SEO Audit Services: Get A Comprehensive Audit & Action Plan

An extensive SEO review is the most efficient and most effective method to discover the reason your site isn’t achieving the ranking it should. Our SEO audits are completely transparent and evaluate your website’s technical, on-page and off-page SEO. Find more details below or contact us for personalized proposals!

Not #1 In The Search Results?
Find Answers Using SEO Auditing Services

Are you experiencing difficulty ranking on the top search engines and are not sure what’s wrong? ODDAK Agency is a market leader in the field of search engine optimization and provides SEO auditing services. We will review your website and devise a plan of action to maximize your exposure online.

Our SEO auditing procedure includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your website’s strengths, and then identify a strategy for SEO.
  • Recognizing both the on-page as well as off-page elements that impact search positions
  • An extensive SEO audit report, which includes an SEO scorecard, a report on backlinks, and the future strategies for the site

Continue reading to find out more about our website’s SEO auditing services, and review our SEO auditing packages. If you’d like to talk with an SEO expert contact us today!

SEO Audit Service

SEO Audit Services Details

SEO Audit Services Complete List
Pages ReviewedUp To 70 Pages
Audit Implementation Training/SupportUp To 2.5 Hours
Complete Audit Report Upon Completion
Future Site Strategy
Competitive Scorecard
Backlink Report
Keyword Research
SEO Checker Reporting On All Pages
External Link Acquisition StrategyAdditional $500
In-Depth Link Audit [Optional]Additional $1,200
301 Redirects
Broken Links
Code To Text Ratio
Crawl Errors (Complete List)
Google Webmaster Tools Parameter Exclusions
Google Webmaster Tools Preferred Domain
HTML/CSS Code Review
HTTP Status Codes – Home Page
HTTP Status Codes – Sitewide
Image Optimization
Internal Link Structure
Page Content
Remote Use Of .JS & CSS
Robots.txt Configuration
Shared IP Addresses
Site Compression Configuration
Site Load Time (Average)
Site Load Time (Homepage)
Sitemap.xml Configuration
Sitemap.xml Index Rate
Static/Dynamic URL Configuration
Title Tag Optimization
Analytics Program Configuration
Duplicate Content
Home Page Content
Information Architecture
Link Profile
Site Theme & Content
Top Keyword Rankings
Top Keyword Traffic
Website Conversion
Website Wrapper
Post Audit Client Implementation Review
Duration30-45 Days

How Do Our SEO Audit Services Work

Our web SEO audits start by analyzing the overall performance of your site (and your website’s analytics) to determine what is required to make it search-engine friendly.

Based on this research, ODDAK Agency offers recommendations for improving your website to increase your overall ranking on search engines.

These guidelines could be but aren’t only

  • Duplicate Content
  • Broken Links
  • Dangling Links
  • Similar Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions that duplicate
  • Web Copy Editing
  • HTML Validation
  • Browser and Resolution Compatibility
  • Page Loading Times
  • Site Statistic
  • Error Pages

The entire process is covered in our off-page as well as on-page SEO audit.

The above factors are only a few of the aspects ODDAK Agency will address as part of your SEO audit service package. Each one of these aspects has some benefit in getting search engine crawlers to your site and, in turn, visitors to your website.

Our complete SEO review will highlight precisely where you can make improvements to rank higher in search engines.

How Long Will SEO Audits Take?

The SEO audit projects will last for approximately one month.

Our comprehensive SEO audit takes 30 days for the basic plan, and 45 days for the most popular plan. In this period, ODDAK Agency will thoroughly analyze and review your website using our SEO audit services to determine the best approach for you to move forward. We’ll also give you advice regarding what you can do to ensure that your website is more effective in organic search results.

Then, we’ll present the SEO audit report so that you can identify areas for potential improvement.

Why Should You Invest In SEO Audit Services?

We’ve developed our SEO site audit services to help customers who struggle to rank for their desired keywords but, aren’t quite sure what’s wrong. You might suspect that your website is slow however you aren’t able to confirm that. Perhaps you suspect there’s a problem with your content duplicated, but aren’t equipped to verify. This is where we step in.

