LinkedIn Advertising Services: What Is The Best Way To Advertise On LinkedIn And The Benefits From Linkedin Ads

Since its inception around 2003, LinkedIn has grown from a simple resume portal to an effective platform that has an active that has over half a billion people. LinkedIn is distinct from rivals on social media platforms with similar numbers, and it has it is able to effectively connect with professionals across the globe.

With over 50 % of its users with an undergraduate degree it is worth using LinkedIn advertising options in case you’re trying to reach users based on their profession, expertise or industry preferences to make the most of this platform for professionals.

The team at our LinkedIn advertising agency is up-to-date with algorithm updates and LinkedIn updates, which means that we are able to provide your company with the most effective marketing results that are possible. Our knowledge of LinkedIn’s advertising campaign manager as well as our ability to make smart choices among the numerous options on the platform’s advertising formats and targeting options will allow us to produce optimal results for your company.

Our team monitors closely the effectiveness of the campaign and makes changes throughout its campaign to ensure that the results that are in line with your overall objectives. After the end of every campaign, we review the results and learns and apply them to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.

We recognize the importance of utilizing budgets effectively and you can count on transparent communication from us from beginning to end. You can be assured that throughout every step of the process will make sure that we use your resources efficiently and effectively to achieve the goals you’re most interested in.

The Benefits Of Making Use Of Linkedin Advertising

Advertising on LinkedIn differs from other network on the internet. LinkedIn is an official social network that lets users share their personal experiences and job title, as well as their skills interest, education, and more which is all for the advertiser’s advantage if you can target your audience the same demographics as these.

The benefits of LinkedIn advertising are:

Particular targeting: LinkedIn lets you narrow your focus on the population or select groups of people you would like to target. You can filter your audience based on name of the company gender, age, education, and location.

Active user base of professionals: With more than 500 million professionals using the platform, you’ll be able to maintain an active presence among numerous professionals who might be interested in knowing more about your company.

Enhance visibility: Through various advertising forms You’ll have the chance to build more brand awareness and increase visibility to potential employees, consumers as well as business partners.

Promote partnerships, events and other collaborations: LinkedIn can be a website that has a reputation for professionals. This makes LinkedIn the ideal platform to find potential employees or to connect with people in your field by way of conferences and event promotion. Utilize LinkedIn when you’re trying to increase your reach and increase your reach of influence by focusing your actions.

How Do I Reach Out To My Target Market With Linkedin Ads?

On LinkedIn the users post an array of details on their profiles, which makes it simpler to narrow down your marketing plan. The choice of an audience is important to your marketing strategies particularly when you wish to create a sense of individualization into your marketing campaign.

It’s a good thing, LinkedIn’s advertising options make it possible for your company to reach its audience on this platform in a precise way. You’ll be able to reach people with different features, such as:

Demographics: Gender, age geographical location, age and more

Information about the company: The name of the individual’s workplace as well as their field of work, as well as what size is the organization in which they work.

Job: Their job title includes the job they are a part of, their rank and also the subject they study in as well as the level of educational attainment/number of degrees

Audiences that are matched: People who have been selected based upon LinkedIn’s information and your own personal first-party information like web traffic or email lists

ODDAK Agency will assist you in determining the most effective ad-targeting and will allow you to test various ad formats to determine the ads which resonate the best with your particular audience.

LinkedIn provides three major kinds of formats for advertising that include texts, ads with sponsored content as well as sponsored email. This article will show how these three types of ad formats differ to support LinkedIn lead generation..

1. Content Sponsored By Sponsors

This type of advertisement is displayed in the feed of a LinkedIn user’s feed alongside content and posts from other companies and those of their LinkedIn connections. Numerous companies decide to use paid content for LinkedIn due to one of the reasons listed below:

  • The ability to increase traffic to a website
  • Leads can be increased by LinkedIn’s built-in lead form feature
  • Increasing video views

2. Text Ads

The ads are displayed in the bottom, side or at the on the top of an LinkedIn feed for a LinkedIn member. The advantages of text ads are:

  • Available in various sizes and ratios.
  • Capturing attention of your audience swiftly and effectively
  • Inviting visitors to your site by putting a compelling CTA (CTA)

3. Sponsored Inmail

Send personal messages directly to potential clients via LinkedIn messenger. This tool is great for:

  • Personalize your message using customized fields
  • Reaching out to your audience by delivering relevant content directly into their messages inbox

What Is The Best Way To Measure Linkedin The Results Of An Advertising Campaign?

Monitoring the effectiveness on your campaign’s marketing is essential in determining its effectiveness and where improvements are required to improve its effectiveness for longer-term benefits.

ODDAK Agency ODDAK Agency We analyze the performance on your online campaigns by analyzing information taken from Facebook Campaign Manager’s insights, Google Analytics as well as AI Marketing Software which is our own reporting software.

