SMB Web Design Services: Start A Revenue-Driving Web Design Site

With an award-winning advertising agency for digital, ODDAK Agency is the perfect business to help you achieve the highest quality results from the design of your small business website. Find out details about the ODDAK Agency SMB Web design solutions and ways we could assist your company!

SMB Web Design And Development Services To Boost Your Online Marketing

First impressions matter. In the case of your company, 94% of visitors’ first impressions are based on your web design. This isn’t a surprise considering that your website is at the heart of all your marketing efforts online. It’s the place where people can learn more about your business and then convert.

This is why the design of your website should be among the top priorities of your business. If you require assistance there’s no more reliable agency than ODDAK Agency. If you choose to partner with us to avail our small to medium-sized enterprise (SMB) Web design and development services You won’t be dissatisfied.

Read on to learn more about our small-business Web design and development services. Contact us at get in touch with us via email to start working with us. You can also make use of this calculator to get an individual web design quote for your company!

Discover Web Design Solutions Specifically Designed For Small Companies

Are you looking for a particular website design solution for your small-scale company? Explore our options:

  • WordPress website design service
  • Responsive web design services
  • Services for maintaining websites
  • ADA services for compliance
  • Ecommerce web development services

Continue studying to learn more about our small-business web design services!

What Are The Small Business Web Design And Development Services Comprise?

ODDAK Agency specialises in a variety of web design strategies and also offers numerous tools in web design to SMBs.

Seven SMB web design services options we have available!

1. Web Page Creation

Our first web design solutions for SMBs is setup of a website page. We’ll design every page on your website from scratch, or we’ll re-optimize your current pages. Our team can help you redesign the pages you already have, while adding new ones as required.

Apart from designing your website pages Our web design services for small businesses assist you in organizing them in a logical way to ensure that your visitors will not have any trouble getting around your site. If you’re not sure of the number of web pages you need for your website We can help to figure it out!

We’ll then focus on improving the visual appeal of your site. A website may be well designed and have great content however if it appears boring, it won’t get much attention. ODDAK Agency can assist you in creating appealing websites that grab people’s attention.

We at our Web design company for small businesses will get the design group to work creating visually appealing designs for your website pages, enhancing everything from colors as well as font types.

We’ll also ensure that the visual elements that we employ reflect the distinctive brand of your business that allows you to be noticed in your customers and not blend with your competition.

2. Ecommerce Web Design

Making a website that is regular is one thing however it’s even more difficult to build an eCommerce website. ODDAK Agency can assist you in integrating the functionality of e-commerce into your site for you to make it easier to sell your items.

Once we’ve designed the informational pages for your site we’ll create your online store, starting from your product pages to checkout pages. We’ll make the process of purchasing as simple as it can be to ensure that customers are able to complete their purchase.

As element of our SMB website design services we will also ensure that your store’s website is secure and displays the security plugins that we use to ensure that customers be comfortable and confident about disclosing their financial details.

3. Creation Of Content

One of the primary services ODDAK Agency offers is the creation of content. Your website won’t be able to attract visitors if there’s not enough content on the site to attract visitors. Through the creation of content provides vital information to visitors to your website which keep them entertained and interested in your company.

We provide skilled copywriting to help you write all the written content on your website. For starters we will help you create your blog articles.

We also have an additional package of E-commerce copywriting services. In this case, we will write the descriptions of your product pages for you.

We can also create multimedia videos which inform the user about your product or service and encourage them to purchase.

With every piece of content we produce We’ll ensure it is engaging for readers and encourages them to convert.

4. Responsive Design

A lot of people who visit your site visit your website from computers, however many use mobile devices. Therefore, your website must make sure that it is mobile-friendly otherwise you’ll be losing qualified traffic. Additionally, Google ranks sites according to their mobile-friendly format therefore your rankings will drop without having a mobile-friendly site.

ODDAK Agency offers an adaptive design along with our web design solutions for small businesses. We will assist you in creating an online presence that is responsive to the various devices. Responsive design is a kind of design for websites that changes the structure of your webpages to accommodate the screen they will appear on.

