Instagram Advertising Services

Do You Want To Get Started Using Instagram Ads For Your Company?

If so, you’ll need to develop a strategy. A successful advertising on Instagram is a combination of strategic thinking as well as a keen eye for design and the ability to track and measure your growth.

Many businesses don’t have or cannot make use of the resources they have at hand to create successful Instagram campaigns. This is why we’re here.

As an advertising agency on Instagram We stay current with the latest updates to the industry, algorithm changes and the most effective techniques to move your business forward, and get the most effective results. We are able to focus on various phases of the buyer’s journey through awareness, to conversion with your primary target audience and all while keeping within your budget.

Because of Instagram’s vast and large user base which comprises over 1 billion active accounts every month, and more than 500 million accounts that are active every day Our agency is able to maximize your advertising dollars by focusing on precisely the people that matter most to you. The analysis of factors like geographical location, interests, demographics behaviours, and so on enable us to limit our digital advertising strategies to target the specific people you’d like to reach.

We’re thrilled to partner with you throughout the process to make sure that at the final point, you achieve the results that you’ve earned the most.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make Instagram advertisements that produce outcomes, keep reading or give us to speak to an expert strategist.

How Do You Select Your Instagram Ads’ Goals

Before you start putting together the most effective Instagram campaign for your business it is essential to be clear about your goals to know the short-term and long-term goals of your efforts.

Below, we’ve provided three typical goals within Ads Manager to pay attention to when creating your Instagram marketing strategy.

1. Awareness

A lot of businesses utilize social media platforms to increase brand recognition and connect with more customers. If you are advertising on Instagram you have the option of choosing the goals of brand awareness and reach which allow you to reach your goal of raising awareness.

Though they all are based on the same goal — creating buzz around your brand they employ different strategies.

What makes them different? Here are the ways they differ:

  • If you are using the reach objective your goal is to influence and reach the greatest number of people in the target group.
  • Strategies to increase brand awareness focus on creating content and ads that reach people who are likely to be interested in your business in general as well as the content you create as well as the products and services that you sell.

2. Take Into Consideration

Your followers shouldn’t be able to use social networks to just look through their feeds and browse through your ads and posts. Instead, you need to draw their attention and inspire them to explore your company. This is where the concept of consideration is crucial.

The main goal of the consideration objective is to make your followers watch your videos and engage by engaging with the content. Below is a listing of some of the main goal-setting goals you could like to accomplish:

  • Traffic: Your primary goal is to boost the number of people who visit your company’s website.
  • Views of video: This goal is to put in the marketing efforts needed to improve your perception of videos.
  • Engagement on your post: This goal is to encourage engagement by encouraging likes and comments to your posts to engage with your followers.

3. Conversion

If you’re looking to increase the number of sales you sell and boost the revenue of your business, Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can assist. Goals for this type of platform primarily concentrate on turning people who already know about your company into potential customers.

Conversion campaigns include:

  • Conversions on your website: Get conversions to your site from warm audience members — people who are familiar with your business to some degree. Conversions may be to request an estimate, make the purchase, sign up for the next event, or even a webinar.
  • The catalog sales feature: If run an online shop, Facebook allows you to optimize sales from catalogs of your goods.
  • Store visits: If run a business that has multiple locations that draw a lot of pedestrian traffic, you could utilize Instagram ads to draw customers to your physical stores.

What Can I Do To Reach My Target Audience Using Instagram Advertisements?

One of the fastest-growing networks on social media, Instagram provides your business with the tools to connect with your target audience. But with millions of users, how do you reach your target market effectively?

On Instagram, you’ll see three types of viewers.

1. The Audience Was Saved

Saved audiences typically comprise diverse groups of people that are targeted according to demographics, such as sex location, age, and general preferences. By utilizing these characteristics and the information about their audiences advertisers can design advertisements ads that are more carefully designed to meet the needs of these audiences’ preferences and behaviors.

2. Custom Audiences

Custom audiences are created from email lists, people who have accessed your profile or watched a short video, users who have visited your website, and many more. These audiences are typically constructed using the information provided by or associated with the company.

3. Lookalike Audiences

These large audiences are comprised of people who have characteristics like those who are in a customized audience and generally share the same traits and interests and characteristics, hence the term “lookalike.” They are likely a mirror of your audience in a variety of ways, similar to the way they behave and their interests. This can make them a good target audience to engage with via Instagram.

What Do I Require To Do Instagram Marketing?

Every business that uses Instagram advertising should make sure they have everything covered in creating a presence on the platform.

