SEO Services For Product Listing Optimization On Amazon

ODDAK Agency is an SEO firm specifically for Amazon sellers that provides high-performance SEO services for Amazon that includes the industry’s most sophisticated software and innovative strategies for optimizing listings of your products to increase sales, visibility on the internet and market supremacy.

Be A Part Of Half The World's Customers By Using SEO Services For Amazon

About 50% of consumers go to Amazon when looking for an item that is new to purchase and that’s why the largest e-commerce platform accounts for over 40% of sales made online.

With our SEO performance-driven services for Amazon We help you company — and products to be the preferred choice for shoppers all over the world. This means more revenue, sales and growth for your business and gives you the opportunity to increase the value of your company.

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ODDAK Agency SEO Services For Amazon Pricing


$1,300 / month
  • Up To 15 Child Asins Optimized
  • 1 Content Asset / Quarter
  • Ongoing Product Page Optimization
  • Monthly Pricing Monitoring


$4,575 / month
  • Up To 50 Child Asins Optimized
  • 4 Content Assets / Quarter
  • Amazon Inventory Planning Monitoring
  • Quarterly Competitor Analysis

ODDAK Agency SEO Services For Amazon Plans

With highly competitive results for search result for Amazon and the presence in Amazon listings in results, it’s important for businesses to invest in the experience of an SEO service provider to help them succeed on Amazon. ODDAK Agency is a company that provides specialized SEO services for Amazon. ODDAK Agency we provide customized SEO solutions for Amazon which will help your business not just maintain sales, but increase they’re moving more stock on a regular basis.

Find out more about our services and how we can get your products off the shelves by looking at our SEO services available for Amazon as well as SEO copywriting strategies for Amazon.

Dedicated Marketing Specialist for Amazon
Initial Product Analysis
Comprehensive Product Analysis Report
Competitive Product Price Analysis
Product User Engagement Analysis
Keyword Research for Individual Products (50 keywords per product)
Product Listings Keyword Mapping and Optimization
Search Term Keyword Additions
Product Title Optimization
Product Imagery List (list of products that do not meet Amazon recommended image number or have image errors)
Product key features optimization
Product Category Optimization
Product Review Evaluation
Initial Product OptimizationUp to 15 child ASINsUp to 30 child ASINsUp to 50 child ASINsCustom
Initial Product Copywriting (includes product copy for 5 featured bullet points and product description)15 pages30 pages50 pagesCustom
Video Additions (Provided by client)
Image Additions (provided by client)
Initial Photo Editing
Initial campaign development & strategy
Initial inventory and backend review
New Products Consulting & Integration into Amazon Account (if new products are part of above 20 targeted products)
Existing Product Optimization Suggestions and Implementations (if part of above 20 targeted products)
Case Management for Amazon (if case arises from above 20 targeted products)
In-Stock Rate Monitoring
Perfect Order Percentage Monitoring
Order Defect Rate Monitoring
Inventory Planning Monitoring for Amazon
Global Marketplace Suggestions
Ongoing Product Optimization
Quarterly Product Analysis
Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets – Content, Product, Review Updates, and more134Custom
Quarterly Competitor Analysis
Monthly Pricing Monitoring
Monthly Sales Monitoring
Monthly Reporting for Amazon (2 hours included)
Monthly Consulting Call
Initial Campaign Investment (One-Time: Two-Month Duration)$1,500$3,300$4,950Call for Quote
Progressive Monthly Management Cost$1,300$2,675$4,575Call for Quote

What Are Our Listings Optimization Services For Amazon Comprise?

The services we offer for SEO service for listing enhancement to Amazon include:

  1. Account manager dedicated to each account
  2. Audit and analysis of the product listing report
  3. Keyword research
  4. Optimization of product listings
  5. In-stock rate 100% perfect order, and monitoring the rate of defect in orders
  6. Monthly reports
  7. Continuously improving the product listing of products
  8. Plus

Read on to learn more!

