Social Media Services: Expand Your ROI With Social Media Marketing

Create a return-on-investment (ROI) through sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn through social media services offered by ODDAK Agency.With our social media competitive management services that provide accessibility to AI Marketing Software’s machine-learning insight that will allow your company to begin to increase brand recognition and profit through social media.

Get Results From Your Drive Social Media Marketing Services

Nearly 75% of consumers make use of social media to help them make an purchase decision. It’s an essential interaction for shoppers who are in the B2C (B2C) or business-to business (B2B) business sector and that’s why businesses are investing in social media professional solutions.

With a score of client recommendations which is higher than the industry average by 488% and an unbeatable Revenue Acceleration software ODDAK Agency is a reliable option for social media marketing services. As our partner, we’ll assist your company increase its brand’s visibility in terms of customer loyalty, revenues, and much more.

Learn more about what (and the reason) the social media administration solutions can benefit you in the market by perusing our service offerings and pricing below.

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Learn More About Social Media Service Plans


$3,000 / month
  • 10 Social Posts / Month
  • 1 Social Media Network
  • 1 Personal Social Media Consultation / Month


$4,800 / month
  • 30 Social Posts / Month
  • 3 Social Media Networks
  • 4 Personal Social Media Consultations / Month
  • Phone Call, Lead, And Revenue Tracking Dashboard

ODDAK Agency Pricing: Social Media Marketing Management Services

There is no one size fits all This is why we provide custom Social Media Management Services. If you’re planning to promote your company on one social media site or five one, our award-winning strategists can design a plan specific to your business. Find out more about our social media solutions and what they provide to their cost, by looking through our monthly report plans or weekly plans for reporting below:

Standard Consultation And Reporting Plans (Monthly)

Number of Posts per Month102030
Custom Images per Month81012
Number of Networks1Up to 2Up to 3
Vertical Content CreationAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/month
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
Daily Monitoring of Included Social Assets
48 Business Hour or Less Customer Response Time
Personal Social Media Consultations per Month124
Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis
Network Setup & Optimization
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
450+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Boosted Posts per Month246
Required Boosted Post Spend$100$200$300
Setup Fee$4,500$6,300$7,200
Ongoing Management Fee$3,000$4,200$4,800

A Note Concerning Social Media Services Social Media Services

The Social Media Organic & Customer Service Full Management Plans provide the management of advertising for boosted posts exclusively to aid in implementing a result-driven content marketing plan on social media. The advertisements do not contain any other advertisements like traffic ads, lead ads advertisements for shopping feeds market ads or other. Other ads, other than the boosted posts and sponsored content that is organically produced or that surpasses the maximum ad spending amount require a complete social media marketing campaign as well as a content management program.

If you have any questions regarding our management services for social media, get in touch with us!

Other Social Media Marketing Solutions From ODDAK Agency

Are you in search of specific platform-specific social media marketing services? Look into these resources:

Does Social Media Management Services Right for My Business?

There are more than three billion users on the social network, it’s quickly becoming the preferred choice for:

  • Social media original posts
  • Customized images
  • Photo design for cover or profile
  • The social network set-up and optimization
  • Social media account audit
  • Analysis of brand reputation
  • Post ad management boosted
  • Deep competitor research
  • Data-driven social strategy
  • A dedicated social media account administrator
  • Daily monitoring of social media
  • Consultations every month
  • Monthly reports that are transparent
  • The latest marketing tech
  • Social media options

No matter if you’re in B2B or B2C industry you can make use of social media marketing as well as social media advertising to reach its objectives, from increasing brand recognition to boosting seasonal sales. The question is whether or not you should invest in the management of social media.

Social media platforms, such as the ones from ODDAK Agency, can help you:

Develop (and implement) an effective social media marketing plan

Receive advice and suggestions from experienced social media marketers

Concentrate on the top metrics that are important to your company, such as capturing more leads through LinkedIn

Write, design and plan the social media calendar

Take action to respond to messages, social media posts messages, comments, and more

Analyze the effectiveness of social media platforms From advertisements to marketing campaigns

Get more time to work on internal tasks, responsibilities, or other priorities

If you’re contemplating investing in the management of social media consider these advantages:

You’ll have an expert on social media to oversee, implement and monitor your plan

You’ll get frequent, easy-to-read reports that will make displaying your contribution quick and simple.

