Website Redesign Services: Earn More Money From Your Site

If we redesign your site Our primary aim is to increase the bottom line of your business. The new website will earn you more visitors, bring many leads. It will also, increase your profits. Check out the following pages for more information on ODDAK Agency’s top-quality redesign services. You can also complete the form to get an exact price!

Increase Your Profits By Using Website Redesign Services

With just 15 minutes to consume information the majority of people would prefer to read something that is beautifully created than text that is plain. People are drawn by gorgeous, appealing websites, which is why it’s essential to invest in an organization that can redesign your website and is able to be a success.

Create a beautiful website that generates revenue by using ODDAK Agency’s services for redesigning websites. Utilize our in-house design and development staff as well as the special revenue acceleration system to boost your newly designed website’s return on investment (ROI).

Read on to find out about the specifics regarding web design services. Also, look at the examples of professional redesigns for websites of our work, and learn three top practices to use for a website redesign.

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ODDAK Agency Provides A Range Of Website Redesign Services. ODDAK Agency

If you’re working using ODDAK Agency We know that web pages aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Every business is different and every website needs to be as distinctive as the business behind it. This being said, ODDAK Agency offers a range of redesign options that can be adapted to any website, from ecommerce sites to franchise websites.

Find out more about our expert Website redesign services:

Customized Redesigns Of Websites

ODDAK Agency can build custom websites starting from scratch.

You can design a site by using HTML or create one using your preferred CMS. There are endless possibilities.

If you’re in the market for simple websites with 10 pages or a more complex 100-page website, ODDAK Agency can help you achieve it through our custom-designed website redesign choices. In addition, with a customized design you can include every bell and whistle that your heart wants.

Rapid Website Designs

We recognize that at times, when you require a website and you require it today. This is why we’ve launched application that allows users to create a stunningly-designed custom-designed website in just 30 days. This isn’t a joke!

Through this option of our redesign services for websites your website gets new design and style in 30 days.

In order to deliver your website within 30 days, your team chooses from three different designs, which our designers customize to match your company’s brand and image by incorporating your logo to your corporate colors.

What you get is stunning site that’s compatible not just mobile devices, but also with all other devices.

What Do Our Website Design Services Comprise?

Our redesign services for websites provide the complete solution for revamping your site.

We Offer Website Redesign Services

  • Responsive Website
  • Access to AI Marketing Software
  • Custom Web Design
  • Professional Website Copywriting
  • CMS Integration
  • Zero Hidden Fees
  • And Much More

Responsive Website

All of our professional web design services feature the responsive design. This means your website will appear across any device from tablets to smartphones to desktops, flawlessly. With the responsive style, you won’t need to think about creating a “mobile web page.” It’s straightforward and effortless.

Access To AI Marketing Software

You’d like a revamped site that is beautiful and generates revenues as well. This is why we created AI Marketing Software Our revenue acceleration system that makes the process of tracking, measuring and capturing revenue quicker and more efficient.

Through AI Marketing Software Access, your company can:

  • Monitor the number of phone calls to your website as well as leads and purchases.
  • Make your website experience more personalized by using company, location and industry data
  • First-party data can be stored to drive marketing campaigns across all channels
  • Track the website’s ROI
  • Plus

Zero Hidden Fees

As a web design business You can count on no hidden costs. We offer our customers clear pricing that makes it easy to know exactly where your money is going. No matter if you’re planning to upgrade the design of your eCommerce website or corporate websites and the transparency is the same.

Custom Web Design

Our process for redesigning websites involves a customized design tailored to your specific business. We take into consideration your target customers, your logo’s style and the goals you have for a professional site to make a website that reflects your company’s image and enhances your presence on the internet.

Professional Copywriting For Websites

Your company’s website is one of them, and we can also write your website’s copywriting. Our team of experienced, in-house of copywriters produces optimised content for your website that is consistent with your brand’s image, business objectives, web marketing strategy and brand new web pages.

Integration Of The Content Management System

Like many companies you probably use the Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress to share and publish information with your customers. We assist you in making more of your blog’s style and function by incorporating CMS integration as part of our redesigning process and services.


