Technical SEO

Each second that passes in loading your site the bounce rate will increase and you’re losing leads. Enhance the performance of your website and generate high-quality leads as well as traffic by using ODDAK Agency SEO and search engines optimization (SEO) services.

What Is Technical SEO And Why Is It Important?

Technical SEO is the process to ensure that your website is in line with the guidelines of search engines so that it is indexed and crawled with no difficulties. The purpose of the technical SEO audit is to examine your website’s present SEO and identify the areas you can enhance for a smooth online experience.

In the past few years, user needs have changed dramatically while search engines have advanced. According to Statista that there are about 3.5 billion mobile users around the world. The massive increase in smartphone use has led Google to release an algorithm update that puts more emphasis on website speed and mobile user experience when ranking websites.

Today, websites with poor structure, slow load times and sloppy redirects could be targeted by Google. If not addressed the technical SEO issues could result in a dramatic decline in the search engine rankings as well as organic search traffic. Since the top organic search results get almost 35 percent of all clicks and a decrease in rankings could be detrimental to your business.

Technical SEO: Your First Step To Create A More Effective Search Experience

At the heart of algorithm modifications is one objective to deliver the most satisfying user experience. To accomplish this, you must know the basics of SEO, its ramifications and the best way to make use of SEO’s technical audits to make sure your site is in line with the guidelines of search engines and industry standards.

The technical aspects of SEO on pages include many components, like website speed and speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and standards for exclusion of robots (robots.txt), XML sitemap status and quality of content. These are crucial to the performance of your website online. According to Google that a 10 second page loading speed could cause an increase of 123 percent of bounce rates. A one second delay in mobile page loading can result in an 20 percent decrease in conversion rates as well as an 11 percent decrease of page visits and the reduction of 16 percent in satisfaction of customers.

Do not wait until SEO technical issues create negative SEO implications for your website. Make the investment in technical SEO to eCommerce, WordPress and other CMSs (CMS) today and save money and time later. Schedule a phone call with one of our SEO specialists to discuss how to optimize your technical SEO in WordPress and the significance it holds for your business.

Technical SEO Services For Local Businesses

Enhance Your Search Rankings without Adding Any new Content

In today’s competitive digital world it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques for on-page SEO and algorithm changes to improve the profitability of your site. Knowing what is technical SEO and what it requires helps you to ensure that your site’s pages are optimized to appeal to both users of the internet as well as search engines.

Optimization of technical aspects SEO is the term used to describe the following procedures:

  • Reporting a crawling error
  • Eliminating duplicate content
  • Auditing domains of preferred
  • Enhancing metadata
  • Verifying HTTPS status codes
  • Checking broken links
  • The process of creating an XML sitemap
  • The implementation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Speeding up the site
  • Utilizing robots.txt
  • Optimizing websites for mobile devices
  • Auditing redirects
  • Conducting the Google site search
  • In addition,

We know that dealing with the complicated requirements and procedures of SEO technical optimization on your own , while also conducting your primary business activities can be a drain upon your energy, budget and resources. This is why our expert SEO experts are available to assist you.

Does your website’s technical off page SEO capabilities affect your organic search results? Our technical SEO firm will perform the heavy lifting for you. Trust your SEO audit and optimization to ODDAK Agency to realize the potential of your business growth.

Technical Seo Services

Design and implement effective SEO strategies to A Winning Online Campaign

Seo Audit Technical

We conduct a thorough SEO technical audit to find and correct your site’s technical SEO problems. The audit will cover the most important points, such as mobile performance as well as internal link structure, speed of pages, XML sitemap, indexation issues with crawls, robots.txt and the site’s architecture. Based on the results of analytics we design quick- and long-term solutions to enhance your visitors’ experience on your website and boost your Google ranking.

Competitor Analysis

Take a comprehensive look at the optimization strategies of your competitors and assess your conversion possibilities. Our tech-savvy SEO consultant analyzes your competitor’s keywords’ performance and search engine ranking as well as their social media profiles and the technical and backlink profile. This allows us to devise strategies that give you a clear edge in your segment of the market.

Meta Data Analysis

Enhance your website’s visibility and get more traffic meta tags that accurately convey your website’s information to visitors on the internet or search engines. ODDAK Agency is a technical SEO service for WordPress by analyzing and improving your meta descriptions including title tags and meta keywords. We also analyze alt attributes, and robots tags. We do this to ensure that your metadata is not misused and could negatively impact your SEO performance.

Image Optimization

Large images can slow down your site’s performance and deter page customers. Reduce the time it takes to load your site and draw more customers by utilizing technological SEO designed for the eCommerce. Our experts will help you choose the best file format and optimize your alt attributes, decrease the dimension of images. use images sitemaps and optimize the efficiency of your images using plugins.

Speed Optimization

Speed of your page affects your rankings and, most importantly the online experience. Our experts in technical SEO can allow compression of files to reduce sizes of CSS HTML, JavaSCript and HTML files. We can also improve your codes, decrease redirects, use browser caching, use Content distribution networks (CDNs) and increase the speed at which servers respond.

Structured Data Markup

It makes it easier for the crawlers to understand and display your website’s content by using schema markup. We highlight your site’s elements and assign data tags to make the HTML and then apply schema markup to your site. Our team makes use of the Google Structured Data Testing tool to check your markup and find any problems.

Keyword Research

The research on keywords is the basis to your strategy of digital advertising. Learn about current market trends and consumer habits and ensure proper keyword usage throughout your site. Our SEO experts analyze your specific niche and carry out technical SEO reviews to evaluate the rankings of your keywords and improve your site’s pages by using high-performing search terms.