You’ll have more time for the other duties and tasks which require your focus

The strategy you receive is focused on your goals as opposed to. common social media goals

You’ll be able to access AI Marketing Software the exclusive revenue acceleration platform that allows your business to utilize AI as well as billions of information points in order to generate greater revenues.

If these benefits sound appealing to you, continue reading to find out how we can help you with our social media offerings. You could also browse the FAQ page to find answers to common concerns that businesses face regarding managing social media!

What Do Oddak Agency Social Media Services Include?

As an all-inclusive Digital Marketing Agency Our social media management services provide everything you require to be successful in the world of social media. Our management of social media services include:

  • Original posts on social media
  • Customized images
  • Design of the cover and profile photos
  • The social network configuration and optimization
  • Social media account audit
  • Analysis of brand reputation
  • Post ad management boosted
  • A deep competitor study
  • Data-driven social strategy
  • Social media account dedicated to administrator
  • Monitoring of social media on a daily basis
  • Consultations every month
  • Monthly reports that are transparent
  • Modern marketing technologies
  • Social media options

From original posts to customized images to ads Your company will receive the complete (and market-leading) strategy for social media. plan. Are you ready to discover how our services for managing social media will do for your company? Contact us on our website immediately for immediate assistance!

Where Can I Advertise My Company On Social Media?

Through our social media solutions you can start campaigns using the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

We are specialized in the following five major platforms because of their popularity with consumers of in the present. Although a variety of other popular social platforms are out there such as Snapchat however, we have found that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn provide our customers with the greatest worth for their money.

Our expert social media experts will however study your audience, industry and goals to figure out the most effective platforms to implement your strategy.

While an Social Media strategy designed for dental professionals such as a dentist might concentrate specifically on Facebook and Instagram while the social media strategy of an employment firm could be based more on LinkedIn as well as Twitter.

Whatever your industry and industry, we customize our recommendations to meet your needs.

Our Method: How Does Oddak Agency Social Media Management Services Perform?

If you’re curious about what it’s like working with an multi-award winning social media management firm such as ODDAK Agency, this section provides a glimpse into our clients’ experience. In addition, with a retainer rate of 91 percent, you can rest assured that ODDAK Agency provides unparalleled service.

Our process for managing social media comprises four steps:

  • Meet your social media account manager
  • Get an in-depth review of the social presence you have
  • Get a custom, data-driven strategy
  • Get real results that are tangible.
  • Here’s what to anticipate during each stage of the management process.

Meet Your Social Media Account Manager

If you purchase social media services offered by ODDAK Agency, you receive the services of a dedicated managing your social media accounts. This specialist in social media oversees and handles every aspect the social media marketing campaign from the contents of your posts to the layout of your pictures.

They also manage the Social Media strategy by analyzing the reputation of your business’s online presence competitors, as well as your past results on social media. Their personal approach is the reason our custom strategies have produced greater than 3 billion dollars in revenues for our clients over the past five years.

Our account managers are dedicated and aren’t just interested in learning about your business and its competitors, however. They are also interested in your company and team. Contrary to other account managers in agencies, they have your name, your preferences in communication and more.

This method makes a huge difference to the experience you have as a customer. You’re confident that you can get in touch with your social media consultant for any questions. You’re also at ease asking questions about your strategy regardless of how sophisticated or basic they appear.

Get An In-Depth Analysis Of Your Social Media Position

When your Social Media Account Manager has a meeting with your team members, either in person or by phone call, they’ll take the next step to launch your social media strategy. They conduct an extensive amount of research at this phase, studying your competition, their history and more.

This research is an invaluable reference to your social media expert. It offers them useful details on what your business’s strategy needs to be in order in order to succeed. It also reveals the unique obstacles or opportunities.