As a leading website redesign firm, we offer an all-in-one solution for the redesign of your website. Our services extend beyond copywriting and design and include SEO and database integration, eCommerce functionality, and many more.

Find out more about our revamp process and the services we offer by making contact with us online!

Web Redesign And Design Services Offered By An Award-Winning Web Design Company

Does your current website hinder you from achieving your goals for online marketing?

You may want more features or an improved customer experience (UX), or the appearance of a modern design it is essential to find a great website design firm that can deliver outstanding outcomes for your company’s website.

Working with ODDAK Agency to redesign your website solutions will offer you:

  • Uniquely designed, user-friendly sitecreated to convert more site visitors to customers
  • A variety of design prototypes to select from that aren’t cookie-cutter by our award-winning modern design team.
  • Relax knowing that a current, conversion-oriented websitecan help increase your ROI on online marketing
  • Complete Web redesign services together with up-dates and maintenancefor your site throughout the year
  • Optimization for search enginesand analysis of content
  • Website redesigns are optional when you renew your renewal
  • Conversion analysis and usability evaluationof the current website as well as redesign of website

ODDAK Agency ODDAK Agency ODDAK Agency, we design websites with search-related considerations in mind. This means that the websites that we design not only appear great, but they also have higher rankings within search result pages, show up on search results with more keywords, and generate greater returns on the investment.

Our designs for websites are forward-compatible and will continue to work with all new devices and browsers.

If you work with ODDAK Agency to design your company’s redesign of your website, you’ll get more than just a stunning design. Our award-winning developers and designers will apply a bespoke approach to the revamp process to ensure that the new website helps you increase the number of leads, customers and sales online.

If you need assistance with designing your website, contact us now to speak to our consultant.

Case Studies On Our Website Redesign

Have a closer glimpse of the ways a professional website can benefit your company by taking a look at our case studies on redesigning your website. These cases include businesses in a range of industries, including consumer and business-related.

Cleveland Brothers

A major equipment dealer, Cleveland Brothers collaborated with ODDAK Agency to merge all of their websites in addition to boosting the number of conversions. The new site of the company (and our process of redesign) led to an increase of 37% in conversions.

Reynolds Building Solutions

A company that provides building solutions, Reynolds Building Solutions has teamed up with ODDAK Agency to revamp their website and develop a user-friendly site that brought in leads and increased sales. This is exactly what our team did, assisting the company to increase the organic number of contact form submissions by 71% over the course of a year.

Sharrett’s Plating

A plating and industrial company, Sharrett’s Plating has partnered with ODDAK Agency to overhaul their business’s website. After the redesign of their website, Sharrett’s Plating saw their organic traffic grow by 270%. This was in conjunction with their request for quotes that increased by 60 percent.

Why Should You Choose To Use The Services Of A Redesigning Your Website?

Does your website not have the capacity of meeting all your marketing goals online? If it’s a new feature or updated content, a refined blog design or more elegant design, you’ll need web redesigning services.

The website you have created is an extension of the company.

For many clients their website is the first contact point with your business. It’s your store front that greets your visitors to your website and trying to convert them into customers. This is why professionally designed sites (and redesigning them) are crucial for the success of companies in the present.

1. Your Website Is An Image Of Your Business

Your website must effectively represent your business.

This is why the redesign of corporate websites is vital for modern companies.

They will keep your storefront looking modern, sleek and fresh. If you’re in the market to revamp the website, you’ll be able to really enhance the effectiveness of your brand while increasing your profits. If you’ve ever thought about the reason to redesign your website, here’s the answer: to increase the size of your business.

Being one of the leading websites redesign firms within the field We can assist you to build a stunning site to impress website’s visitors and help you increase conversions.

We offer a unique approach to each client who decides to collaborate with us, making sure you receive a professional site design that is unique to your business and not derived from an existing template (unless you’re opting for our quick 30 day web design services that do use templates).

You may be looking for an individual design for your roofing business or an online store our award-winning design team and developers can create websites that are able to capture your brand’s image and appeals to your customers and also accomplishes your goals of generating sales and leads.

2. A Well-Designed Website Will Help You Build Your Brand

Through our highly-acclaimed design and development team We can change the look and feel of your website, thereby strengthening your brand.

