword Ranking ReportingCustom
Ongoing Monthly Traffic, Goal & CPL ReportingCustom
Ongoing User Experience Reporting (Bounce Rate, Device Category, Etc.)Custom
Ongoing Quarterly Competitor Conquest ReportsCustom
Keyword Rank Checker Access With Weekly Updates (If Requested)Custom
Ability To Check Location Data Accuracy Across 40+ Local DirectoriesCustom
A/B Testing Of SERP Title & Description To Improve ClickthroughCustom
Notification Of New Reviews (Major Review Platforms)Custom
Analyze Your Leads To Project The # Of Leads Competitors Receive On A Monthly BasisCustom
Predict Your And Your Competitors’ Market Share On A Monthly BasisCustom
Competitor Intelligence Login To View Competitor DataCustom
Dedicated Internet MarketerCustom
Online Project Management PlatformCustom
450+ SMEs Behind Campaign Driving ResultsCustom
Website Conversion Analysis ImplementationCustomCustomCustomCustomCustom
Initial Campaign Investment:(Two Month Duration)$7,500 $12,500 $15,500 $18,500 Get Quote
Progressive Monthly Optimization:(6 Month Commitment – Subsequent 4 Months)$2,500 $5,000 $6,500 $8,000 Get Quote

What Are Our E-Commerce SEO Services Offer?

eCommerce SEO is multi-faceted, which is the reason why our eCommerce SEO services comprise:

  • Custom eCommerce SEO strategy
  • Online project management schedule
  • Optimization of keywords and keyword research
  • Product markup
  • Product image optimization
  • Copywriting for SEO of products
  • Copywriting for professional blogs or articles.
  • Content promotion
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Monthly traffic, keyword and transaction reports

And much more

Within Our SEO Services For eCommerce

If you begin selling online by using online marketing, it is important to ensure that you’re sending the right kind of customers to your website. This can be accomplished by making sure you’ve got the correct kind of content, which includes the relevant keywords.

Search engines are based on matching the words people are looking for to the words that are present on your site. This means SEO for websites that sell products contains descriptive, informative content.

If you’ve got your website’s keywords that customers enter into search engines then you have a better likelihood of being found.

In actual fact, more than 50 percent of people discover a brand new company or product through searching.

However, it can be difficult to determine which phrases to include on your website as well as how do you ensure that there is enough space for every single phrase you require. To begin the eCommerce SEO process you must know the key words or keywords you’d like to focus on.

Here’s how we begin the process of eCommerce SEO for our clients and what you will get when working with our team of in-house SEO experts for e-commerce.

1. Keyword Identification

Before making any modifications to your website We first conduct study to find the terms and phrases you’ll need to include in your website’s content. They are referred to as key words or keywords.

Through using tools for keyword research or asking your customers to describe about their experiences with your product or service, or cooperating with us to identify those keywords you already know work We’ll determine what you need to describe about your business or product so that they rank high in search results.

Keywords are typically related to your product or store’s primary theme. If you are selling eco-friendly pet items such as, for instance it is possible to focus on keywords that are related to the topic or your area of expertise. Some examples are “eco-friendly pet products,”” “eco-friendly dog toys” as well as “eco-friendly canine harness.”

The unique characteristics of your company can help improve different aspects of SEO. When you’re working on Content Marketing for example you could write blog posts about the harmful ingredients that are in pet food. For this type of blog post, you could concentrate on the keyword “bad components in pet food.”

Keyword identification is an essential element of our e-commerce SEO services as it creates an effective plan for your company.

2. Implementation Of The Key Words

The next step of our method is to incorporate the relevant, high-value terms into your website.

Our e-commerce SEO specialists use these terms across a variety of places, including:

  • Homepage
  • Titles of pages
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Image alt text


This step is crucial to the success of an SEO strategy. If you don’t optimize your site for these keywords and phrases, it’s hard to search engine spiders — or even the users to recognize that your website is appropriate to the request for information.