Your Social Media Account Manager will share the results together with the team. For instance, they could review the effectiveness of the social media strategy of a competitor. For instance, they could highlight the extremely positive reviews of your company’s online presence.

All of this data provides your account manager as well as your company with the foundation to build your social media strategy.

Find A Custom, Data-Driven Strategy

Next, your dedicated social media account manager begins developing your custom social media marketing strategy. They utilize their research and your team’s input to develop an overall strategy that matches your objectives.

Your specialist in social media provides industry-specific data about the previous marketing campaigns for social media. The data, which is only available to ODDAK Agency, encompasses billions of information points. Additionally, it provides your business with an unbeatable advantage in marketing via social media.

It’s because a lot of other agencies for managing social media don’t have a marketing platform similar to AI Marketing Software. Also, they don’t have the decades of data the ODDAK Agency does, as our history goes back over 25 years.

For many companies, this is what is what makes our social media offerings superior in terms of outcomes.

Once you’ve developed your strategy Your social media expert introduces the plan the strategy to you and your staff. It is encouraged that you provide feedback and to ask questions. As a part to your team’s marketing, we’d like to ensure that everyone knows about the purpose of your campaign as well as the reasoning that led to it.

Get Real, Measurable Results

After your team has approved the strategy, your social media manager can start creating your monthly deliverables, including your own custom posts advertising, images, and images. Each month your team needs to go through and approve the deliverables. This is quick and easy with our toolkit.

After the launch of your strategy Your Social Media Account Manager will evaluate the effectiveness of your ads, posts and other. If you have any questions you’re able to count on that your manager on the job to answer within 48 hours.

In the initial and subsequent weeks of the social media marketing campaign your company should experience significant changes in the way you conduct business. It is possible that you will see increased orders through social media, for instance and more questions or comments posted on social media accounts about your products, company or other events.

We at ODDAK Agency, this is the aim of our services for optimizing social media.

We’re looking to bring about the most tangible, real change to your company. Changes like this can aid your business in achieving challenging, long-term goals such as expanding into a new region, hiring more staff members or even launching additional services or products.

Although this type of transformation might seem unattainable thanks to Social Media Marketing solutions however, it’s actually feasible. Through our digital marketing services we’ve assisted our clients earn billions of dollars of revenue and millions of leads, and much more.

Your business can enjoy real success through ODDAK Agency too.

With a customized approach, driven by data, and an expert social media consultant you can create and manage campaigns that meet your goals in marketing. Additionally, your expert will continually make improvements and tweaks to the strategy to ensure maximum results.

Find out why businesses prefer to use our marketing via social media service by contacting us now.

The In-Depth Version: Social Media Service Features

Find out the details about our Social Media services deliverables in depth to learn ways they can help you increase your brand’s visibility as well as online followers as well as sales.

Original Social Media Posts

Get new followers on board or connect with your existing customers with distinctive and on-brand content designed for your company. Each month your dedicated social media manager creates anywhere from up to 15-75 posts (depending on the plan you have set) to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. The post is not published without the approval of your team.

Customized Images

Get the attention of users to your posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more by creating custom pictures for social media postings. Your social media specialist working in conjunction and with our design experts creates six to fourteen images to increase the impact of your social media content.

Design Of The Cover And Profile Photo

Enhance brand recognition and convey trust signals by using a custom cover and profile photo. When your Facebook and Twitter pages already have a professional, professional and on-brand cover and profile photos Your professional on social media will make these photos optimized to work on social media.

Social Media Network Setup And Optimization

Start your social media strategy by utilizing your social media accounts to the max. If your company is not yet using social media Your designated social media expert will establish and manage an account on social media for your company. Your company will take the complete control of the account.

Checking The Social Media Accounts Of Your Clients

Develop a unique approach to social media for your company by having a thorough review of your social media accounts conducted by your personal Social Media Account Manager. They will analyze your past posts and comments, as well as engagement of users, and much more, to create a winning and customized plan for your business.