Some essential requirements for any business that wants to establish an online presence include:

  • The Business Profile: A short introduction to your business that contains key details about your business to the people you are targeting.
  • Excellent visuals: Superior quality and compelling videos and images will get your followers to follow you with the most effective level of success. Because Instagram is a visual platform that is an essential prerequisite for a successful marketing campaign on the platform.
  • Ad sizing: Properly sized images designed for Instagram both in the feed as well as in Stories are crucial to the success of. Utilizing the correct size and ratio is vital for presenting your photos with the best quality and desired impact.
  • Copy: Writing text with intention and purpose toward your readers is crucial. Your copy must be easy to read and have the right tone and encourage your readers to act.
  • Budget: The importance of a budget for Instagram. You can determine the amount your company should set as the amount you spend on advertising by analyzing the average costs for advertising on Instagram.

If the idea of collecting the necessary information as well as putting the marketing strategy into practice on your own seems overwhelming We’re here to assist. At ODDAK Agency can design all the content and behind-the-scenes work needed to produce results using Instagram advertising.

Advertising Formats For Instagram

We’ll guide you to the ideal ad format to use to create the best Instagram advertising campaign. If you’re marketing on Instagram you’ll be able to access a an array of advertising options that have been designed to assist you in achieving your social media objectives. The formats for ads you can utilize in Instagram include:


A picture is often included along with the tiniest snippets of text

Great for increasing brand awareness and sharing images with your followers.


A brief video that promotes your company, brand, or service.

Include a link to your website and a call-to action, or other information that encourages your customers to make a commitment in the company


The focus is on providing multiple pictures in one post, which users can browse through simultaneously

Ideal to mix several images into a single post


Be a part of one of the fastest-growing regions for Instagram users

Make sure you grab the attention of your viewers with videos and photos that are vertical.

Do I Need To Use The Services Of An Instagram Marketing Agency?

The process of creating a successful Instagram advertising campaign isn’t straightforward. If you discover that one or more of the following applies to your company It might be the right the time to consult an established marketing company:

  • Too little time to developing and maintaining an Instagram strategy
  • Uncertainty about social media marketing and the best way to determine or maximize your outcomes
  • Lack of knowledge in social media techniques and marketing strategies

The hiring of the services of an Advertising agency on Instagram to help you with the development of your social media strategies is an excellent option that could mean what the distinction between poor and a profitable marketing campaign.

What Are The Key Elements To Be Looking For When You Visit The Instagram Advertising Agency Instagram Marketing Agency

The use of social media for advertising has become a crucial element of sustaining a successful online marketing strategy. You are aware of the potential to enhance your marketing strategies using these platforms however, you are also aware that working with the correct social media company can affect the success of your marketing campaign.

But how do you identify which agency is the right choice for your business? One of the primary requirements to be looking for when you are researching Instagram agencies is their transparency. Whatever your business’s size or budget, you’ll need to find an agency that can provide regular pricing and top-quality services in line with the limits of your Instagram budget for advertising.

It’s also essential to determine the ability of the team of social media marketers. Does the company have experienced marketers who have a history of producing effective marketing materials? Are they aware of the latest trends in marketing while being trained on a regular basis?

Employing an agency that has an excellent track record for successful results is crucial.

Also, consider the communication skills of the team you’re considering selecting a social media company to work with your company. It is essential to review your progress and goals with your marketing team and that’s why choosing experts with excellent communication skills is essential.

FAQs About Instagram Advertising Services

Find answers to frequently asked concerns about Instagram advertising services here:

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Instagram?

In the an average, Instagram advertising costs between $0.20 to $6.70 depending on the bidding method. For CPC or cost-per-click, marketers have to pay $0.20 up to 2 cents per click. For CPM, or cost-per-impressions, advertisers pay $6.70 per 1000 impressions. For CPE or cost-per-engagement advertisers are charged $0.01 up to $0.05 for each engagement.

Can You Advertise Services On Instagram?

You need to set up an account for your business to allow ads to be displayed on Instagram. It's free and only several steps.

How Do I Advertise With Instagram?

  1. Open Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Select your goal.
  3. Select your target audience.
  4. Select "Instagram" for the location.
  5. Create your budget and plan.
  6. Select an ad's format.
  7. Post the ad.
  8. Keep track of your performance.

How Much Money Should I Spend On Instagram Ads?

A minimum of $1 per day for ad sets that charge for impressions. Ads that charge for clicks and likes, video views, or post engagement must have an annual minimum budget of at least $5 per day. The minimum daily budget for low-frequency events like offer claims, installation of apps, must be at least $40 per day.