If you’re looking to overhaul your site, you must remember that your website needs an appearance and a message that’s compelling. Your website is being revamped to improve your business’s performance and each design choice must be focused on converting more customers, and increasing sales and leads.

Instead of focusing solely on the specific hue of blue, consider what your redesign of your website can do to help you in your marketing.

Take a look at two of the gorgeous websites that ODDAK Agency has designed for our clients who need to redesign their websites.

3. Web Redesigning Services Can Assist Create More Leads

If you implement a well-thought-out design strategy for your website Your new appearance will bring in more leads than the current website. With increased leads comes greater revenues, more cash and a more successful business and all thanks to the redesign of your website.

ODDAK Agency is aware of what is working. A lot of our clients initially visited us to utilize our redesign service to revamp the look and feel of their old website. It wasn’t until their newly enhanced website went live did they realize the amount of internet traffic they’d been missing.

We create websites that convert people who visit our site into clients.

We at ODDAK Agency We know what makes a difference and how to make use of design to position your business as an industry leader. Utilizing industry standards and tried and true methods of convincing ODDAK Agency can design your website that is a good representation of your business and helps to increase the amount of revenue you earn online.

This is the strength of professional design services for websites A site that is functional.

4. A Revamped Website Can Get The Attention Of Users.

It’s well-known that in the current climate, it’s not enough only have a site. The experts in marketing agree that websites need to be constantly improved and refined in order to catch the attention of the user.

Furthermore, the latest information must keep visitors engaged. If not, they’ll be more inclined to abandon your site and head to another site that is competing with you. This is why the writing of your website’s copy (which we offer) crucial to your website’s online presence and the success.

At ODDAK Agency Our creative design team provides website redesign services that increase the appearance of your website, its accessibility and overall quality of your web presence. The websites we create or revamp are designed to meet the standards of contemporary, user-friendly professionally designed design.

5. An Overhaul Can Increase Professionalism

A lot of times the content you have on your site is excellent but it doesn’t have to be element of your company’s redesign of your website. But what it doesn’t have frequently is the visual impact of a well-designed website.

Did you know that the most recent Gartner Group study found that 50% of all potential online sales are not being realized?

The reason for this is that users aren’t able to find what they’re looking for, or aren’t converting into customers or leads. In the end, 75 percent of or greater of traffic to websites is wasted because of a the lack of “sales-ability.” Such types of websites are ideal websites for professional redesigning services.

If you’re one of those spending your marketing dollars into web development and then discover that your website isn’t designed to bring in significant conversions, then our website redesign services offered by ODDAK Agency can provide the help that you’ll need to boost your earnings and convey the right message.

We revamp websites for our clients on a daily basis and the outcomes are generally favorable across all. Every time we decide to revamp a website, we ensure that we’re making changes that conform to a company’s particular needs and objectives, focusing on areas that are essential to their success on the internet.

Six Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Determine If Your Business Needs An Overhaul

Do you think your site requires a revamp? Before you decide to invest in redesigning your website services, consider these six questions to find out whether you require a redesign to boost your online visibility, and also your sales leads and leads.

6 Questions On Redesigning Your Website You Should Ask

  1. Does my website make it easy to navigate and locate details?
  2. Are my current site customers converting into sales?
  3. Are my competitors currently updating their websites?
  4. Does my material contain any useful information? Is it accurate?
  5. Does my website reflect my business effectively?
  6. Are the visitors to my site being tracked and are they being analyzed?

1. Is Your Website Easy To Navigate And Locate Relevant Information?

Navigation plays an important part in how your visitors interacts with your site. When people visit your website they’re hoping to locate the information quickly and conveniently. If your site is difficult to navigate, you’ll lose potential customers to your site.

How do you tell if your website’s navigation is user-friendly?

The best way to determine is to try it out for yourself. Place yourself in your reader’s in their shoes and set yourself the goal. You’ll need to set the goal of reaching an informational page. For instance, an e-commerce site might test visiting an item’s website and then buying the item.

Start with your homepage and check if you can quickly navigate to the destination page. If you’d like to have to experience a more authentic experience you could request someone who’s not familiar with your site like your family member or friend trying to navigate through your website.