Backlink Analysis

Learn more about your website’s authority online and ability to rank in search results with the help of the use of technical SEO on eCommerce as well as other platforms. Our team conducts backlink analysis to ensure that you get inbound links from reliable and authoritative websites. We use a variety of backlink data sources to determine the domains you are referring to, verify their authority on the web and calculate the social share of the linked pages.

Penalty Recovery

Google penalties could be the result of algorithmic changes or black-hat technical SEO strategies for WordPress. To assist you in recovering from penalties or adversity, our SEO experts make use of Google Search Console in order to discover the kind of penalty that impacts your website. They will also review your strategies for backlinks and fix changes to original web pages and other content that is which are crawled by Google. We also examine all of your redirects to make sure they function properly.

Website Migration

The migration of your website is a complex process. Create a solid migration strategy to ensure that you don’t lose valuable traffic. We conduct SEO-friendly website migration, which includes measuring the performance of analytics and mapping all URLs that have changed from the old website to the new one as well as updating the internal links and removing duplicate content. We also assist in managing 404 pages, and keeping track of traffic and rankings.

FAQs About Technical SEO

Find answers to frequently asked concerns about technical SEO here:

What Is The Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that aid in helping crawlers crawl and index your site more efficiently (to increase organic ranking).

What Is A Technical SEO Checklist?

This Technical SEO is an integral component in any SEO strategy. That's why the website must comply with all recommendations of search engines. The checklist of technical audits includes several aspects that allow you to evaluate and classify the technical aspects of the website's contents and the overall structure.

Is Technical SEO Difficult?

It's all about the details. The basics aren't difficult to grasp, however technical SEO can be complicated and confusing to grasp.

Technical SEO can help you get and keep backlinks that will help you make connections with users on mobile and increase connectivity quality. you secure networks to minimize delays caused by referrals. Increase page speed especially for users on mobile. Refresh open graphs in order to improve the social shareability.

Why Is Technical SEO So Important?

Technical SEO is important because it is essentially ensuring that your site is simple to navigate and free of technical issues which prevent it from being recognized and rank in search engine results. It is essential to implement technical SEO to increase organic traffic to your site and convert that traffic into customers.

What Is Technical SEO And On-Page SEO?

Technical SEO refers to any SEO work done in addition to the content itself. On-Page SEO is everything you can perform on your site or content, whereas Off-Page SEO is essentially everything else that goes beyond it.

What Is The Simple Example Of Technical SEO?

A great illustration of technical SEO could be creating the XML sitemap to your website. The initial step to developing a technical SEO plan is to configure your website in a way that each page works just as it is supposed to. Google (and various other search engines) scans the file to learn about your website more effectively.

What Is Non Technical SEO?

SEO is simply the process of making your site more accessible to end-users as well as crawlers of search engines. This basic SEO blog for beginners should be read for those who have been delaying SEO for search engine optimization. A lot of tweaks are easy to apply. There are also a variety of free guides and tools to download.

Is Technical SEO On-Page Or Off Page?

Technical SEO is part of On-Page SEO, which concentrates on improving the elements of your site to achieve better positions. It's not the same as Off-page SEO which focuses on getting exposure for a site via other channels.

An Technical SEO Company That Gets Results

Increase the Performance of Your Website and increase organic traffic

Technical SEO for WordPress and other CMS is crucial for online success. If you have the correct technical optimization SEO plan in place, you will be able detect issues on your website and quickly resolve issues, and ensure that all SEO components are functioning properly.

Utilize our SEO technical solutions to your advantage to grow your business profitably over the long term. What can you expect when working with our company for technical SEO:

Web Audits In-Depth

Your website’s performance is a result of a variety of factors working together. At ODDAK Agency, we conduct extensive site audits that include search engine optimization (SEO) technical aspects, paid campaign, conversion rate optimization (CRO), backlink profile, analytics, and the competition. We make business decisions that are backed by research and data.

Technical Seo Specialists

ODDAK Agency Internet Marketing Agency is an award-winning SEO company located in the United States. Our team comprises Google-certified SEO experts who manage the project from initial assessment through finalization. We design, develop and implement data-driven SEO strategies and have up-to date information on industry trends to ensure that our services produce outcomes.

Full-Service Seo Solutions

Your website can be future-proofed and get better close rates using SEO strategies that fit your brand. We provide SEO-related technical support to eCommerce, Shopify, franchises, Amazon and local businesses. Our team takes care of anything that hinders your website’s performance, and optimizes your site’s content , and personalizes your brand to attract both search engines as well as online users.

Analytics As Well As Reporting

Monitor your SEO campaign’s performance and keep track of your online activities. Our staff uses analysis to provide relevant insights and get your desired outcomes. We also offer periodic consults, updates via email as well as monthly reports, so that you know your marketing weaknesses, strengths and opportunities.

Websites With Goal-Oriented Strategies

In our initial meeting We will analyze and determine the current status of your campaign, expectations and objectives for marketing. So we can ensure that our SEO strategies are in line with your objectives. Our team also uses different distribution methods to increase the number of leads on your website and increase traffic.

Proven Track Record

Our SEO firm has collaborated with hundreds of businesses all over the U.S. to help improve their online presence. We have been able to pinpoint and address a variety of recurring website issues through extensive SEO technical audits, and implementing outcomes-driven SEO strategies. Find out additional information on the high-quality of our SEO technical services directly from our customers.