Although you could write your own copywriting to use these suggested keywords, an benefit of working with an all-inclusive digital marketing company such as ODDAK Agency offers SEO-related copywriting Note that certain copywriting services are included in our e-commerce SEO packages.

If you choose to use the services of our copywriters for e-commerce SEO We have our talented copywriters with expertise in various sectors, from manufacturing automotive to retail. Through their knowledge we create content that is not just well-written and readable, but also in line to your company’s image.

3. Product Page Optimization

Every page on your site must be optimized for search engine optimization.

In the case of e-commerce stores, it’s difficult to find something more essential to enhance than product pages. Pages for products are crucial since they’re most likely to be found in search results for specific search terms, sometimes referred to “long-tail Keywords.”

If you’re selling dog bones that are green, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to display the long-tail keywords, “green rubber dog bone,” on your homepage. Instead, your e-commerce SEO strategy should focus on optimizing your product pages to include these long-tail keywords.

To make sure that your product pages are ranked highly for search result pages, we’ll ensure that every page includes the title, and an article or two of text that is keyword-rich and defines the product. It’s also helpful to include the model’s number (if there’s one) to ensure that you appear on searches that include it also.

Your product pages should include pictures of the products you’re selling.

Images can be beneficial to search engines and users. Your images for users offer a different perspective of your product from its size to hue to its use. In the case of search engines too, your images provide an understanding of the context for your website’s product page.

It’s crucial to remember that it’s crucial to optimize your images in order to make them searchable. Google and other search engines, including Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, can’t “read” photos. They depend on the filename of the image and alt text for the image and the nearby content to comprehend images.

Our team of experts optimises images to be SEO-friendly.

We also review every page on your website thoroughly to ensure you’re focusing on long-tail keywords and not missing important SEO elements such as titles tags. The result is a page that is ready to attract buyers.

4. Optimization Of Navigation

SEO for eCommerce sites involves making your website accessible to users. You require a site that is easy to navigate even if you have an array of goods. We’ll ensure that every page is properly organized or categorised as well as an option to access every top-level page within the menu.

It’s also crucial to ensure that your navigation is easy to navigate and comprehend.

If you don’t, you could discover that your visitors are lost and leave your website in the nick of time they get there. What reason should they stay when they are unable to locate what they are looking for? A quick departure is also known as”bounce “bounce” is likely to result in a higher number of bounces.

The high bounce rates inform search engines that your site isn’t relevant to the keywords they rank for — that’s why the bounce rate is high and could result in a decline in your ranking. This is the reason the design of your website and the layout of the landing pages is a crucial aspect of e-commerce SEO.

One of the best methods we’ve come across to improve SEO for e-commerce is using breadcrumb navigation.

Breadcrumbs are tiny hyperlinks which appear on the upper left-hand side of a category, menu or the page of a product. Similar to the tale in Hansel as well as Gretel, breadcrumbs on a website can take one back to where they were in the past.

We have Web designers, who have won awards for their work utilize this technique to add keywords and links to your site pages, and improve the accessibility of your website for your visitors. To ensure maximum success in your website’s user-friendliness We offer the testing of user experience services.

5. Creation Of Content

It’s hard to compete in the online marketplace The best methods to add SEO value and attract customers is to create unique content for your online store. Content could take the form of blogs and press releases, articles or even ebooks.

The use of a Content marketing plan serves two functions first, to provide search engines more content to search for phrases and keywords and, secondly, to show potential clients that you’re competent and reliable.

The greatest benefit is that the fact that content marketing can boost the conversion rate of your site. Why? By providing unique and informative content, you’re providing the user something valuable whether it’s by responding to their queries or providing advice.

more than 60% percent of customers prefer businesses that produce customized content. This can distinguish your e-commerce store from other stores in your field. That’s why companies using Content Marketing more than double their conversion rates in comparison to companies who do not.

To promote content, the majority of online stores opt to create blogs. Blogs can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes , and may include a single post per month, or several posts every day. If you are selling online you might be able to concentrate on a couple of posts per week.