How Do I Sell Services On Instagram?

  1. Find the best area of interest. 
  2. Set up the Instagram professional profile. 
  3. Create your own Instagram shop. 
  4. Create shoppable posts. Also, create regular posts. 
  5. Visit the Explore page. 
  6. Check out live shopping. 
  7. Check out on Instagram.

How Do You Pay For Instagram Ads?

  1. Log into your profile and tap on the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Business.
  4. Tap Ad Payments.
  5. Tap Payment Methods.
  6. You can choose a payment method or select a different payment method, such as PayPal or a debit or credit card or manual payment methods in your local area.

Are Instagram Ads Worth?

Yes, Instagram advertising delivers results. The photo sharing app has seen a significant increase in popularity in the past few years. While it was initially a favorite among people who love to share their holiday photos and photos, it has evolved into an effective marketing platform for advertisers, brands, and even influencers.

Can I Run Ads On Instagram Without Facebook?

It is possible to create advertisements on Instagram without having a Facebook connection. You'll be able manage your ads as well as view analytics to monitor their performance in the Instagram application.

How Much Is An Instagram Ad Per Month?

The average Instagram cost per month for advertising will be $0.95 for each click. In this post we will look at the costs of advertising on Instagram in greater detail. We'll also explain how to maximize your budget to maximize return on your ad budget.

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost Per Month?

On average, companies pay $0.50 to $1 per click. In highly competitive sectors such as clothing and fashion, you'll have to pay more. Prices for Instagram advertisements can go up from $3.00 for each click.

Do Instagram Ads Actually Work?

Yes. Instagram ads do work. ODDAK Agency will help you to be successful using your Instagram advertisements. If you don't have lots of experience with Instagram or would like to know how to purchase Instagram advertisements, you're at the right spot.

Is Facebook Or Instagram Better For Advertising?

Your marketing goals should influence your choice of platform. Facebook is ideal for generating engagement on your website or views/clicks for content written. It is excellent for increasing brand recognition through visuals.

Can I Sell On Instagram Without A Website?

Domain registration on your website is among the most important requirements for selling on Instagram according to Instagram's requirements for commerce eligibility. If you're interested in starting an eCommerce store and you have a budget as the primary limitation, you are able to make sales on Instagram without having a website by adding a payment link to your bio.

What Type Of Instagram Ad Is Most Effective?

If your objective is more based on impressions marketing your brand via exposure could be an excellent alternative in your marketing campaign. This implies maximizing the amount of people who are able to see your advertisements on Instagram. Images are the most popular type that are used to accomplish this as they allow you to send the message out to users quickly and efficiently.

How Does Instagram Marketing Work?

The Instagram algorithm presents what content is available to the users according to their habits and interests on the application. This helps you to connect with Instagram users who are likely to interact with your brand and also get better results out of the results of your Instagram advertising efforts.

Can I Pay To Promote My Instagram?

You can pay for posts that are boosted via the Instagram application by adding an option to pay. You can also pay for promoted Instagram posts by connecting your Facebook page with an Instagram professional account and then using your advertising account.

How Long Does It Take For Instagram Ads To Work?

Based on the initial information, it will decide which location is most effective. When you've submitted your advertisement it will be subject to an approval process. This typically takes around up to 24 hours.

How Long Should Instagram Ads Be?

This shouldn't be a problem however, since Instagram's in-feed Instagram video ads are limited to be between 1 and 60 seconds, while Stories video advertisements can only be between 1 and 15 seconds long.

Why Can't I Promote Ads On Instagram?

If you're having difficulty increasing the number of posts and stories you post on Instagram It could be due to the following factors: It's not an official account. To run advertisements on Instagram you need to convert your personal account to professional accounts.

How Do I Advertise On Instagram Without Posting?

You can make use of Ads Manager to create Page posts that aren't displayed within your Pages timeline, or in Feed. This lets you conduct experiments with ads without annoying people who are interested in your Page.

ODDAK Agency Is An Expert On Instagram's Advertising Services

Are you thinking about marketing on Instagram? If yes we can help!

At ODDAK Agency Our social media experts can help you develop the perfect Instagram marketing strategy which gives you an edge in the market. Most importantly, we will provide you with complete the transparency you need and a constant assistance throughout your advertising on social media.

Get in touch with the ranks of our hundreds of happy customers and discover the reasons why many businesses depend on ODDAK Agency to help them improve their social media campaigns with ODDAK Agency’s Instagram advertisements. For more information on how to get started by utilizing Instagram marketing, contact our team now!