Specialized Marketing Specialist For Amazon

We offer a group comprising more than 450 SEO experts for Amazon When you choose to partner to our SEO firm for Amazon You will get an experienced and knowledgeable specialist to manage your Amazon account. They will work with you one-on-one to design a successful and information-driven SEO strategy for Amazon.

Keyword Research That Is In-Depth

Through the machine learning capabilities of our own as well as exclusive client application your expert can find relevant, high-value, and relevant keywords for your product. Overall, your SEO specialist for Amazon creates an inventory of 25-50 keywords for each product.

Optimization Of Subcategories And Categories

In order for your product to be ranked in the search results of Amazon and on Google the products must be categorize correctly. This is why the dedicated SEO expert for Amazon studies and optimizes your product to your most valuable and relevant category, as well as sub-categories.

Professional Copywriting

As an element of our additional copywriting services, we write distinctive, authentic, on-brand and descriptive product descriptions which improves your online visibility and adds value to your customers. If you require, we can also create content for your store on Amazon which will enhance the user experience.

Photography Of Products

We help you maximize the benefits that you get from an SEO strategies to Amazon through optimizing the product images. If you require our team is able to create a photo for your product and ensure you’re meeting Amazon’s standards for image and providing buyers with the most attractive picture of the product.

Monitoring Of Inventory

To get the most effective outcomes you can get from an SEO plan on Amazon You must be able to manage your inventory with utmost precision. This is the reason we offer SEO solutions for Amazon include inventory in-stock, perfect orders and order quality monitoring. If we observe a decline in inventory or performance our team informs you.

Analyzing Competitors

The optimization solutions we offer to Amazon also include a comprehensive competitor analysis. Your SEO expert for Amazon examines your primary competitors on Amazon every quarter. The results help you improve your business strategy, which results in higher sales and more effective outcomes from our ranking services for Amazon.

User Engagement Analysis

We know SEO for Amazon is more than just increasing your website’s visibility. It’s also about increasing the engagement of your customers with your listing of products whether they are viewing your product or including it into their carts or buying it. Our team examines the engagement of users and the attention to your listing.

Monthly Reports

To ensure the highest level of transparency, we offer monthly reports as component of our rank service for Amazon. By analyzing this data you and your team can view the ROI of your investmentand how it’s impacting your bottom revenue.

FBA Assistance

We’re not just an SEO firm for Amazon We’re an integral partner for your company. That is why we’ve included Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) support with our listing optimization services for Amazon. With the help from our staff, we’ll help you maximize the benefits of FBA.

Are you ready to know the details about our SEO solutions for Amazon? Contact us via email to let us know about your company and products. Contact to us to chat with one of our highly-rated SEO experts on behalf of Amazon and get a no-cost estimate!

What Is The Process Of Our Optimization Services For Amazon Function?

You’re aware of the services we offer for optimizing your product for Amazon are however, what exactly do they do? Take a look inside the way our optimization services for Amazon and Account managers who are dedicated to your account, work and work with your team to develop and improve your product listings to increase sales.

1. Account Audit

For best outcomes, our knowledgeable account managers will review you Amazon account. They examine your product listing, keyword positioning and rankings to assess how you are using your SEO strategies on Amazon and uncover growth opportunities.

Your account manager will meet with your team to discuss your current strategies and goals for Based on your input they will create an aggressive plan that is specific to your short and long-term objectives.

If you do not already have an Amazon account your account manager will be meeting with your team through a video conference or a phone call in person. This meeting will help the account manager create the steps to the creation of your store and uploading your items and much more.

2. Analysis Of Competitors

Our Optimization services on Amazon examine your competition on

As part of the account manager’s analysis they analyze the keywords of your competitors and product features, as well as unique deals and optimizing your product. Based on their findings the account manager will adapt your strategy to meet (and surpass) your biggest competitors in Amazon sales and results.

3. Strategy Development

In the wake of your account manager’s review and competitor analysis, they’ll be able to begin drafting the SEO plan for Amazon. A variety of factors can influence your strategy, such as your objectives and the number of products.