It is possible to write about anything that your customers may find interesting such as trends in your field or the latest products. If you’re selling pet-related products and accessories, you might even organize competition to determine the most adorable pet in your clients.

Additional content could comprise:

  • Videos on how-tos for products maintenance or use,
  • Infographics about topics that relate to your industry or products,
  • Industry-related articles that you are familiar with,
  • Long-form content, such as ebooks and white papers,

With a skilled team of writers along with a creative group composed of Internet marketing experts, ODDAK Agency builds new strategies for marketing content as part of our SEO for e-commerce services. Our ecommerce SEO packages contain regularly scheduled content.

What format this content will take is entirely your choice, and we’ll collaborate to determine what type of content will work best for your site, and then make it available for you to incorporate it into your website. SEO for e-commerce websites includes all of these elements and more to help your site rank as high as it is possible.

FAQs On eCommerce SEO Services

Are you looking for more information regarding SEO services for websites that sell on e-commerce? Explore our FAQ!

What Is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is a term used to describe SEO for websites selling e-commerce. As opposed to traditional SEO Ecommerce SEO employs various strategies and methods to increase your site's position in search results, for example, Google as well as Bing.

What Exactly Are eCommerce SEO Services?

Ecommerce SEO services can provide your business online with professional, tailored SEO services for your online website. These services, as opposed against conventional SEO solutions are focused on specific strategies for ecommerce, such as using markup for products to increase your site's visibility in results of searches.

Does E-Commerce SEO Worthwhile?

Moving to the top of results of a search will boost CTR in the range of 30.8 per cent." That's why, yes it's true that ecommerce SEO strategies are crucial. One could even claim that they are more significant than any conventional marketing techniques (television print, radio, etc.)

Does Shopify Provide SEO Services?

Shopify's online stores are SEO-friendly features and SEO tools to assist you in optimizing your content. Certain SEO aspects are automated Auto-generated canonical tags are added to websites to stop duplicate content from being displayed in search results. Also, you can add your sitemap.

What's SEO And How Can It Benefit An E-Commerce Site?

SEO for Ecommerce is the method to help online stores be found on search engine result webpages (SERPs) with relevant terms in search, thus increasing the quantity of high-quality customers visiting your site. Gaining traffic is just one aspect of SEO.

Why SEO Is Essential For Small-Sized Businesses In E-Commerce?

On-page SEO for platforms that sell on the internet is about ensuring that your keywords are placed in the appropriate spots. It's a method of making sure Google understands exactly the content of your site. On-page SEO is crucial as it helps you be found within various other Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features.

What Makes eCommerce SEO Different Than Other Websites?

It is the procedure to make your store more visible on search engine result webpages (SERPs). When people search for items that you offer you must be as prominent as you can to get more visitors. It is possible to get traffic from paid search, however SEO is much more affordable.

Start with On-Page SEO. Backlinks are essential and we all know that they're an element of the ranking algorithm. However, you should have optimized content on your site so that the search engines are aware of what they should consider when determining the rank of your website.

How Do You Invest In SEO Will Increase Your E-Commerce Site's Visitors?

SEO Marketing = Increased Traffic and Conversions Regardless of having the top product available nobody will be aware about it unless you bring visitors to your site. SEO Marketing helps businesses attract more customers by making sure that their website is highly on search engine result webpages (SERPs).

How Much Do eCommerce SEO Services Cost?

The cost of ecommerce SEO services differ and are contingent on the agency's service plans. For ODDAK Agency, our SEO services for websites with e-commerce are priced between $2,500 and the amount of $8,000 monthly. We also provide customized pricing for large online stores.

How Long Will E-Commerce SEO Take?

Like traditional SEO, may take a few months before showing results. Most of the time you should notice results, such as increased rankings after 3 to 6 months. The three to six-month waiting period is the reason that most SEO solutions for websites that sell products will require a commitment of just a couple of months.

What Kind Of Online Stores Are Able To Use SEO For E-Commerce?