If they aren’t able to locate your website’s information, others will not be able to locate it in a hurry either. It’s a sign your website is in need of a revamp.

To get the most effective outcomes, testing on your mobile site. In the case of your company it could be an adaptive website or separate mobile and desktop site. In either case making use of mobile devices to access your website could aid in determining if your site could benefit from redesign.

2. Are My Current Site Customers Converting Into Sales?

The aim of your website is to generate leads that convert into sales. You want your customers to visit your website, check for information and then purchase your goods or services. If your site isn’t achieving the same for your company it may be time for revamping your site.

Your site requires certain elements to encourage conversions. It could be that is as simple as changing your navigation, or the addition of a call to action (CTA) button to your webpages. The factors can make the different in between negative leads or gaining conversions.

They also decide the success in your Pay-per-click (PPC) ads. If your advertisements direct users to a landing page which isn’t functional, loads or meet the expectations of users, it could cost your company money every when someone clicks on your advertisement.

3. Are My Competitors Currently Updating Their Websites?

You’d like to be in the same league as your competition. A simple redesign could be the difference in someone choosing your website over a competitor’. If your rivals have a new site and you don’t have a website update, you could lose leads to them if your website isn’t up-to-date.

People are searching for websites that are clean, fresh and modern look. They do not want to be on the site that looks outdated. If your website appears outdated the visitors will think that your information is also outdated.

Go to the competitor’s website and see if they’ve recently changed their site. Make sure to take the time to browse and browse around. If the site looks updated and user-friendly It could be the right the right time to upgrade your website.

When you look at the sites of your competitors it is possible that their sites are characterized by outdated designs. This is an excellent opportunity to update your website in the beginning and earn more customers who choose your site over the page of your competition.

4. Does My Content Contain Information And Is It Correct?

Your visitors visit your site to get information. They are looking to find out more about your business as well as the products and services you offer. If you wish to give them the most enjoyable experience on your website, your information must be relevant as well as accurate.

In the event that your information is useful, it explains to your readers all they require to be aware of. It addresses the most important concerns they’re making. They gather all the essential details that can help them decide.

If you’ve got valuable content that is valuable, you are able to provide your viewers with relevant information for them. They can find exactly what they need to know. A well-written and informative content will keep visitors interested on your site.

It is important to keep your website’s information up-to-date as well. People don’t want to see information that’s outdated on your website. If you wish to ensure that leads remain on your site it is important to make sure that the information displayed on your site is up-to-date and current information.

If your business isn’t able to find enough time for managing content You can avail of web copywriting services. By using these services, you’ll be able to keep your newly designed website and blog updated with fresh useful material.

5. Does My Website Reflect My Company Well?

Your website is at the center for your marketing strategy and your online presence. It’s where you direct all your visitors to aid your business in generating leads, conversions, and sales. If you’re looking to create a successful website, it has to reflect your company’s image well.

The website you choose to use should represent the brand you represent.

It is important for people to go to your website and feel your brand. This means looking beyond the logo’s style and looking at other elements such as your website’s copy. Brand recognition is essential for helping people select your business over your other businesses.

Your site will be visited by people and browse your company. They might not be converted immediately, but they’re on your website due because of your advertising on social networks. Even the fact that they may not immediately convert they’ll be able to keep your brand in mind when they’re in the position to make the switch.

If you’re using a standard style or the colors you’re using don’t reflect your company’s image It’s time to consider an overhaul. It’s important to design websites that reflect your business’s image, so people will be more likely to choose your business over your competitors and you can accomplish it with a reliable design company such as ODDAK Agency.

6. Are Visitors To My Site Being Monitored And Are They Being Analyzed?

If you’re looking to understand how your website’s operating, you should examine and monitor your website. It is only a way for you to know whether your site is in generating leads for your company.

If you’re tracking your site take a look at how visitors interact with your site.

Are they visiting your site and then leaving? Are they browsing your site to explore your services or products or find out more about your industry and the benefits? What about how they use contact forms? Do they fill them in or abandon the page?

The analysis of your website can aid in understanding the ways your users interact with your site. It gives you to enhance your website and improve user experience. This in turn enhances your web presence.