Our SEO audit strategies include examining every possible factor including essential elements on the page like title tags, to complete sitemaps. We’ll review your website and identify the exact areas where your marketing strategy could be improved and then how you can enhance it.

We suggest SEO audits to anyone who is struggling to rank and wants solid, actionable guidance regarding what they should do next. An SEO audit can assist businesses that have just launched an online presence and want to learn how they can improve their first pages.

Whatever your needs, SEO audits are the first step in creating an effective online marketing strategy.

We are ODDAK Agency, our agency has expertise in many areas of SEO that range from conventional to local, It is easy for us (and the ones you have) to evaluate your SEO strategy and uncover opportunities.

SEO Audits Are A Good Way To Determine The Factors On Your Page That Impact Your SEO

What’s the purpose of having a beautiful site if no one notices it? We’ve had several customers with stunning appealing, well-designed, and engaging websites that don’t get a good ranking in search engines and aren’t sure of the reason. What makes a website not able to rank well if it’s appealing and has plenty to provide?

In most cases, the issue in these instances can be content, in some way, or an alternative.

This could be due to not having enough content on every webpage (“thin material”) as well as the same or even missing title tags as well as meta description, and even multiple URLs to the same site (“duplicate contents”).

ODDAK Agency will identify these obstacles to ranking on your page and recommend the changes needed with the help of our SEO Audit Services. Finding and fixing these on-page issues can have a huge immediate, positive impact on your search engine rankings.

SEO Audits: Off-Page Elements That Affect Your SEO

Other elements that affect the position of your organic search results are referred to as off-page variables. Off-page factors comprise nearly the majority of the search engine’s ranking algorithms, making precise off-page analysis vital. These factors are primarily focused on links, which include the number of hyperlinks that you’ve got as well as the anchor text that you have used and the place in which they are located.

The average user of the web can’t identify these off-page issues and is unable to find them by hand. Fortunately, here at ODDAK Agency, we have an array of services that allow the analysis of off-page factors and comparison. ODDAK Agency will identify these difficult-to-spot factors and suggest an approach that will help you establish your brand and boost your online presence.

SEO Audits Are Performed To Determine The Server Files That Affect Your SEO

There are a variety of file types on your servers such as .htaccess, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml to name a few which determine the way search engines browse and index your site’s content. Optimizing these files, to ensure they’re configured correctly will have a significant impact on your search engine rankings.


It is the .htaccess file is a shared configuration file. This file lets you define and implement the configuration instructions on your website. This file allows you to determine the way that search engines and users are directed to certain pages on your site. It also lets you create custom error pages, and also apply redirects for 301.


The robots.txt file that is located at the root of your website blocks web spiders from accessing certain folders on your site. It is crucial to follow an established format when optimizing the file. The file is usually utilized for folders that obfuscate the overall theme of your site or for folders that provide the robots with a stoppage like PDF files.


The creation, optimization, and publication of the sitemap.xml file allow crawlers to improve the speed with which they navigate your site. It also assists users to scan your entire site for pertinent information. This file includes a link and a brief description of the link for every page on your site with a priority system for each page, creating a hierarchy from the most important pages of your site. It also provides a hierarchy of the less important pages on your website.

Additional Factors For Server Configuration

Additional server configurations, such as precise HTTP headers, precise error pages for 404, and page load times impact the traffic to your website from search engines too. ODDAK Agency will identify and decide on the best method to optimize these files to achieve positive results.


FAQs On SEO Audit Services

Want to know more about SEO audits? Read our FAQs:
What Exactly Are SEO Audit Services?

SEO audits provide professional services to analyze your website's SEO including the technical, off-page, and on-page SEO and offer suggestions to improve your site's SEO. In certain instances, SEO audit services (like the ones provided by ODDAK Agency) will include Implementing these recommendations.