Brand Reputation Analysis

Learn about the importance and the reputation of your company online by getting an analysis of the reputation of your brand by your social media expert. They’ll search social media for negative remarks or posts that criticize your business as well as provide suggestions for how you can build a trusting reputation.

Increased Posts Ad Management

Make the most of social media by utilizing up to six posts that are boosted. The social media expert develops your customized ad campaign based on the research of your audience and talks with your team members about the company’s objectives. If you want to create an aggressive advertising strategy take a look at using our advertising on social networks service.

In-Depth Analysis Of Competitors

Gain unrivaled information on the online performance of your competitors by obtaining thorough competitor analysis performed by the social media expert you trust. Our research will identify weaknesses of competitors and potential opportunities for your company and help you create the most successful campaign.

Data-Driven Social Strategy

Get a customized plan that is based on data that will help you with your marketing on social networks. Utilizing the latest marketing technology that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine-learning software, your social media expert will develop an approach that meets your objectives.

A Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

You can work with an expert Social media manager for how to plan your social media strategy when you work together with ODDAK Agency. Their expertise along with their specificizations, they will help your business get the most of your marketing and advertising strategies across various social media platforms.

Daily Monitoring Of Social Media

Make sure your social media strategy is set to be monitored daily by your personal social media expert. Every day your social media expert will monitor your social media profiles by monitoring their effectiveness and interaction on the content they created for your business.

Monthly Consultations

Meet with your personal social media expert each month for a discussion about results of the campaign. At your next meeting the social account manager will discuss possible improvement or enhancements to your strategy to increase the value from your plan.

Transparent Monthly Reports

Receive a monthly report of the results on your Social Media strategies by contacting ODDAK Agency too. As part of your monthly consult with your dedicated social media consultant will review the report with you and provide it to your team members to review at a later time. Our reports are completely transparent.

Advanced Marketing Technology

Access to the latest marketing tools, AI Marketing Software. Through AI Marketing Software, which incorporates the machine-learning and artificial Intelligence technology Your social media consultant can design a campaign based on data that is based on specific industry data.

Optional Social Media Services

Get access to additional social media features such as contests with an aggressive strategy for social media. Businesses that are targeting more than two platforms on social media, such as businesses that have accounts in five of the social media sites are able to host a contest per year.

Why Should You Partner With A Social Media Management Agency?

If you’re looking into the possibilities of social media marketing services including agencies, there are numerous compelling reasons to choose an organization that manages social media. They can provide your company and staff with numerous advantages that could determine the success or failure of your marketing campaign.

Find out why companies collaborate with a social media service provider:

  • Get industry-leading expertise
  • Maximize resources at-home
  • Access the latest marketing software
  • Improve the management of time
  • The ROI on social media advertising will increase

1. Get Industry-Leading Expertise

By working with a trusted supplier of social media management Your company will have immediate access to the most skilled professionals in the business. ODDAK Agency, for example is a top group of social media experts.

We also offer dedicated design, copywriting and development teams, which allow us to supply your business with everything it require. From posts that must be liked to breathtaking images, we have everything you need to run your business within your own company.

Controlling your social media accounts internally isn’t without a learning curve. It is essential to understand the basics of the various websites for social media. In addition, you need to study the best practices, methods and strategies that work for different platforms.

This could lead to long-term trial-and-error that can challenge the endurance of business executives. If your team fails to deliver rapid results, it may cause business leaders to withdraw their assistance (and spending money) for social media marketing and advertisements.

Spending your budget on an organized campaign but it can assist your team to demonstrate the benefits of social media quickly. In addition, you’ll be able to begin to see results faster to avoid financial loss.

2. Maximize Your House’s Resources

If you’re advertising or marketing your business, you’ll want to maximize your budget. A trusted and reputable service provider for social media management services such as ODDAK Agency can assist your company achieve a remarkable returns on investments (ROI) through social media.

For your staff, it’s expensive and time-consuming procedure to create the, implement, and maintain the social media strategy within your company. It is necessary to spend a substantial amount of time checking the results of your plan , but creating the content for the next month.

Working with a reputable service provider for social media is the best (and simple) solution.