Utilizing the three sources of information allows us to evaluate the performance on LinkedIn and also to study the data generated by traffic that exits LinkedIn Linkedin platform and then visits your site, or turns into leads for your business.

Linkedin Campaign Manager Insights

Through LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights, we review data to help improve the targeting of ads and creative.

In analyzing the information on LinkedIn our team takes into consideration crucial performance indicators such as clicks, impressions, click-through rates as well as cost per click. lead form open, InMail opens, and more. These numbers indicate the relevance of our advertisements to our target audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics plays a key function in any strategy for social media that aims to increase the volume of people who visit your site is the main goal.

In analyzing the data that we collect after users have left the platform and come to your site We analyze information about conversions and traffic like the amount of time spent on your site sessions resulting from advertisements on LinkedIn forms, and the number of form submissions to your website.

Utilizing Google Analytics’ extensive data is essential since you’ll have to assess the most important elements that will help you increase the performance of your company.

AI Marketing Software

Did you know that ODDAK Agency makes use of our proprietary software to monitor the progress of your campaign? The software we use is an ideal complement with Linked Campaign Manager Insights and Google Analytics by offering you access to new tools that analyze and monitor data on your website.

Some of the most important functions offered by our software are:

  • With this feature, you can gather and organize all of the vital information about your leads, including the source of referral and what campaign that drove the lead.We can determine the leads we generated through the efforts we made, however most importantly, we are able to dive further into determining how well leads were that came by our campaigns.

Evaluate those industries and companies represented users who visit your website from various sources of referral. This feature is extremely valuable when companies are looking to grow relationships with other businesses.

FAQs About LinkedIn Advertising Services

Find answers to frequently asked concerns about LinkedIn advertising services here:

Can You Advertise Services On LinkedIn?

You can manage Text or Sponsored Content via Campaign Manager Our all-in-one advertising platform. You choose your budget and the goal you want to achieve is impressions or clicks. You are able to stop and restart campaigns at any point, and you'll be able to access the data that you must continuously optimize.

How Expensive Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn cost of advertising is contingent on a variety of factors, including the target audience, the campaign's objective and the bid. In the average the cost of LinkedIn advertisements ranges from $5.26 per impression, $6.59 each 1000 impressions and $0.80 per email.

Can You Post An Ad On LinkedIn For Free?

Click Post your job to post your job for free. On the Promote Your Job page, you can choose the budget you'll use for your daily posting or opt to publish your post for no cost. There's an estimate of the amount of applicants listed in the webpage. In case you'd prefer to modify the budget of your daily job, just click to edit the icon.

What Kind Of Ads Are Not Allowed In LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not a place to advertise LinkedIn the following subjects: adult content alcohol, affiliate advertising Copyrighted content, counterfeit products, data collection, the privacy of users, illegal drugs, other products counterfeit documents gambling, hacking, cracking, health issues loans and financial services, occult pursuits opposition, religious or political information (exceptions apply) Scams such as questionable downloads tobacco, weapons and fireworks.

How Many Types Of LinkedIn Ads Are There?

There are three primary kinds of LinkedIn ads , and they can be tailored to nearly any purpose or goal. To be successful in the field of LinkedIn Ads, it's necessary to have your objectives clearly established.

What Are LinkedIn Ads Best For?

Advertising on LinkedIn is a fantastic opportunity to market your company or brand to a professional market. However, with over 80% of B2B marketers selecting LinkedIn Ads over all other platforms to run their campaigns, it's difficult to stand out from the crowd. 

What Is A Good Budget For LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn generally suggests setting a budget of at least $5,000 per month. You can use in a variety of different ways.

How Much Should I Spend On A LinkedIn Ad Campaign?

A minimum budget daily that is required to get started using LinkedIn is $10, which is applicable to any type of ad. The minimum amount for a lifetime budget for inactive, new campaigns is $100. After the campaign is launched your minimum budget will be adjusted according to the daily minimum budget, which is $10 divided by the total days planned.

How Much Is LinkedIn Pay Per Click?

The typical CPC (cost-per-click) on LinkedIn is about $5.39. Based on your budget, this may be quite expensive, but remember that these clicks are from users who are able to convert into leads that are qualified. However, not all ads on LinkedIn are evaluated by CPC.

How Long Should LinkedIn Ads Be?

The name of the ad (optional) up to 250 characters. Introduction text (optional) Maximum 600 characters. Video duration: 3 second or more. (high performance LinkedIn video ads are likely to be less than 15 seconds).

How Do LinkedIn Clients Run Ads?

Log into Sign in to your own account. Select Work at the top-right of your homepage, and then select Advertise. Set up an account choose the billing currency and link with a LinkedIn Page on the welcome screen. 