What Are The Elements Comprised In What Is Included In An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a method of finding any issues or mistakes that could stop your website from appearing on Google as well as various other engines. A variety of components comprise the process of an SEO audit, such as the following: ensuring that your site is properly crawled, indexed, and displayed by Google. Reviewing your website for any on-page SEO issues.

What Are The Reasons I Need To Conduct An Audit Of My Website?

Audit websites are crucial to increase the effectiveness and visibility of websites. Audits boost Google rankings while also increasing the number of visitors to your site and improving performance. Website audits provide an organization with a unique opportunity to expand online.

What Is The Cost To Examine An Online Site?

Your objective here is to discover insights into the performance of your content. This helps to determine the overall strategy for marketing content. Content audits can vary in price based on how big your site is as well as how much content you've created. The price of the audit will vary from $5,000 to $30,000.

What Is Technical SEO Audit?

A technical SEO audit refers to a procedure that examines the technical aspects of a website to ensure they're adhering to the best practices for optimizing your site for search. This includes technical aspects of your website that are linked directly to ranking factors used by search engines such as Google as well as Bing.

Technical SEO audit examines the overall optimization of your site both on the front and also on the backend. On the front, you're taking a look at things like duplicate content as well as title tags. On the reverse side, you'll be looking at more the technical aspects like crawl budget and speed of pages.

Checklists are developed and prioritized according to the impact that the issues could impact the health of your website. All of this helps Google to index and crawl your site more efficiently and improve your overall performance on the search results pages (SERPs).

How Long Will A Quality Technical SEO Audit Take?

A good technical SEO audit can take anywhere between 30 and 45 days in the majority of instances. Of course, it all depends on the complexity and size of the site.

What Can My Business Gain By SEO Audit Services?

The results of an SEO Audit will help your business make educated decisions about SEO. If you're considering hiring a professional for SEO service, we suggest having the SEO audit from each business that you're thinking of. Many firms will provide the basic SEO audit for no cost or a more in-depth audit at a discounted price. Get a free estimate for our SEO audit services!

Local SEO Services are for businesses that are focused on achieving higher rankings for keywords within a particular location or area. A Local SEO audit will analyze your website's visibility organically about a particular region. A Local SEO audit will focus on aspects such as the quality of your Google Business page, its position on Google Maps and also external hyperlinks, and the number of citations.

What Is Enterprise SEO Audit?

Enterprise SEO services are SEO services that are available to large companies and companies. Most enterprise-level sites are bigger and more complex than smaller-business websites. An Enterprise SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of all aspects that impact a company's capacity to achieve a high rank. A comprehensive enterprise SEO audit will not leave any stone unturned in identifying the potential SEO possibilities for your company.

How Can I Pick The Most Reliable SEO Audit Service Supplier?

When choosing the SEO agency to conduct the SEO assessment, we suggest soliciting testimonials from customers along with case studies. To maximize the value of the SEO audit, your company must be aware of your company, services, and products, as well as the needs of your customers. Find out specific industry evidence of the success of your SEO.

Are The Benefits Of It Worth The Expense Of Conducting An SEO Audit Worth The Effort?

The return on investment from an audit is extremely high. The cost for an SEO audit differs based on the company you work with, however, regardless of the cost, the investment is worthwhile. According to research that more than 40% of revenue online is generated by organic search.

Do I Require An Agency For SEO Audit?

Yes, employ the services of an agency when you're seeking long-term success. If there's a fixable issue on your website (like blocking it completely using your robots. Txt file) Most SEO is aimed at creating long-term success and worth.

How Can I Start With SEO Audit?

Contact us to start your SEO site assessment.

Our team will collaborate with you to decide on one of our two SEO audit plans that are most suitable for your website and then plan the process according to your requirements. After the process is completed we’ll provide you with the results of our audit and guide you through the next steps to get your site ranked highly.

If you’re looking for an in-person SEO audit or are looking for a third party for an internet-based SEO review, ODDAK Agency is your trusted professional, cost-effective, and professional solution.