If you review your data and find that your conversion or dwell time rates aren’t as high It could be the time to redesign your site. Redesigning your site can help keep visitors on your website longer and encourage them to convert, by creating a more user-friendly site.

3 Best Practices For Website Redesign

You’re looking to revamp your site, but from where should you begin? To help you stay focused take a look at these top three practices to help your company.

1. The Focus Should Be On UX (UX) Design

Experience of the user (UX) style is among the most crucial aspects of a project to redesign a website. In simple terms, UX refers to a customer’s overall experience while on your website or the way they perceive your business, and your products and services you offer.

Does your website’s layout make sense and easy to navigate? Or does it direct visitors towards the return button? If your visitors aren’t comfortable and confident with your website Perhaps it’s an appropriate time to redesign your website to improve the overall user experience.

In order to improve the user-friendliness of your website using professional redesigning services for your website it will increase your satisfaction of your customers and keep them coming back to your site for more.

If someone visits your website you have to be able to locate the information they require quickly, and not get annoyed. If your site is poorly designed and difficult to use, then your business’ image could suffer and you could lose leads.

Do you want to redesign your site to enhance user experience? Take these suggestions into consideration:

Learn about your website’s users: In order to build a website that will meet the needs of your customers it is essential to know your market. If your site doesn’t connect with users, you’ll fail to increase conversion rates or earn more money for your business. Take the time to discover your potential customers. You can also create marketing personas to can help you connect with your targeted audience online.

Attention to the functionality: Redesigning your website is an exciting undertaking It’s easy to be lost in the visuals of your website It’s essential to focus the functionality of your site. If you can identify the primary purpose of your site it will make it easier to design the navigation and content that will provide a efficient user experience.

Create responsive designs: In today’s digital world, people have access to websites via mobiles and tablets. responsive design is crucial for you to increase the impact of your site and get more customers. Website content should be available on every device If they don’t, they’ll be hesitant to visit a different site. Don’t make customers run to a design that isn’t responsive. Instead, concentrate on ways to improve the your user’s experience on all platforms so that you can increase the number of people who are online.

Change your web page: UX is constantly evolving and you must to make sure your website is updated to attract users. By staying up-to-date with new technologies and trends it is possible to ensure that every time a user goes to your site and experiences your site, it will improve. Do not be scared to think outside the box and come up with new ideas to reach more clients and offer them an amazing user experience.

Enhancing UX is an essential element of any redesign of a website and focusing on optimizing your visitors interaction with your site will allow you to increase your reach and generate more money online.

2. Visual Elements Can Be Added

Visual elements have a massive impact on the performance of your website. They can help keep visitors intrigued and active on your website. Furthermore, they can make an enormous difference in making your audience customers.

When visitors visit your website they don’t want be overwhelmed by text. This makes your website seem to be overwhelming. Many visitors are likely to leave your site due to the fact that they don’t want to go through pages of text regardless of how beneficial it is.

With the addition of visual elements by adding visual elements, you make text appear more readable on your pages. Additionally, they help create balance on your website.

There are a variety of visual elements you could include on your website:

  • Images:These are standard images you can put on your website that complement your content. If you’re looking to provide the best possible experience for your customers, you should use your own photos instead of images from stock. It can help you develop an image of your brand and help you to create a genuine experience on your websites.
  • Infographics:Informationgraphics can be a fantastic way to aid your viewers digest important information. If it’s your company’s process or vital data, infographics can help convey the facts in a visual manner that’s fun and informative.
  • Videos:Video clips will keep your viewers entertained. They can help you deliver lots of information quickly. It’s a fantastic visual component to get your audience interested and to gain insight into your company.

Visual elements can help you build a website that is more appealing to your visitors. They will be more engaged on your website and generate more qualified leads for your company. It’s important to ensure to ensure that your visual elements are displayed on mobile websites and mobile devices properly.

3. Make Your Website More SEO Or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re putting into the effort and time to redesign your website You want to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly. When you’re creating your newly styled website, be sure you optimise it to be optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the practice of increasing your website’s position in results of a search to bring in more leads that are valuable. SEO is an excellent option to improve the traffic that comes to your website.