We’ll assist you in setting up an adaptive design for your website and ensure it’s both functional and enjoyable for all.

5. SEO Or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (SEO) is the method of optimizing your website’s content so that it ranks highly in search results of websites such as Google. At ODDAK Agency SEO is our area of expertise. When we design your website, we’ll optimise it to take advantage of a variety of rankings factors in SEO to ensure you’re noticed in the search results.

A few of the SEO strategies we’ll employ are:

  • Gaining backlinks for your content written by you
  • Enhancing your speed on your pages
  • Optimizing images
  • Utilizing HTTPS
  • And much more!

With our SEO efforts Your website will be able to improve its search engine rankings for key phrases in your field, allowing more people find your SMB.

6. Integration Of Databases

One of the things you could consider using alongside your website is one thing you could consider is a databases. Databases allow you to do everything from processing payments to store and collect information about customers.

Whatever your requirements is, if you’re looking to integrate a database into your site, ODDAK Agency can help you create it. We’ll assist you in designing and create the database you’re looking for, following we’ll link the database to your site and allow you to smoothly transfer information from one database into the next.

If you’re not sure what kind of database you require We can help to figure it out!

7. Content Management System (CMS) Development

A few businesses decide to design their websites from scratch with HTML that requires an advanced understanding of coding. If you’re not a pro at programming, you might prefer to utilize the Content Management System (CMS) to make modifications to your website.

CMS is a system that allows you to create and edit your website. CMS allows you to create and edit your site using the “what the user sees is exactly what they receive” (WYSIWYG) form that lets you see the way your site will appear like while you edit the content instead of creating it using raw code. ODDAK Agency can assist you in choosing and then set up the right CMS to host your website.

It will let you modify your website anytime you wish without having to have an abundance of coding expertise to make these changes.

Why Should You Choose ODDAK Agency To Provide Web Design Services For Your SMB Web Design Needs?

ODDAK Agency is among the top agencies available to help you design your site. What is the reason to partner with ODDAK Agency to avail our web design and development services for SMBs?

Three major advantages that you can enjoy when you work with us on your marketing!

1. We Have Years Of Experience In Web Design

ODDAK Agency has been generating revenue through web design for more than two decades. More specifically the year we began, we founded our company in 1996. This means that we’ve designed web sites that are successful with our clientele for over 25 years.

With this level of knowledge behind the design of your website it is safe to be sure you’ll receive a site that’s created to impress users and give a great user experience. We’ll put everything we’ve learned over the last 20 years to boost your traffic to your site and increase conversions by the design of your site!

2. We Have A Vast Portfolio Of Web Design

It’s an interesting thing talking about how we make websites however here at ODDAK Agency we have something to showcase our efforts. In particular we have an complete portfolio of web design that includes more than 1,128 websites that we’ve designed with our clientele.

Take a look at our portfolio to discover what we’re capable of making for your company. When you partner with us, you’ll be confident that your website is under the supervision of skilled web designers.

3. We’re Known For Producing Amazing Results

ODDAK Agency is notable for the results we’ve achieved for the numerous companies that have joined forces with us. In the last five years we’ve produced more than 7.8 millions leads as well as over $3 billion in revenues from our partners.

The results mentioned above are a major reason why our clients are so pleased with our website design and development services.

In actual fact, they’ve left us with more than 1,020 glowing testimonials that confirm our exceptional service. If you choose to partner in with us, your company will get access to the same services that will produce remarkable results for your company!

Develop A Website That Can Generate Revenue Using SMB Web Design And Development Services

If you’re looking for a hand to build your site there is no better service than ODDAK Agency. ODDAK Agency is an expert in the art of web design for SMBs in and out and can’t wait to show you how we can do to help you.

When you choose to partner with us to avail our small-business web design services, you’ll have access to all of the services mentioned above. In addition, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager who will keep you informed regarding every action we take to enhance the performance of your website.

To begin your journey with us, simply dial contact us reach us via email right now!