If you’re trying to increase more sales for your top-selling products For instance your account manager will likely concentrate on optimizing your product for these products. If you’re looking to begin shipping inventory that is slow moving your strategy might focus on optimizing listings.

Whatever the case, your dedicated SEO expert from Amazon will present their approach to your team to be reviewed.

4. Keyword Research

Then, your account manager starts looking for keywords to use in your SEO strategy on Amazon. They will look for relevant, high-value keywords that are relevant to your products and convey a transactional or ready-to-buy purchase intention.

As aspect of our SEO service to Amazon We also attempt to identify keywords with low competition. With lower competition, your products will be able to earn a better position in Amazon results, and also avoid the fierce competition of larger brands like Amazon.

5. Listing Creation

If you’re planning to launch or expand your store on Amazon Our SEO listings optimization services for Amazon include the addition of products. Your account manager will develop and optimize your listing based on Amazon best practices. They will also work with a trusted third-party vendor (if required) to take product images.

6. Product Optimization

In addition, your account manager is responsible for optimizing your listing of products, which includes:

  • Integrating relevant keywords into the titles and descriptions of products.
  • Ensure that images of the product are in line with guidelines and suggestions
  • The selection of appropriate categories and subcategories the products
  • And much more

By implementing these improvements you can begin increasing the visibility of your products within Amazon results on search and also their value to customers. These improvements can result in greater sales and revenues for your company.

7. Monitoring Of Logistics

Amazon’s system depends on more than keywords it also considers factors that are specific to inventory levels of the product and fulfillment of orders. The reason for our SEO services for Amazon include monitoring in-stock rates, FBA support, order defect rate monitoring, as well as the perfect monitoring of order percentages.

This service feature will allow your dedicated account manager will aid and assist your team in completing orders, replenish products and much more. To get the most effective results from SEO for Amazon businesses, they must improve their listings as well as their logistics.

8. Monthly Reports

As part of the optimization service for Amazon Your dedicated account manager will prepare an annual report for your staff. The report will make it simple for your company (and your company’s top executives) to monitor and monitor your SEO’s progress on Amazon.

Account managers will go over your report with you in person. If you have any questions this is the ideal moment to talk to questions to your manager. It is also possible to request reports to be updated or improved to make it more beneficial to you as well as your staff.

9. Continuous Optimization

To get the most effective outcomes, continuous optimization is required for Amazon.

This is why our rankings services on Amazon are focused on continual optimization of products, whether that’s by searching for new keywords, modifying the features of your product or introducing brand new products to your shop. Through continuous optimization, your business will keep attracting new customers and increase sales.

7 Advantages From Working Using ODDAK Agency To Provide SEO Services For Amazon

The partnership with ODDAK Agency to provide SEO services on Amazon provides a number of advantages such as:

  1. Making initial and ongoing listing optimizations to ensure continuous sales
  2. Searching for and targeting keywords that will yield the highest ROI when it comes to increasing sales
  3. Optimizing your copy for your listing written by a professional copywriter
  4. Receive regular reports that highlight the results and impact of the optimization services offered to Amazon
  5. A regular look at pricing and keyword strategies of competitors
  6. Engaging with a dedicated SEO specialist on Amazon to create and manage your SEO strategy
  7. Realistic, quantifiable outcomes by using SEO to Amazon such as more sales and higher rankings

Learn more about the reason why companies choose ODDAK Agency as their listing optimization partner to Amazon by reviewing our testimonials of our clients!

Why Should You Choose ODDAK Agency For SEO Services On Amazon?

With over $3 billion of client revenue, ODDAK Agency has been the choice for e-commerce businesses for many years. Find out more about the reasons why companies prefer ODDAK Agency SEO services for Amazon:

Data-Driven Strategies

ODDAK Agency differs from other SEO providers that offer services for Amazon with its method that is based on data to optimize the SEO process on Amazon. With years of data that is proprietary and the top software. We can create data-driven strategies that boost your sales and orders for your products.

