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ODDAK Agency helps you reach people who are in mainstream media. More than 50.000 companies have released more than 8.720,000 press releases through us.

Welcome To The ODDAK Agency Online Press Release Distribution Service

ODDAK Agency provides a cost-effective press release distribution solution for companies looking to distribute information to media outlets and channels throughout all of the United Kingdom and internationally in order to get media coverage.

With our trusted and cutting-edge distribution methods, we bring together not just the power of source of traditional media, but additionally harness the power of social media to aid in spreading your message across the globe.

Our press releases are optimized to be search engine friendly (SEO) to help your press releases get the attention you seek.

ODDAK Agency is both a simple method for companies control their own offline and online public relations campaigns, without having the expense of hiring a PR company . It’s also a huge asset for agencies seeking to get customers to try new clients.

If you think you’re able to create a compelling story about your company or would like to ease the burden of locating industry leaders, ODDAK Agency is for you!

Utilizing a variety of proven methods of distribution, ODDAK Agency spreads your press release (news) to the people that matter the most, while focusing on specific bloggers, journalists or local channels for news.

Send the press announcement online using our wire today and get new customers.

Press Release Services​ Pricing


$799 $499 / release
  • Distribution to 250+ Media Outlets
  • 1 Image Attachment
  • Distribution Report
  • Live Links To Placement
  • Google Map Embedding
  • Video Embedding
  • Press Release Writing


$1,249 $749 / release
  • Distribution to 500+ Media Outlets
  • 1 Image Attachment
  • Distribution Report
  • Live Links To Placement
  • Google Map Embedding
  • Video Embedding
  • Press Release Writing


$4999 $3499 / release
  • Distribution to 580+ Media Outlets
  • 1 Image Attachment
  • Distribution Report
  • Live Links To Placement
  • Google Map Embedding
  • Video Embedding
  • Press Release Writing

Press Release Services​ Plans

Send your news to over 500 media outlets as well as more than 2000 media endpoints through some of our top-of-the-line brands.

Google News Inclusion
Digital Market Report
Moz Domain Authority 90+
Ahrefs Domain Authority 90+
Digital Journal
Dow Jones
Yahoo! News
Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Money
Yahoo! Lifestyle
Yahoo! News India
Yahoo! News Canada
Yahoo! News Australia
Canadian Insider
Insider Tracking
Apple News
500+ Media outlets
50+ APAC Media Sites
FOX Media Outlet
CBS Media Outlets
NBC Media Outlets
TV Station Media Sites (Placement on TV Station Sites)
Radio & Broadcast Media Stations (Placement on Radio Station Sites & Professional Broadcast Stations)
News Archival System (Press Releases are saved in archives such as Dow Jones Factiva, LexisNexis, and Newstex)
NY Headline
Today Kansas
Arizona News Today
The Texas Today
Indiana Insights
Live Alaska News
Connecticut Headline
New Jersey News Today
Hawaii Headline
Oklahoma Local Press
News on Tennessee
Washington Headline
Daily New York News
Iowa Horizon
Utah Daily News
And 35 Other US State News Networks
Lexis Nexis
Gale Cengage Learning
Thomson West
Press Association
Financial Feeds (Placement on Financial Sites)
Online Newspaper (Placement on Newspapers Sites)
Journalist Broadcast
ODDAK Agency Newswire Lifetime Hosting
RSS Distribution (Distribution on our proprietary RSS Feeds & RSS Wires)
Social Media Syndication
Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search Engine Result
PDF Report
Live Links to Placement
News System Status
White-Label Report (Optional)+$49 Extra Fee+$49 Extra Fee
Word Count Limit5005001000
Twitter Outreach
Image Attachment
Scheduled Release (Schedule for your press release to be distributed at a later date and time (EST))
Editorial Process
Video and iFrame Embed+$49 Extra Fee+$49 Extra Fee
Google Map Embed+$49 Extra Fee+$49 Extra Fee
Press Release Writing+$49 Extra Fee+$49 Extra Fee
Priority Email And Ticket Support
Priority 24/7 Whatsapp support
PR Consultation

Why Do The World’s Top Companies Rely On

Press Release Services?

Gain Unparalleled Reach And Visibility

Reach audiences of influencers and journalists around the globe – or even just across the street. Our media network covers over 200,000+ influencers and journalists as well as 8,000 websites across the globe as well as 2.1 million Twitter users.

Establish Credibility And Reputation

Around the globe editors, journalists and influencers are aware that if something is via PR Newswire, it’s credible, reliable, and well-worth reading.

Deliver In A Secure Way

ODDAK Agency leads the industry and continues to invest in security procedures that are demonstrated through the company’s SOC 2 Type II compliance as well as single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Guaranteed News Distribution With Media Coverage

The Press Release you send will be featured not just on Google News but also will be included on 500+ of the guaranteed media partner websites.

We are among the few distribution firms currently providing media distribution, Google News, Bing News, and 100% placement through PR syndication on the top sites.

Press Release Services FAQs

Are you looking for more information regarding Press Release Services? Explore our FAQ!

Which Press Release Distribution Plan Should I Choose?

Select the press release plan best suited to your requirements and budget. All our plans include the Silver Plan, will get your press release to be seen by financial media and search engine outlets. To further increase your visibility as a brand and to get the maximum media reach We recommend that you choose our Platinum Plan for access to the top news websites, such as Yahoo News, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Benzinga, APNews, AsiaOne, MarketWatch, StreetInsider, NYHeadline, TheTexasToday, InTheHeadline and, 500+ sites!