How Long Does It Take For LinkedIn Ads To Get Approved?

LinkedIn ads team members strive to examine the ads in 24 hours, however it could take longer if you are experiencing an abundance of traffic. To check the status of your ad through Campaign Manager log in your account, click the ad tab and examine the Status column.

Why Is LinkedIn Creative Rejected?

If the creative status of an ad appears as not Approved or Rejected in Campaign Management It indicates that our team has examined your creative and determined that the content the landing page, content, or product to violate Our Advertising Policy.

How Do I Create A LinkedIn Ad Account?

To set up an account as a brand new advertiser To create an account as a new advertiser: On your LinkedIn homepage Click "Work at the top", then choose Advertise. In the welcome screen you'll be able to choose the account name, the company Page as well as the currency that will be used for your account. If you'd like to alter the name of your account, simply click the link below Account name, and then fill in the new name.

How Do LinkedIn Campaigns Work?

LinkedIn can guide you through a variety of options for creating a campaign. Its LinkedIn Campaign Manager will prompt you to select an objective for your campaign that has three primary goals which mirror the sales funnel Awareness: Brand recognition. Consideration: website visits, engagements, video views.

Is LinkedIn Good For Promoting Business?

Since LinkedIn is a network of social networking for professionals who are motivated It's a platform that for your business to benefit from , regardless of the industry you're in. It is especially beneficial for B2B companies, however because of its huge number of users, there's plenty for B2C businesses to take advantage from it, too.

What Are The Two LinkedIn Targeting Methods?

LinkedIn provides a variety of options for targeting. Based on the attributes of the profile of the user and the other is based on Re-targeting options like using the LinkedIn Insight Tag for site users, retargeting those who responded previously to your advertisements or contacts from your uploaded lists which you have already.

Can I Advertise On LinkedIn Without A Company Page?

All you require to start is an existing LinkedIn account as well as an email address that is verified (we'll determine if you're qualified to set up a page on the behalf of your business). A LinkedIn Page is essential to manage Sponsored Content as well as sponsored messaging.

How Do I Prepare For My First LinkedIn Ad Campaign?

LinkedIn Ads are executed in five steps when you've got LinkedIn Campaign Manager:

  1. Select an goal (awareness consideration, awareness or conversions).
  2. Choose the criteria for targeting.
  3. Choose a format for your ad (sponsored messages). dynamic, message or even text-based ads).
  4. Make a budget for your ad
  5. Analyze the effectiveness of your advertisement.

Why Is LinkedIn Marketing So Expensive?

The targeting capabilities of LinkedIn are distinct than other sites. It's a niche platform, hence it is a cost-plus feature for the similar. LinkedIn allows brands to narrow their market and reach a specific group of people at the same time.

How Do You Pay For LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers two kinds of payment options. Credit card payment is available to all customers employing the Campaign Manager for managing and manage campaigns. If you qualify we can also facilitate invoicing.

How Do I Get More Clicks On LinkedIn Ads?

Include larger images instead of thumbnails that are standard. A resolution of 1200x627 pixels is suggested. Images with larger sizes are likely to have as high as 38% better CTR (click-through percentages). Include clearly defined CTA (call for action) and your readers know what to do upon their curiosity.

Should I Use Hashtags In LinkedIn Ads?

The answer is simple: yes hashtags are an excellent method to connect with audiences that aren't your personal friends on LinkedIn.

What Size Are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn suggests using 1080x1080 pixels with the aspect ratio 1:1 to create each of the images. Keep the intro text under 150 characters , and two lines to prevent the possibility of truncation. Limits on characters below ads are 45 characters or less or 30 characters with an 'lead generation' CTA button.

Do I Need To Use An Linkedin Advertisement Agency?

Partnering with an agency for advertising to aid you in putting your LinkedIn marketing campaign into action could be the best option, particularly in the event that you’re unfamiliar with the platform. The benefits offered by an agency for marketing on LinkedIn include: LinkedIn Marketing firm include:

  • Professional assistance from experts with ongoing education and knowledge of all the latest technologies
  • Assurance the campaign is in line with LinkedIn’s guidelines and policies
  • Pricing and delivery options that are transparent to ensure you are aware exactly what you’ll pay for specific services.
  • Transparent reporting of you data as well as your performance, allowing you to make well-informed decisions
  • Excellent communication that allows to discussion about the effectiveness of your campaign

Speak to a reputable firm that offers the best LinkedIn advertising solutions can aid in the growth of your marketing campaigns on the platform.

At ODDAK Agency We’ll help customers with LinkedIn advertising design and strategic method that you need. Our team of motivated and experienced marketing experts will assist you in creating the best marketing plan for your business. Through our partnership you’ll get the data, reports and status updates you require.