Transparent Prices

We believe in transparency. That’s the reason our prices are posted online 24 hours a day. No matter if you’d like to look at them immediately or later, you’ll be able to do so free of the burden responding to inquiries for information. If you’re requesting an individual quote to optimize our services for Amazon Our team of experts will walk you through each feature.

Individualized Approach

One-size-fits-all is not what is the ODDAK Agency standard. We believe in individualized methods for all of our services. No matter if you’re considering optimizing services offered by Amazon, Store services for Amazon or PPC solutions for Amazon You can count on your account manager to customize it to your specific business.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

We have greater than 1200 customer testimonials and numerous awards We mean it when we say that your satisfaction is important to us — and it is evident in our customer retention rate of 91%. With ODDAK Agency we are an ongoing partner for the success of your SEO plan on Amazon.

Results That Can Be Measured

We at ODDAK Agency Our commitment to transparency extends not only our costs, but also our outcomes as well. If you’re looking through the ODDAK Agency collection or the client’s metrics You can view the results we achieve to our customers, whether that’s organic search traffic or conversions.

Years Of Experience

Our love for digital marketing began over twenty years ago. Since then, ODDAK Agency has become an industry leader because of our determination driven, determination, and information. With ODDAK Agency at your side and others who are among the top digital strategists will be successful in the Amazon market.

Are you sure that ODDAK Agency is the best SEO agency you need for your Amazon requirements? Contact us on our website today to begin with your strategy to talk to an experienced consultant about the SEO services we offer for Amazon.

7 Reasons Why Businesses Invest In SEO Services To Amazon

Since Amazon dominating the marketplace online It makes sense for companies to utilize Amazon as a platform. Why would you choose to partner with an SEO firm for Amazon however? Because ODDAK Agency can help you optimize your products to increase revenue as well as leads as well as market supremacy.

For a more comprehensive view on the benefits of SEO, here are seven most significant benefits of the SEO we provide for Amazon:

1. Enhance Your Amazon Position

If you’re brand new to this market Amazon market, then you’ll be aware of the difficulty to get a good sales ranking , that’s your product’s position in Amazon results. Similar to search results on Google and Bing, as well as Bing and Yahoo and Bing, a higher rank is usually associated with higher conversions and more clicks.

For instance, results that are in the top position on Google receive 33 percent of all search traffic.

Our team uses SEO (SEO) strategies to enhance your Amazon position. We’re analyzing large-volume, low-competition queries that are available on Amazon as well as incorporating these on your product’s page to improve its rank.

We are focused on the user experience, but. We create product content that is geared towards readability and quality along with your brand’s voice. It’s natural and makes a connection with consumers, allowing customers to select your business and products.

Through Pay-per-click (PPC) services available on Amazon We can also assist your product to be noticed immediately and help you to improve an SEO strategy. As with traditional PPC ads, you pay when someone clicks on your ad.

2. Earn The Purchase Box

The top priority for each Amazon sellers is to have The Buy Box. It is the Buy Box is a feature in every Amazon listing of products. When a customer clicks “Add to Cart,” Amazon automatically will add the item to this area to its Buy Box.

If your product does not have The Buy Box, you depend on buyers to go through the additional measure of looking at sellers using “Other Sellers” or the “Other Sellers on Amazon” option. The danger however is that customers will look at your product’s cost and shipping cost against other seller.

They’ll also be able to see your Seller’s details that allows them to evaluate your overall rating against all other Sellers.

ODDAK Agency is a company that provides a variety of services. ODDAK Agency We assist your business achieve the Buy Box with our Amazon listing optimization services.

This helps you increase your revenue and sales, as well as grow your base of customers. Our team will ensure that you’re Amazon Seller Business account is suitable to use The Buy Box, which depends on many aspects that include your account’s type.