Every online store can benefit from the services of ecommerce SEO. We at ODDAK Agency, our experience of providing SEO services for eCommerce websites spans over 25 years. We've also worked with companies that utilize various e-commerce platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce.

If you have further queries regarding ecommerce SEO services contact us at get in touch with us online!

Why Should You Select ODDAK Agency For eCommerce SEO Services?

ODDAK Agency isn’t your typical eCommerce SEO expert.

We’re a full-service digital advertising company with a passion for our work — and that’s evident through our relationships with successful e-commerce companies from a variety of sectors.

Are you interested in learning more about the reasons why ODDAK Agency is the best option for SEO services for eCommerce?

Experience Gained Over Decades

With over 25 years of expertise, ODDAK Agency offers your company with unrivalled expertise. Our years of experience ensure your team is in good hands. We’ve adjusted to the speedy shifts in the business making sure that our customers get the most effective results, from more revenues to better ranking.

Team With A Winning Award

Over our 25 years of existence, we’ve won over 50 distinctions in recognition of our workfor example, the Best Workplace for Employees in Pennsylvania, an award that we’ve received for the past five consecutive years. The awards we’ve received for our customers awards show the enthusiasm, imagination and commitment we apply to each project.

Maximum Transparency

The primary ODDAK Agency value is transparency. This is why we post our prices on the internet and the reason we provide our customers with AI Marketing Software. This is a method that’s radically different from other SEO for e-commerce agencies. This is another reason that ODDAK Agency stands apart.

eCommerce SEO Customized To Your Specifications

To get the most effective outcomes, we concentrate on customizing strategies. Our eCommerce SEO experts take the time to understand the industry, your business and the product lineup. We will also work with you to provide an experienced and knowledgeable manager who knows your employees and company.

This provides not just an individual experience, but also an effective eCommerce SEO strategy.

Over $3B In Actual Results

Our performance-driven strategies and the determination to deliver results, we’ve raked in over $3 billion of revenues from our clientele.

Our clients and our staff they are real outcomes. With increased revenue from product sales and sales, your business can reach its objectives. If you’re looking to grow your business, develop your product line or increase the size of your staff, we’re here to assist.

Why Do eCommerce Businesses Need SEO?

SEO can provide many benefits for businesses in a wide range of industries. It’s particularly important for online businesses.

Through eCommerce SEO, you are able to connect with more leads who are qualified. These are the customers who are most likely to purchase your product, which leads into more sales and revenues for your business. SEO can help you reach these customers by optimizing your website’s content to match the keywords they’re searching for.

These terms are often related to your products and store.

If you offer feline collars that are embroidered for instance it’s natural that searches of people would include these phrases. That’s why your SEO strategy will likely focus on specific keywords such as “embroidered cat collars” or “engraved cats’ collars.”

These are the keywords that relate to your company and the person you want to target as a customer.

eCommerce SEO Perks

eCommerce SEO Connects You With Buyers Who Are High-Value

Your customers could be ready to give you their hard-earned cash , however, in the absence of SEO, customers could not even realize that your shop exists. Our eCommerce SEO solutions ensure that your site is visible to customers to maximize your earnings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the internet equivalent to putting a massive advertising sign in front of your brick and mortar storefront, stating, “We carry dog toys!” or “We sell cat-related products!” Without optimizing your site for these key words and phrases, your chances of appearing the first page of search results for keywords that are associated with high purchasing intentions is very slim.

It’s actually your competition who do it — and they’re more than happy to accept your customers.

eCommerce SEO Optimizes Your Entire Range Of Products

Since you’re an online store is likely to have a large selection of items regardless of whether you only offer a small and more curated selection It is crucial that the people you want to reach locate your products when they search on the internet. Through our SEO for eCommerce services we can optimize every one product.

The result? People who search for “memory foam cat bed” or “orthopedic cat bed” discover your website and the products you sell. In addition, they can are able to find the product they’re searching for, which can lead to another order on your company.

If your business was relying heavily on conventional marketing and advertising, you’d need to focus on marketing at least one at most two or three of your items unless you had a an enormous marketing budget. Although you could probably promote your most popular products it’s not certain that you’ll be able to reach your intended audience.