For SEO to be effective it is necessary to choose keywords to your site. These keywords will assist Google index your site and make it show up in the relevant search results. If you wish for people to visit your newly designed website, you should utilize keywords that bring appropriate leads to your website.

Once you’ve got chosen your keywords, you’ll incorporate them into your website. They can be included in the headings, titles as well as body text and meta descriptions of your pages. This will ensure that your page will rank well for the keywords you have chosen.

There are additional optimizations that are which are part of SEO also.

This includes practices such as increasing page speed, coordinating the search intent of your users and optimizing your site for mobile devices. Each of these actions can help increase your website’s rank performance, performance, and capacity to connect with more relevant leads.

If you’re planning to make use of the SEO benefits for your enterprise or small-scale company, it can help your website appear in the relevant search results. It allows qualified leads to visit your brand new website. It will help your business gain significant leads and sales through the process.

FAQs On The Services Of Redesigning Websites

Are you interested in learning more about redesigning your website for your company? Check out our FAQ:

What Exactly Are Redesigning Services For Websites?

Website redesign services can improve your website's appearance as well as its usability and functionality to boost engagement, traffic and conversions. Website redesigning services include both development and design and usually include SEO.

How Much Will Redesigning Your Website Services Cost?

The amount of websites redesigning services cost will depend on the size of your website and design and development needs as well as the the agency that you choose for your website redesign. Website redesigns typically are priced between $3000 and $65,000. To get the most precise pricing however, request a custom estimate for your website.

What Does It Cost To Redesign A Website?

Costs for redesigning websites depend on many factors, such as the size of the site, its functionality and the builder. The average cost to redesign a website ranges from between $3000 and $75,000 per website. In general, agencies charge $550 to $75,000 while freelancers are $3000-$10,000, and DIY or in-house solutions cost $800-$5000 per website.

Does Redesigning Website Hurt SEO?

If SEO isn't integrated into the process of redesigning and is not included, it could cause your hard-earned search results falling off the ranks. It's true - the redesign of your website can result in a loss of traffic and even removing your site from the first page on Google.

How Long Does A Full Website Redesign Take?

A redesign for a website could be anywhere between 45 and 90 days or more, depending on the size of the task and the demands that the website must to fulfill. The design of websites can appear as if it's a form of art and a complete redesign could seem like a daunting task.

What Should Be Included In A Website Redesign Proposal?

A typical proposal for redesigning a website contains details such as evaluation, timeline and process as well as specific services (e.g. SEO, development of new pages) an introduction to the team along with a price estimate and payment details.

How Often Should Your Website Be Redesigned?

As a guideline it is recommended to redesign your website every 2 to 3 years. This is due to the fact that when your site is more than three year old -- which is a life time in the digital world, odds are it's old-fashioned.

Why Do We Need To Redesign A Website?

The reasons for redesigning a site are different, depending on the particular marketing objectives of your company. The most frequent reasons for redesigning your site are to change the branding of your website, boost your visitors, increase leads, and also add features to improve user experience. The goals of your business will determine the size of your website overhaul.

Do Websites Need To Be Updated?

The need to update your website is vital for many reasons. Not only can updating your website improve security for websites and help prevent hacking However, it can assist your marketing strategies on the internet and boost the number of visitors to your site.

Which Type Of Change In Website Will Affect SEO Plan?

Moving pages to delete them and move them into new URLs. Naturally, the removal of URLs and moving them to new URLs could affect the SEO of your site.

Do You Want To Know More About The Professional Redesign Of Websites Services?

If you’re looking to find out the way a redesign for your website could be a part of your budget check out our cost calculator for website design to find a rough estimation of our website redesign services. You might be surprised by the results.

The main point is that you require an attractive website style that looks appealing, but also makes sales. Utilize the creative and effective website design and redesign services provided by ODDAK Agency help you make the most of your advertising dollars on the internet. If you’d like to work with a design company that will deliver outstanding results, get in touch with us today!

Contact us and email us to find out more about our company for redesigning websites and our professional services for redesigning your website. Are you looking to redesign your website in 30 days? Take a look at our and prepare to launch your new site.

Do not forget that if you require an website design service in or somewhere else ODDAK Agency is there to help.