3. Steadily Increase Your Income

With more and more people selecting Amazon to shop It’s becoming a place to spend. Research shows there is a significant increase in spending on Amazon Prime members spend more than $1000 per year on the online marketplace customers who do not have having a membership pay around 600 dollars per year.

If you open with an Amazon Business Seller account, you’re giving your business the opportunity to earn a share of the expenditure. To put it in perspective, Amazon boasts more than 100 million Amazon Prime customers.

We’re enthusiastic about delivering results here at ODDAK Agency.

This is the reason we employ techniques that optimize your earnings on Amazon. Through analyzing your target customers, your industry as well as your products We develop a customized SEO plan for Amazon which helps you meet your profits targets for this and the next quarter.

4. Maximize The Productivity Of Your Team

No matter how many items that you offer on Amazon It takes patience and commitment managing your orders, inventory and listings. It can take a toll on your time and that can result in setbacks on other fronts.

We at ODDAK Agency We’re more than just a business partner we’re part to your staff. We’re committed to your success. That is why we’ll go the additional steps to increase the revenue you earn from Amazon instead of just giving up on “good sufficient.”

This will give you peace of and peace of. It also gives your employees a better way to manage their workload, which could improve productivity and bring about better results for your business that will allow you to expand and become among the best workplaces.

5. Increase The Visibility Of Your Brand

In the majority of cases it is important to increase not just revenue for your business, but also brand recognition. The listing optimization services offered by Amazon allow you to expose customers to your offerings and your company’s name. It can also help your business get a bit more independent of Amazon.

Instead of getting 90percent of revenue via Amazon For example, you can increase your brand’s visibility to the point that people begin buying items on your site. This will help you make sure that your revenue channels are in balance.

More then 25 years’ expertise in creating brand recognition, for example via advertising on social networks, email marketing, web design as well as a host of other digital marketing solutions We know the importance of brand awareness and how we can improve it.

6. Get More Traffic To Your Website

Diversifying your revenue streams is a benefit, and that makes it important that our staff is here to help you achieve success on Amazon as well as other channels by providing online marketing solutions. In helping your business to become a major player on Amazon and creating brand recognition We help you generate significant web traffic.

This allows you to earn profits — and perhaps even leads through your site.

7. Be A Leader In The Industry

With a rise in sales on Amazon and the use of your product’s Buy Boxes You can swiftly establish yourself as a well-known brand in the eyes of consumers, especially in the case of working with highly regarded firms in your field.

As a market leader Your company is given the potential to expand tremendously. Our team can assist you as well, by providing additional digital marketing services that allow your company expand beyond Amazon and into other channels.

FAQs On SEO On Amazon

Are you interested in learning more information about SEO services available on Amazon for your company? Read our FAQ:

What Are The SEO Services Available For Amazon?

SEO services offered by Amazon are services that concentrate on improving your product's and rankings in organic results of searches on Amazon. The majority of SEO services offered by Amazon will comprise search engine optimization, titles optimization, inventory monitoring and many more.

What Is The Cost Of SEO Solutions Cost For Amazon Cost?

The cost of SEO services on Amazon differ. On average, companies pay $450-$1800 each month or $99-$2000 per item to get SEO services on Amazon. To get the most precise costs, request a custom estimate by an SEO company for Amazon similar to ODDAK Agency.

What Is Amazon SEO Optimization?

Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the procedure of optimizing listings for products to ensure they rank higher in search results for products on Simple steps can boost listings for search for products increase sales and make it easier for shoppers to find your product.

How Is Amazon SEO Different From Google SEO?

While Amazon concentrates on short-tail keyword, Google SEO focuses on long-tail keywords. They are those that have at least three words. Long-tail keywords are ideal to use for Google SEO because they drive higher quality traffic.

What Is Product Ranking In Amazon?

Amazon Product Rank is the rank of your business in organic Amazon results. This is determined using Amazon's product algorithms, and is different from Google's. If a user seeks a certain item on Amazon the results are delivered via an two-step procedure.

What Is A+ Content Amazon?