Can I Get A Better Discount For Bulk Purchases?

Yes, you can enjoy additional discounts and perks when you're looking to purchase over 12 press releases, or are interested in signing up for the monthly plan for press releases. Contact us for more.

Why Should I Choose ODDAK Agency?

Since its inception in 2003. ODDAK Agency has been an innovative leader in the newswire market for press releases. We assist small and medium-sized businesses by connecting them to top-of-the-line news networks as well as radio and TV stations as well as search engines and trade publications around the globe.

How Long Does It Take For My Press Release To Be Approved And Published?

We are aware that our clients need their press releases to be distributed quickly and with freshness. Therefore, you should send your press release within 24 to 48 hours. To ensure that your press release is distributed in time, it's recommended to plan your press release prior to the deadline.

How Do I Get The Maximum Benefit Out Of My Press Releases?

It is possible to send out one news release in order to highlight milestones or important events. However, for longer-term search engine optimization benefits, we recommend an ongoing campaign for press releases to boost exposure and increase the visibility of your website and brand. In addition, we offer a writing service that will help you draft an effective press release.

What If I Don't Know How To Write A Press Release?

Do not worry if know how to create an effective press release, because we can help you. Send us your news that you would like to have published, and we'll provide an native US writer compose a comprehensive news release on your behalf.

What Is A Press Release?

Press releases are document written that is designed for the media sometimes called the press which announces a newsworthy event.

What Is A Press Release Service?

Press release distribution services let you send press releases to a wide specific group of social media networks, journalists bloggers, influencers and traditional and digital media outlets by either automating or manually.

What Is Press Release With Example?

An official press release can be described as a (written or recorded) declaration that a company releases to the media and other sources. We're talking about the same thing regardless of whether you call it"press announcement," a "press announcement,"" an "press release" or an "news press release."

How Is A Press Release Service Useful?

Press releases are widely used by companies and websites to gain immediate attention for their services or products. Sending out a press release to the media could be an economical and efficient method to advertise your company and communicate your message to your intended public.

Who Is Responsible For Press Release?

Press releases are produced by the PR department of the company which is not journalists or journalists, therefore it is based on an uninformed understanding of what the release says. The two biggest producers of news releases include Business Wire and PR Newswire (PRN).

Are Press Releases Effective?

Press releases are an extremely effective and cost-effective methods to get an article published in a variety of media outlets that sound natural and attractive to the intended audience. A press release can assist businesses achieve their goals in marketing and earn media goals when properly executed.

What Is A Press Release And Why Is It Used?

Press releases are an official announcement made to the members of the media with the intention to provide information preparing an official statement, or releasing an announcement aimed at public announcement. Press releases can also be considered an authoritative source, which means they are primary sources of information.

What Makes A Good Press Release?

A well-crafted press release should include an introduction and a dateline, as well as a body for the release and a boilerplate with the proper format for example, an AP style press release. The text should be clear and relevant to the intended public, and contain an action call (CTA) as well as contact details for journalists.

What Is The Goal Of A Press Release?

It is a method to promote something relevant with the most impartial manner possible. The purpose of an announcement in a press release's purpose is to garner publicity and to be seen by the target public.

What Is The Most Important Part Of A Press Release?

The press release needs to begin with a strong foundation and the most vital part is the very first sentence. If the first paragraph fails to perform its task the press release may be unable to even get a brief glance. Without a compelling introduction, your newsworthy message will be snubbed, ignored or deleted, and then relegated to obscurity.

What Are The 5 Main Questions That A Press Release Should Answer?

A press release should be able to answer these questions:

  1. Who
  2. Why
  3. What
  4. When
  5. How

What's The Difference Between Press Release And Article?

In essence, a press release is a source of information that can be used in an article. It contains facts and details about a particular subject, which makes it easier for journalists to write an article. The two documents may be similar, and at times the same.

When Should A Press Release Be Written?

An announcement of expansion for the company. Announcing the launch of a brand new product. Announcement of a new product or a new feature for the product. Rebranding or changing your company's name.

What Type Of Marketing Is A Press Release?

The term "press release" in the field of marketing is when a company makes an overview of the product or service they want to advertise. The goal is to make it so that news agencies will be enticed to write about it in their newspapers.

Do Press Releases Have Pictures?

At a minimum it is essential to include a high-res picture of your logo on the press announcement. If you can, include relevant and high-quality photos, which will draw attention and provide the value of your news story.

What Is The Difference Between Press Release And Announcement?

Media releases are a document that is designed to draw interest of writer, journalist or other media outlet to get an interview for coverage of a story. Public service announcements, in contrast, is sent to the media to serve the public in general (rather than to advertise the sale of a particular product or product).

What Is The Difference Between A Media Release And A Press Release?

The style is distinct in the sense that a Social Media Release is written in the style of an article, and not as an official press release. Press releases are created to provide journalists with facts and details in order to allow them to write their own story the way they wish using the information we provide.

Whats The Difference Between A Press Release And A Blog Post?

Press releases are written from a business viewpoint that should not be written using the 3rd person. A blog post comes an individual's perspective and is usually written in the first person. Press releases are impartial and should be as truthful and as complete as is possible.

Ready For Press Release Distribution Service?

Are you struggling to raise awareness about important announcements? There’s no need to worry. Making appealing material is one thing, however, getting it out in front of people who are interested in different.

After a PR professional create an announcement and they require a method to get it distributed. This is why a press release distribution service can be useful. We know that different needs have different requirements, and that’s why we have a variety of options to ensure that your press release gets noticed.