When you partner with a company like ODDAK Agency, you will not just receive a unique strategy, but you also avoid the burden of creating an initial launch, as well as implementing and improving your plan. It frees your team from the obligation of investing time and money to develop an all-encompassing strategy within the company.

3. Access Advanced Marketing Software

For companies that are not in the marketing field it’s a major expense to buy tools for automation in marketing. In the current digital age It’s an absolute requirement for companies that are looking to be successful in the field of online marketing.

Many companies collaborate with full-service digital marketing agencies who provide Social Media Marketing services. ODDAK Agency, for example gives clients acces to AI Marketing Software, our proprietary software that tracks the performance of your online presence and forming your online marketing strategies.

IBM Watson, an industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine-learning software also powers AI Marketing Software. This enables AI Marketing Software to analyze billions of data points, and make concrete (and specific to your industry) suggestions regarding your campaign’s social media advertising.

This type of technology will require a huge financial investment from any company. ODDAK Agency, for example has invested in excess of $2million in the development and research of technology such as AI Marketing Software.

Join together with ODDAK Agency, however, your company gets immediate access to this cutting-edge technology.

4. Take Control Of Your Time

Companies that handle their social media plans internally usually have a team member who is specifically tasked to handle the job. For many businesses, however it’s not practical or an appropriate utilization of funds from the company that’s why the majority of internal marketing departments put their funds into agencies.

Through the help of a company that optimizes social media and you’ll have access to a specialist in not just social media marketing, but also in marketing on specific social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Additionally, you can delegate a number of tasks that take a lot of time to another person, which allows you to concentrate on what you must complete.

For many marketers this is an ideal win-win scenario.

5. Improve The ROI Of Your Social Media Marketing

If a company invests money on social media, they are hoping for something in the return, from an increase in brand recognition to increased sales. It is important to meet the promises of customers, and that can be difficult if you have only minimal knowledge of social media marketing.

This is where a seasoned social media company can assist.

They have the knowledge and tools as well as the strategy to create a winning campaign that will help you achieve your business’s objectives. They also don’t need an enormous amount of your staff’s time, allowing you to stay efficient.

If you’re considering a partnership with an agency for managing social media look for agencies who focus on the outcomes and success for their clientele. You’ll need a company such as ODDAK Agency, that measures its success by the success of their clients.

Find out more about the ways we generate a return on investment to our clients through browsing some of our testimonials and portfolios.

What Determines The Cost Of Social Media Marketing Services?

Are you unsure about the costs of social media marketing services?

A few factors determine social media pricing, including:

  • Strategy scope
  • Social media networks and the number of networks
  • Agency experience
  • Adspend

And much more

For more details on social media costs check out our review of pricing for social media.

5 Benefits To Investing In Professional Social Media Services

Many marketing departments understand the importance that social media can bring to their business. It’s difficult, however to convince decision makers at the company that they should invest money in social media-based advertising and marketing campaign. This is why we’ve put together an overview of the five most compelling motives for investing in social media.

1. Connect Users To Their Favorite Locations

3.48 billion users are using social media every day. The Facebook platform alone is home to over one million users per day and demonstrates the vital (and significant) function that social media plays in people’s everyday life. If you’re not on social media and you’re not using an excellent avenue for connecting with your ideal market.

2. Build Brand Awareness And Value

Social media is a fantastic way to build brand recognition and is an essential element of the buying process. Through ads as well as organic content you can build an association with followers who are new or current and eventually lead users to purchase your product or service.

3. Remain Loyal To Customers

The U.S., more than 50% of the users who follow brands via social media remain loyal to that brand. This is a significant fact and demonstrates the importance of having a presence on social media for companies. If you have a social media presence you are not just able to engage with customers, but also increase their loyalty to your brand.

4. Encourage Repeat Purchases

Through social media, your business could also inspire users to make purchases from you in the future. posts about new products, promotions that are limited in time as well as other promotions can entice customers to purchase from your company or promote your service or product with their friends and family members via the social media platform.