A+ Content lets you add text, images, and tables of comparison on the Amazon detail page in order to draw the attention of customers and provide them with additional details when they are considering buying your book. Include A+ Content on your details page to help your book be noticed, connect your readers to your books and provide more information about the story of your author.

What Is Amazon Algorithm?

Amazon's algorithm determines your item's rank by looking at your product descriptions and comparing them to consumers' searches and placing the most relevant listings in the front page of results for searches.

How Many Keywords Can You Use On Amazon?

With the significance of keywords and how important they are, you might be asking what number of keywords Amazon permit? There is a limit of 250 bytes that is an amount of data that corresponds to the Amazon keywords limit that is around forty back-end keyword. Non-special characters, such as numbers and letters require a byte space.

How Does Product Optimization Work?

Production optimization is a set of tasks that involve monitoring, analyzing, modelling prioritizing, and taking measures to increase productivity. Product optimization tackles the following manufacturing issues slow production lines. Long pending work in progress.

Does Amazon Seo Also Works With Google SEO?

With the most recent update to Google's SEO algorithm, it is now possible to have the ability to make use of external traffic to affect the ranking of your product. One way to do this is to make use of Google SEO. In order to do this, you'll have to start your own blog and include direct links to your products listings on your blog posts.

What Is Product Listing Optimization?

Amazon optimization of product listings is the procedure that optimizes your product listings in order to improve traffic and conversion. It's among the most essential strategies to ensure your product remains at the top of the list.

What Are Amazon Keywords?

Amazon keywords are terms used in search results (i.e. terms and phrases) that users input in Amazon's Amazon Google search box. If you don't use the appropriate keywords: Your intended audience won't see your page.

Why Is Ranking Important On Amazon?

A high ranking for your product having a high rank on Amazon is an excellent method to boost sales because more buyers will see your product while browsing the website. To be able to rank well on Amazon it is essential for sellers to be aware of the way that Amazon's search algorithm (called A9) operates.

Is Amazon A+ Content Worth It?

Amazon A+ Content is one of the most efficient methods to boost customer confidence and improve conversion rates. It could also assist you in gaining a better rank in the Amazon Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It's simple, Amazon A+ Content is your content fully dressed and ready to go out on the streets.

What Is A9 In Amazon?

It is the Amazon A9 Algorithm is the algorithm that runs the Amazon search engine. It determines the top products to be placed in the results of searches. The algorithm of Amazon works in a similar way as other engines in that it shows results based on keywords -- and several other variables.

Which Search Engine Does Amazon Use?

Amazon's algorithm is called A9 which is named after Amazon's subsidiary, which manages SEO. If you've conducted the search on Amazon then you've made use of an A9-based search engine.

Why Is Product Optimization Important?

Product optimization is the process of improving the listing of a product so that it is more attractive to buyers, particularly on the internet with a myriad of products. It's crucial for a brand to be noticed by potential customers to stay in the market.

What Is Product Listing In Amazon?

A Amazon item listing can be described as the page that you display for every item which you market on Amazon. It is comprised of the details you input when you sell your item with its title, image description, price and price.

What Is Amazon Product Hunting?

Product hunting is about researching and monitoring current market trends to select ""winning" items that will generate significant sales. The goal is to search for products that you can purchase for a reasonable price and then market at an affordable price and an attractive profit margin.

What Is Amazon Organic Rank?

Organic ranking is when products appear in Amazon's search results webpages (SERP) when searching for a specific search term. Additionally, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a great way to determine the sales frequency per month of any product.

What Are Product Keywords?

Keywords that are related to product offerings are keywords that refer to specific products or services offered by brands. These are words or words that directly relate to the products or services.

How Do I List Keywords On Amazon?

It is possible to enter the Search Terms entry of text option on the Keywords section of the backend editor of the listing can be used to insert additional keywords that have not been utilized within the titles, the key attributes, and description. The text input should contain unique words, separated by spaces, and without commas.

Make More Money With The SEO Solutions For Amazon From ODDAK Agency

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