With the help of eCommerce SEO it is possible to optimize your website to attract the most relevant customers.

eCommerce SEO Improves Your Online Visibility

eCommerce SEO focuses on improving your website’s visibility for search engine. In order to increase your website’s visibility and enhancing your search engine rankings, eCommerce SEO allows users to locate your website. Therefore, instead of being on the second page of results for search your site will appear on the first page.

If you don’t pay attention to SEO, your company is vulnerable to various risks, including:

Lower search result rankings

Less purchase orders

The less revenue

All of these risks affect your bottom line and also your daily operations. If you’re not bringing valuable visitors to your site and you’re not generating sales, which causes the loss of your overall profit. It’s not sustainable.

Through our eCommerce SEO services and new and competitive strategies, we increase your search engine visibility. This is why our team takes time learning about the business of your organization from the products you sell to your customers and develops a custom strategy that delivers the desired results.

Because of our unique method, we’ve made greater than 3 billion dollars in sales from our clientele.

eCommerce SEO Is An Effective And Efficient And Economical Marketing Strategy

In comparison to traditional marketing techniques, e-commerce SEO is very economical. Focusing on the key words that your intended audience is using -and then optimizing your site for those terms — SEO produces the results you’d like to observe.

It’s also the basis of an effective, performance-driven Digital Marketing Strategy.

By leveraging the money your company is able to save by using SEO, you’ll have the opportunity to invest to ensure your business’s performance. Perhaps, for instance expanding your e-commerce advertising strategy by incorporating the use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements as well as the use of email for marketing -both of which can provide the highest returns on investments (ROI).

eCommerce SEO Provides Long-Term Revenue

With an closing rate of nearly 15 percent which means that 15 percent of leads will be converted into sales SEO is a reliable and long-term source of income for your business. This is the reason SEO is a long-term , continuous process. It does not provide results in a single day however, it will provide results over time.

Although 15 percent might appear to be a bit low, it’s 8 times higher than the traditional marketing closing rate at 1.7 percent. That’s an awful close rate, particularly when you consider the amount of money your business invests every year into traditional marketing.

Another reason is that digital marketing is now the most trusted option for eCommerce stores.

Thanks to the constant effects of eCommerce SEO your business can expand in time. That means that you will be able to meet the long-term objectives of your business that could include expanding your range of products and establishing your team or achieving your desired amount of sales.

The most appealing aspect is that you pay nothing for the outcomes of eCommerce SEO, which is different from PPC. Although the two tools work together You pay for each click that PPC brings to your company. This reduces the overall ROI and earnings. In addition it means that your company is dependent on advertising that is paid to increase revenue.

eCommerce SEO Helps You Compete Against Competitors

If you don’t have an eCommerce SEO strategy and an leading SEO company be prepared for your competitors to outdo you on search results.

Even even if you have a stunning e-commerce website that has a stunning design that is naturally attracting hundreds of hyperlinks and a competitor with an effective e-commerce SEO agency will rank you higher nearly every single time in any search. It’s not enough just to be one of these services.

With the level of competition that it’s online it’s essential to have the complete package. With an eCommerce SEO service that is customized with ODDAK Agency, that’s exactly what you’ll receive. As your business partner we’ll design a custom and competitive strategy that puts you at the top of your field.

Do You Want To Make Your Shop More Prominent Online?

Your online store should not be on the second page (or even worse). With the assistance of one of the most reputable SEO agencies, you’ll feel the advantages of being on the top of the page and having a well-ranked e-commerce site, can attract the maximum number of customers, and turns more clicks to purchases.

By utilizing ODDAK Agency and our eCommerce SEO services, you will be able to meet your objectives.
Call ODDAK Agency today to find out how a customized e-commerce SEO strategy can help improve the visibility of your store and convert more of your visitors into paying customers. We’ll collaborate with you to design an entirely customized plan to meet your specific requirements.

You can get in touch with us online to speak to our expert strategist!