5. Generate Valuable Leads

Social media can also be beneficial for B2B firms. Indeed, more than 40 percent of B2B marketers have gotten customers through Facebook which highlights the potential of social media platforms. A lot of B2B companies do not realize the importance of social media, but they are a great possibility for you to profit from.

FAQs About Social Media Services

Find answers to frequently asked concerns about social media here:

What Is The Reason Social Media Important For Marketing Strategies?

Marketing via social media is crucial in the marketing strategy for many reasons:

Expands you reach Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are social networks. such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a huge reach If you join these networks, you will be able to profit from their massive audiences. Through unique content, targeted ads and promoted posts it is possible to connect with your ideal customer.

Enhances your brand's image: Business buyers and consumers expect businesses to be active on social media. If you're not active or even non-existentin the social networks, this may cause potential customers to be hesitant and cause them to seek another option.

helps your customers service About 65 percent of users make use of social media for customer service. If you're responding to questions via comments or solving issues through private messaging, social media will help you improve your customer service and satisfaction.

Improves your sources of traffic: Besides paid, email, and search your company can make use of social media to drive visitors to your website. Blog posts that highlight the most recent blog post or sales, or products can bring visitors to your website and result in an increase in leads, sales or even an email subscription.

In the end social media has been the foundation of all online marketing plans. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube provide your business with the chance to engage and communicate with your intended users, leading to conversions in the future.

What Makes Social Media Marketing Different From Digital Marketing?

Social media marketing is distinct from digital marketing due to the focus.

Although social media marketing is focused on marketing through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn digital marketing concentrates on marketing through various channels, including email, social, search as well as paid.

In essence social media marketing is an aspect of marketing that is digital.

What Are Some Of The Most Effective Practices For Social Media Management?

Some best practices for social media management include:

Concentrate your attention on social media platforms that are most beneficial to your company and your target audience

Create a style guideline, along with a standard operating procedure guide

Create a calendar of social media posts and ads for each month to schedule posts and advertisements

Establish a method to keep track of your advertising and marketing campaigns

Check out industry and competitor activities for ideas

Create a mix of information -- informative or promotional, and much more.

Respond to messages and comments

Analyze and measure the campaign's performance

If you're seeking more information regarding how you can master managing social media, check out this guide.

What Are Social Media Management Services?

These are kind of social media service that takes care of your social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The management of your social media includes marketing and advertising your company through social media.

What Are Social Media Marketing Services?

Social media marketing services increase your brand's visibility and followers. It also increases engagement with your customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What Are Social Media Advertising Services?

Services for social media marketing promote your company on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media ads can be focused on driving follower counts and app downloads, as well as web page visits, and many more.

Who Needs Social Media Marketing Services?

The world is in an era in which more than 70% of consumers want that a brand have a presence on social media. But, not any social media presence, but that your brand has an organized, well-thought-out plan for social media. Nearly every business can profit from the social media marketing services.

How Does A Social Media Marketing Service Work?

Marketing via social media (SMM) makes use of social media and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram -- to advertise goods and services. It also helps communicate with existing customers and connect with new customers.

What Is Included In A Social Media Package?

A social media bundle includes a range of services and products you could offer your clients to to promote their content. The packages for social media typically comprise the management and creation of various types of accounts on social networks.

Is A Social Media Manager Worth It?

Yes you can, but a social media administrator is worth it since they will help you curate social media content, publish on all of your social media channels, maintain your followers and bring the right audience for your business, thereby establishing reputation, trust and authority, as well as increase sales.

Why Do People Hire Social Media Managers?

A manager who is responsible for the entire social media strategy can assist you in improving your current campaign. However, a social media manager will also help keep your brand in motion by changing goals, creatives, or even content if you feel that your current efforts aren't working as effectively as they could.

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With a customer satisfaction rate of 91 percent, ODDAK Agency is a preferred choice for companies who require the best social media advertising services. From our campaigns that compete to our world-class technology, we deliver unbeatable customer service and unbeatable results. Have you heard that we supply our social media services to businesses from New York to California? It’s true!

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